Fix typo in release notes

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James E. Blair 7 months ago
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@ -4,8 +4,8 @@ features:
Config options for kubernetes providers were added to define default limits
for cpu and memory for pod-type labels.
* attr:`providers.[kubernetes].pools.default-label-cpu`
* attr:`providers.[kubernetes].pools.default-label-memory`
* :attr:`providers.[kubernetes].pools.default-label-cpu`
* :attr:`providers.[kubernetes].pools.default-label-memory`
These values will apply to all pod-type labels within the same pool that do
not override these limits. This allows to enforce resource limits on pod
@ -13,8 +13,8 @@ features:
of cpu and memory consumption. New config options for kubernetes pools
therefore also include
* attr:`providers.[kubernetes].pools.max-cores`
* attr:`providers.[kubernetes].pools.max-ram`
* :attr:`providers.[kubernetes].pools.max-cores`
* :attr:`providers.[kubernetes].pools.max-ram`
The exsisting tenant quota settings apply accordingly. Note that cpu and
memory quotas can still not be considered for labels that do not specify