Jenkins plugin to publish build events via ZMQ PUB SUB.
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This is a Jenkins plugin that will publish Jenkins Job run events
(start, complete, finish) to a ZMQ PUB socket. By default the PUB
socket is on TCP port 8888 and no Job events will be published.
You can choose to enable event publishing for all jobs in the
Jenkins' global config or enable the plugin on a per job basis.

This plugin uses jeromq to satisfy the dependency on ZMQ. It is
possible to use jzmq instead if you need the features that jeromq
is lacking; however, it is a pain to get jzmq built and is less
portable. If you really really want jzmq look back in the git
history and you will find the old versions of this plugin that
depended on jzmq.

- Avoid reading in the global config for each event if possible.
- Need to allow ZMQRunnable thread to die if something truly
unexpected happens. The RunListener should then start a new
DaemonThread to handle further events.
- Cleanup config.jelly for the non global Job config.

This plugin borrows heavily from the Jenkins Notification Plugin That plugin
does much of the same work and where applicable I have gone the
easy route and copied the work they have done.


To browse the latest code, see:
To clone the latest code, use
`git clone`

Bugs are handled at:!/project/750

Code reviews are handled by gerrit. The gerrit in
use is

Use `git review` to submit patches (after creating a gerrit account that
links to your launchpad account). Example::

# Do your commits
$ git review
# Enter your username if prompted