The Gatekeeper, or a project gating system
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# Copyright 2015 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
# Copyright 2017 IBM Corp.
# Copyright 2017 Red Hat, Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
import copy
import re
import re2
import time
from zuul.model import Change, TriggerEvent, EventFilter, RefFilter
from zuul.model import FalseWithReason
from zuul.driver.util import time_to_seconds
EMPTY_GIT_REF = '0' * 40 # git sha of all zeros, used during creates/deletes
class PullRequest(Change):
def __init__(self, project):
super(PullRequest, self).__init__(project) = None
self.updated_at = None
self.title = None
self.body_text = None = []
self.files = []
self.labels = []
self.draft = None
self.mergeable = True
self.review_decision = None
self.required_contexts = set()
self.contexts = set()
self.branch_protected = False
def status(self):
return ["{}:{}:{}".format(*c) for c in self.contexts]
def successful_contexts(self) -> set:
if not self.contexts:
return set()
return set(
s[1] for s in self.contexts if s[2] == 'success'
def isUpdateOf(self, other):
if (self.project == other.project and
hasattr(other, 'number') and self.number == other.number and
hasattr(other, 'patchset') and self.patchset != other.patchset and
hasattr(other, 'updated_at') and
self.updated_at > other.updated_at):
return True
return False
def serialize(self):
d = super().serialize()
"updated_at": self.updated_at,
"title": self.title,
"body_text": self.body_text,
"reviews": list(,
"labels": self.labels,
"draft": self.draft,
"mergeable": self.mergeable,
"review_decision": self.review_decision,
"required_contexts": list(self.required_contexts),
"contexts": list(self.contexts),
"branch_protected": self.branch_protected,
return d
def deserialize(self, data):
super().deserialize(data) = data.get("pr")
self.updated_at = data.get("updated_at")
self.title = data.get("title")
self.body_text = data.get("body_text") = data.get("reviews", [])
self.labels = data.get("labels", [])
self.draft = data.get("draft")
self.mergeable = data.get("mergeable", True)
self.review_decision = data.get("review_decision")
self.required_contexts = set(data.get("required_contexts", []))
self.contexts = set(tuple(c) for c in data.get("contexts", []))
self.branch_protected = data.get("branch_protected", False)
class GithubTriggerEvent(TriggerEvent):
def __init__(self):
super(GithubTriggerEvent, self).__init__()
self.title = None
self.label = None
self.unlabel = None
self.action = None = None
self.check_run = None
self.status = None
self.commits = []
self.body_edited = None
self.branch_protection_changed = None
def toDict(self):
d = super().toDict()
d["title"] = self.title
d["label"] = self.label
d["unlabel"] = self.unlabel
d["action"] = self.action
d["delivery"] =
d["check_run"] = self.check_run
d["status"] = self.status
d["commits"] = self.commits
d["body_edited"] = self.body_edited
d["branch_protection_changed"] = self.branch_protection_changed
return d
def updateFromDict(self, d):
self.title = d["title"]
self.label = d["label"]
self.unlabel = d["unlabel"]
self.action = d["action"] = d["delivery"]
self.check_run = d["check_run"]
self.status = d["status"]
self.commits = d["commits"]
self.body_edited = d["body_edited"]
self.branch_protection_changed = d.get("branch_protection_changed")
def isBranchProtectionChanged(self):
return bool(self.branch_protection_changed)
def isPatchsetCreated(self):
if self.type == 'pull_request':
return self.action in ['opened', 'changed']
return False
def isMessageChanged(self):
return bool(self.body_edited)
def isChangeAbandoned(self):
if self.type == 'pull_request':
return 'closed' == self.action
return False
def _repr(self):
r = [super(GithubTriggerEvent, self)._repr()]
if self.action:
if self.change_number:
r.append('%s,%s' % (self.change_number, self.patch_number))
r.append('delivery: %s' %
if self.check_run:
r.append('check_run: %s' % self.check_run)
