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<h2>Zuul Blog</h2>
<article class="blog">
<a id="20220607a">Zuul Celebrates 10th Anniversary</a>
<h4>Authored by Clark Boylan, June 7, 2022</h4>
At the OpenInfra Summit this week, the Zuul community is celebrating
the 10th anniversary of the release of its open source continuous
integration (CI) project gating software designed to help developers
stop merging broken code. Volvo, BMW, and Workday are among the
organizations on hand to showcase the value of Zuul and share their
production use cases.
<img class="image right" src="../images/zuul-ten.png" alt="10 Years" />
Zuul, a project supported by the OpenInfra Foundation, uses project
gating to automate continuous integration, delivery and deployment of
interrelated software projects in a secure manner. Built for a world
where development, testing and deployment of applications and their
dependencies are one continuous process, Zuul delivers sophisticated
project gating across the entire enterprise, especially in scenarios
involving multiple repositories with integrated deliverables. Zuul
enables teams to rapidly develop fully tested software in parallel
and benefit from zero-downtime operation. Zuul 6.0 was released in
"Having been involved with the project since its very beginning, I am
proud of how far Zuul has come in 10 years," said James Blair, the
original author of Zuul, current maintainer and founder of Acme
Gating. "After 10 years, Zuul continues to lead in the CI and CD
space. Having pioneered project gating, we went on to add
cross-project dependencies, shared CI and CD pipelines, speculative
container builds, and more. Thanks to an involved community of users
and contributors, Zuul is getting better by the day, making a real
difference in the lives of developers and improving the outcomes of
the organizations who are using it."
<strong>Volvo Cars Corporation</strong> will take center stage at
OpenInfra Summit this week to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Zuul.
During a Day Two keynote address, Johannes Foufas, senior principal
engineer at Volvo, will describe how Zuul features are used as the
first line of integration for all modules in the core computer of
Volvo automobiles. He'll also share how Volvo has significantly
expanded its use of Zuul over the past year to deliver increased
quality and faster integrations of all application code. He'll be
joined by Blair to talk about how their collaboration has enabled the
operational features they need to be shared upstream. Foufas will
also lead a separate general session to offer more in-depth details.
"It's an honor for Volvo Cars Corporation to help celebrate Zuul's
10th Anniversary by sharing our experiences with the OpenInfra
community," said Foufas. "Zuul is the default CI system for the code
in our cars. In our core computer platform at Volvo, we have hundreds
of modules that depend on each other, comprising repositories from
all around our company. With Zuul's built-in dependency management,
we went from a week of integration to 3.5 hours. We have not reached
our final goal, but we have made great progress and look forward to
sharing our experiences and improvements with the global Zuul
community as we progress."
BMW and Workday are also sharing their production use cases at the
three-day <a href="https://openinfra.dev/summit/">OpenInfra
<ul class="faq">
<strong>BMW</strong> will describe how Zuul continues to drive
innovation in the automotive industry, sharing why it has chosen
to operate Zuul and contribute to the Zuul community. This
session will include the turning points of BMW's journey in
scaling CI with Zuul, fueled by the development of Zuul v5.
<strong>Workday</strong> has built one of the largest
OpenStack-based private clouds in the world, hosting a workload
of over a million physical cores on over 16,000 compute nodes in
5 data centers for over ten years. Workday will share its new
architecture and deployment approach as well as lessons learned,
including how they migrated from Jenkins to
In addition, Summit attendees have the opportunity to participate in
several hands-on workshops and forums designed to introduce new users
to the project and share best practices. <a href="#20220512a">Explore
Zuul sessions at the OpenInfra Summit</a>.
<h3>Zuul Users &amp; Contributors</h3>
Zuul became a pilot project of the OpenStack Foundation (now the
OpenInfra Foundation) in May 2018 and was confirmed as an OpenInfra
Project on April 28, 2019.
Zuul boasts a robust contributor base and user community. Current and
previous contributors include Acme Gating, Ampere, the Ansible
community, BMW, Cesnet, Cleura, Cloudbase solutions, FiberHome,
Garmin, GoDaddy, GoodMoney, Inspur, Just Eat, Leboncoin, Nokia,
OpenLab, OpenInfra Foundation, OVHcloud, Red Hat, SUSE, Troila,
Tungsten Fabric, VEXXHOST, Volvo, Wazo Platform and the Wikimedia
<a href="../users.html">Numerous case studies</a> have been published
highlighting how organizations like BMW, GoDaddy, Software Factory,
Packet Host, Leboncoin and even the OpenInfra Foundation run Zuul.
The 2021 OpenInfra Foundation User Survey indicated 69% of
respondents are running Zuul in production, 17% are evaluating Zuul
and 14% are considering using Zuul.
<article class="blog">
<a id="20220512a">Meet the Zuul community in Berlin, June 7-9,
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<ul class="faq"><li>Johannes Foufas, Sr Principal Engineer at Volvo Cars Corporation</li></ul>
Zuul is now the default CI chain at Volvo Cars Corporation, and last
years expansion has been extensive. Johannes will present last
years progress with Zuul CI and how Zuul features are used as the
year's expansion has been extensive. Johannes will present last
year's progress with Zuul CI and how Zuul features are used as the
first line of integration for all modules in the core computer.
<h4><a href="https://openinfra.dev/summit-schedule#title=Getting%20Started%20with%20Zuul&view=calendar">Getting Started with Zuul</a></h4>
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late 2020, they started building their next generation software and
they chose Zuul to run the CI for it. They'll take you through the
lessons we learned and pitfalls to avoid in bootstrapping a CI from
<h3>Thursday, June 9</h3>
<h4><a href="https://openinfra.dev/summit-schedule#title=Workday's%20Next%20Generation%20Private%20Cloud&view=calendar">Workday's Next Generation Private Cloud</a></h4>

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