Manage a pool of nodes for a distributed test infrastructure
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David Shrewsbury 7e71dc7481 Harden exception handling around instance deletes
It's possible to leave a ZK node in a locked state if deleting an
instance fails for some reason. This hardens the logic in the cleanup
thread to make sure we always attempt to unlock the node if the delete

We have a similar situation in clearing the allocation of nodes whose
request has disappeared.

Also, s/unallocate/deallocate/

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Nodepool is a service used by the OpenStack CI team to deploy and manage a pool of devstack images on a cloud server for use in OpenStack project testing.

Developer setup

Make sure you have pip installed:

sudo python

Install dependencies:

sudo pip install bindep
sudo apt-get install $(bindep -b nodepool)

mkdir src
cd ~/src
git clone git://
git clone git://
cd nodepool
sudo pip install -U -r requirements.txt
sudo pip install -e .

If you're testing a specific patch that is already in gerrit, you will also want to install git-review and apply that patch while in the nodepool directory, ie:

git review -x XXXXX

Create or adapt a nodepool yaml file. You can adapt an infra/system-config one, or fake.yaml as desired. Note that fake.yaml's settings won't Just Work - consult ./modules/openstack_project/templates/nodepool/nodepool.yaml.erb in the infra/system-config tree to see a production config.

If the cloud being used has no default_floating_pool defined in nova.conf, you will need to define a pool name using the nodepool yaml file to use floating ips.

Export variable for your ssh key so you can log into the created instances:

export NODEPOOL_SSH_KEY=`cat ~/.ssh/ | awk '{print $2}'`

Start nodepool with a demo config file (copy or edit fake.yaml to contain your data):

export STATSD_PORT=8125
nodepool-launcher -d -c tools/fake.yaml

All logging ends up in stdout.

Use the following tool to check on progress:

nodepool image-list