return ' '.join(r)
class GithubCommonFilter(object):
def __init__(self, required_reviews=[], required_statuses=[],
reject_reviews=[], reject_statuses=[]):
self._required_reviews = copy.deepcopy(required_reviews)
self._reject_reviews = copy.deepcopy(reject_reviews)
self.required_reviews = self._tidy_reviews(self._required_reviews)
self.reject_reviews = self._tidy_reviews(self._reject_reviews)
self.required_statuses = required_statuses
self.reject_statuses = reject_statuses
def _tidy_reviews(self, reviews):
for r in reviews:
for k, v in r.items():
if k == 'username':
r['username'] = re.compile(v)
elif k == 'email':
r['email'] = re.compile(v)
elif k == 'newer-than':
r[k] = time_to_seconds(v)
elif k == 'older-than':
r[k] = time_to_seconds(v)
return reviews
def _match_review_required_review(self, rreview, review):
# Check if the required review and review match
now = time.time()
by = review.get('by', {})
for k, v in rreview.items():
if k == 'username':
if (not'username', ''))):
return False
elif k == 'email':
if (not'email', ''))):
return False
elif k == 'newer-than':
t = now - v
if (review['grantedOn'] < t):
return False
elif k == 'older-than':
t = now - v
if (review['grantedOn'] >= t):
return False
elif k == 'type':
if review['type'] != v:
return False
elif k == 'permission':
# If permission is read, we've matched. You must have read
# to provide a review.
if v != 'read':
# Admins have implicit write.
if v == 'write':
if review['permission'] not in ('write', 'admin'):
return False
elif v == 'admin':
if review['permission'] != 'admin':
return False
return True
def matchesReviews(self, change):
if self.required_reviews or self.reject_reviews:
if not hasattr(change, 'number'):
# not a PR, no reviews
return FalseWithReason("Change is not a PR")
if self.required_reviews and not
# No reviews means no matching of required bits
# having reject reviews but no reviews on the change is okay
return FalseWithReason("Reviews %s does not match %s" % (
return (self.matchesRequiredReviews(change) and
def matchesRequiredReviews(self, change):
for rreview in self.required_reviews:
matches_review = False
for review in
if self._match_review_required_review(rreview, review):
# Consider matched if any review matches
matches_review = True
if not matches_review:
return FalseWithReason(
"Required reviews %s does not match %s" % (
return True
def matchesNoRejectReviews(self, change):
for rreview in self.reject_reviews:
for review in
if self._match_review_required_review(rreview, review):
# A review matched, we can reject right away
return FalseWithReason("Reject reviews %s matches %s" % (
return True
def matchesStatuses(self, change):
if self.required_statuses or self.reject_statuses:
if not hasattr(change, 'number'):
# not a PR, no status
return FalseWithReason("Can't match statuses without PR")
if self.required_statuses and not change.status:
return FalseWithReason(
"Required statuses %s does not match %s" % (
self.required_statuses, change.status))
required_statuses_results = self.matchesRequiredStatuses(change)
if not required_statuses_results:
return required_statuses_results
return self.matchesNoRejectStatuses(change)
def matchesRequiredStatuses(self, change):
# statuses are ORed
# A PR head can have multiple statuses on it. If the change
# statuses and the filter statuses are a null intersection, there
# are no matches and we return false
if self.required_statuses:
for required_status in self.required_statuses:
for status in change.status:
if re2.fullmatch(required_status, status):
return True
return FalseWithReason("RequiredStatuses %s does not match %s" % (
self.required_statuses, change.status))
return True
def matchesNoRejectStatuses(self, change):
# statuses are ANDed
# If any of the rejected statusses are present, we return false
for rstatus in self.reject_statuses:
for status in change.status:
if re2.fullmatch(rstatus, status):
return FalseWithReason("NoRejectStatuses %s matches %s" % (
self.reject_statuses, change.status))
