Ian Wienand 924ce7c7a8 docs: remove zuuldocs domain
In I26be542a6d4f6266f7843ada5939172656b8b847 the documentation domain
was renamed to zuuldoc as a "temporary measure" :)

The zuul-sphinx project now has everything required for the Zuul
documentation, so we can switch the default domain to just "zuul" to
use it by default and remove the unsued "zuuldocs" domain provided by

This means you don't need to use :zuul:... to use things from
zuul-sphinx (this was rather confusing to debug, as we added :type:
support to :attr: some time ago in zuul-sphinx but it wasn't being
picked up, because it was using old internal versions).

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2020-08-04 16:10:09 +10:00
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