The Gatekeeper, or a project gating system
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Zuul 7f6287cbfe Merge "merger: Handle merges with cherry-pick merge-mode" 2 days ago
ansible Merge "zuul_json: remove no_log handling" 3 weeks ago
cmd Clarify zuul admin CLI scope 2 days ago
connection Clear branch cache on full reconfiguration 2 months ago
driver Merge "gerritdriver: enable triggering on wip state" 3 weeks ago
execution_context Add wrapper driver execution context 5 years ago
executor Merge "Make nodepool hostvars available on unreachable hosts" 3 weeks ago
lib Add passlib to Ansible venvs 2 weeks ago
manager Merge "Fix updating change when emulating gerrit topic support" 1 week ago
merger merger: Handle merges with cherry-pick merge-mode 1 week ago
reporter Merge "Dequeue items that can no longer merge" 2 months ago
source Add queue.dependencies-by-topic 2 months ago
sphinx docs: remove zuuldocs domain 2 years ago
trigger Filter events on event connection 1 year ago
vendor Add some pipeline processing stats 4 months ago
web Fix background layout updates in zuul-web 1 month ago
zk Merge "Ignore deleted nodes when looking for lost params" 3 weeks ago Initial commit. 10 years ago Revert "Revert "Create zuul/web/static on demand"" 2 years ago Fix reporting certain config syntax errors 4 weeks ago Merge "Add include- and exclude-branches tenant config options" 2 days ago Let zuul-web look up the live log streaming address from ZooKeeper 8 months ago Add include- and exclude-branches tenant config options 5 days ago Add a blob store and store large secrets in it 1 month ago Report gross/total tenant resource usage stats 2 months ago Add include- and exclude-branches tenant config options 5 days ago Store version information in component registry 7 months ago