return True
class GithubEventFilter(EventFilter, GithubCommonFilter):
def __init__(self, connection_name, trigger, types=[], branches=[],
refs=[], comments=[], actions=[], labels=[], unlabels=[],
states=[], statuses=[], required_statuses=[],
check_runs=[], ignore_deletes=True):
EventFilter.__init__(self, connection_name, trigger)
GithubCommonFilter.__init__(self, required_statuses=required_statuses)
self._types = types
self._branches = branches
self._refs = refs
self._comments = comments
self.types = [re.compile(x) for x in types]
self.branches = [re.compile(x) for x in branches]
self.refs = [re.compile(x) for x in refs]
self.comments = [re.compile(x) for x in comments]
self.actions = actions
self.labels = labels
self.unlabels = unlabels
self.states = states
self.statuses = statuses
self.required_statuses = required_statuses
self.check_runs = check_runs
self.ignore_deletes = ignore_deletes
def __repr__(self):
ret = '<GithubEventFilter'
ret += ' connection: %s' % self.connection_name
if self._types:
ret += ' types: %s' % ', '.join(self._types)
if self._branches:
ret += ' branches: %s' % ', '.join(self._branches)
if self._refs:
ret += ' refs: %s' % ', '.join(self._refs)
if self.ignore_deletes:
ret += ' ignore_deletes: %s' % self.ignore_deletes
if self._comments:
ret += ' comments: %s' % ', '.join(self._comments)
if self.actions:
ret += ' actions: %s' % ', '.join(self.actions)
if self.check_runs:
ret += ' check_runs: %s' % ','.join(self.check_runs)
if self.labels:
ret += ' labels: %s' % ', '.join(self.labels)
if self.unlabels:
ret += ' unlabels: %s' % ', '.join(self.unlabels)
if self.states:
ret += ' states: %s' % ', '.join(self.states)
if self.statuses:
ret += ' statuses: %s' % ', '.join(self.statuses)
if self.required_statuses:
ret += ' required_statuses: %s' % ', '.join(self.required_statuses)
ret += '>'
return ret
def matches(self, event, change):
if not super().matches(event, change):
return False
# event types are ORed
matches_type = False
for etype in self.types:
if etype.match(event.type):
matches_type = True
if self.types and not matches_type:
return FalseWithReason("Types %s doesn't match %s" % (
self.types, event.type))
# branches are ORed
matches_branch = False
for branch in self.branches:
if branch.match(event.branch):
matches_branch = True
if self.branches and not matches_branch:
return FalseWithReason("Branches %s doesn't match %s" % (
self.branches, event.branch))
# refs are ORed
matches_ref = False
if event.ref is not None:
for ref in self.refs:
if ref.match(event.ref):
matches_ref = True
if self.refs and not matches_ref:
return FalseWithReason(
"Refs %s doesn't match %s" % (self.refs, event.ref))
if self.ignore_deletes and event.newrev == EMPTY_GIT_REF:
# If the updated ref has an empty git sha (all 0s),
# then the ref is being deleted
return FalseWithReason("Ref deletion are ignored")
# comments are ORed
matches_comment_re = False
for comment_re in self.comments:
if (event.comment is not None and
matches_comment_re = True
if self.comments and not matches_comment_re:
return FalseWithReason("Comments %s doesn't match %s" % (
self.comments, event.comment))
# actions are ORed
matches_action = False
for action in self.actions:
if (event.action == action):
matches_action = True
if self.actions and not matches_action:
return FalseWithReason("Actions %s doesn't match %s" % (
self.actions, event.action))
# check_runs are ORed
if self.check_runs:
check_run_found = False
for check_run in self.check_runs:
if re2.fullmatch(check_run, event.check_run):
check_run_found = True
if not check_run_found:
return FalseWithReason("Check_runs %s doesn't match %s" % (
self.check_runs, event.check_run))
# labels are ORed
if self.labels and event.label not in self.labels:
return FalseWithReason("Labels %s doesn't match %s" % (
self.labels, event.label))
# unlabels are ORed
if self.unlabels and event.unlabel not in self.unlabels:
return FalseWithReason("Unlabels %s doesn't match %s" % (
