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Since 2.0.0:

  • The push_change_refs option which specified that Zuul refs should be pushed to Gerrit has been removed.
  • Git merge operations are now performed in a separate process. Run at least one instance of the zuul-merger program which is now included. Any number of Zuul-Mergers may be run in order to distribute the work of speculatively merging changes into git and serving the results to test workers. This system is designed to scale out to many servers, but one instance may be co-located with the Zuul server in smaller deployments. Several configuration options have moved from the zuul section to merger.

Since 1.3.0:

  • The Jenkins launcher is replaced with Gearman launcher. An internal Gearman server is provided, and there is a Gearman plugin for Jenkins, so migration to the new system should be fairly straightforward. See the Launchers section of the documentation for details.
  • The custom parameter function signature has changed. It now takes a QueueItem as the first argument, rather than the Change. The QueueItem has the full context for why the change is being run (including the pipeline, items ahead and behind, etc.). The Change is still available via the "change" attribute on the QueueItem. The second argument is now the Job that is about to be run, and the parameter dictionary is shifted to the third position.
  • The ZUUL_SHORT* parameters have been removed (the same functionality may be achieved with a custom parameter function that matches all jobs).
  • Multiple triggers are now supported (currently Gerrit and a simple Timer trigger are supported). Your layout.yaml file will need to change to add the key "gerrit:" inside of the "triggers:" list to specify a Gerrit trigger (and facilitate adding other kinds of triggers later). See the sample layout.yaml and Zuul section of the documentation.
  • Some statsd keys have changed in a backwards incompatible way:
    • The counters and timers of the form zuul.job.{name} is now split into several keys of the form: zuul.pipeline.{pipeline-name}.job.{job-name}.{result}
    • Job names in statsd keys now have the '_' character substituted for the '.' character.
  • The layout.yaml structure has changed to introduce configurable reporters. This requires restructuring the start/success/failure actions to include a dictionary of reporters and their parameters. See reporters in the docs and layout.yaml-sample.
  • The zuul_url configuration option is required in zuul.conf. It specifies the URL of the git repositories that should be used by workers when fetching Zuul refs and is passed to the workers as the ZUUL_URL parameter. It should probably be set to "http://zuul-host-name/p/".