self.unlabels, event.unlabel))
# states are ORed
if self.states and event.state not in self.states:
return FalseWithReason("States %s doesn't match %s" % (
self.states, event.state))
# statuses are ORed
if self.statuses:
status_found = False
for status in self.statuses:
if re2.fullmatch(status, event.status):
status_found = True
if not status_found:
return FalseWithReason("Statuses %s doesn't match %s" % (
self.statuses, event.status))
return self.matchesStatuses(change)
class GithubRefFilter(RefFilter, GithubCommonFilter):
def __init__(self, connection_name, statuses=[],
required_reviews=[], reject_reviews=[], open=None,
merged=None, current_patchset=None, draft=None,
reject_open=None, reject_merged=None,
reject_current_patchset=None, reject_draft=None,
labels=[], reject_labels=[], reject_statuses=[]):
RefFilter.__init__(self, connection_name)
GithubCommonFilter.__init__(self, required_reviews=required_reviews,
self.statuses = statuses
if reject_open is not None: = not reject_open
else: = open
if reject_merged is not None:
self.merged = not reject_merged
self.merged = merged
if reject_current_patchset is not None:
self.current_patchset = not reject_current_patchset
self.current_patchset = current_patchset
if reject_draft is not None:
self.draft = not reject_draft
self.draft = draft
self.labels = labels
self.reject_labels = reject_labels
def __repr__(self):
ret = '<GithubRefFilter'
ret += ' connection_name: %s' % self.connection_name
if self.statuses:
ret += ' statuses: %s' % ', '.join(self.statuses)
if self.reject_statuses:
ret += ' reject-statuses: %s' % ', '.join(self.reject_statuses)
if self.required_reviews:
ret += (' required-reviews: %s' %
if self.reject_reviews:
ret += (' reject-reviews: %s' %
if is not None:
ret += ' open: %s' %
if self.merged is not None:
ret += ' merged: %s' % self.merged
if self.current_patchset is not None:
ret += ' current-patchset: %s' % self.current_patchset
if self.draft is not None:
ret += ' draft: %s' % self.draft
if self.labels:
ret += ' labels: %s' % self.labels
if self.reject_labels:
ret += ' reject-labels: %s' % self.reject_labels
ret += '>'
return ret
def matches(self, change):
statuses_result = self.matchesStatuses(change)
if not statuses_result:
return statuses_result
if is not None:
# if a "change" has no number, it's not a change, but a push
# and cannot possibly pass this test.
if hasattr(change, 'number'):
if !=
return FalseWithReason(
"Change does not match open requirement")
return FalseWithReason("Change is not a PR")
if self.merged is not None:
# if a "change" has no number, it's not a change, but a push
# and cannot possibly pass this test.
if hasattr(change, 'number'):
if self.merged != change.is_merged:
return FalseWithReason(
"Change does not match merged requirement")
return FalseWithReason("Change is not a PR")
if self.current_patchset is not None:
# if a "change" has no number, it's not a change, but a push
# and cannot possibly pass this test.
if hasattr(change, 'number'):
if self.current_patchset != change.is_current_patchset:
return FalseWithReason(
"Change does not match current-patchset requirement")
return FalseWithReason("Change is not a PR")
if self.draft is not None:
# if a "change" has no number, it's not a change, but a push
# and cannot possibly pass this test.
if hasattr(change, 'number'):
if self.draft != change.draft:
return FalseWithReason(
"Change does not match draft requirement")
return FalseWithReason("Change is not a PR")
# required reviews are ANDed (reject reviews are ORed)
reviews_result = self.matchesReviews(change)
if not reviews_result:
return reviews_result
# required labels are ANDed
for label in self.labels:
if label not in change.labels:
return FalseWithReason("Labels %s does not match %s" % (
self.labels, change.labels))
# rejected reviews are OR'd
for label in self.reject_labels:
if label in change.labels:
return FalseWithReason("RejectLabels %s matches %s" % (
self.reject_labels, change.labels))
return True