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Zuul a6c945d883
Merge "executor: add merge_jobs options to disable gearman merge jobs"
3 years ago
add-artifacts-0718af34ca6165aa.yaml Add artifact table 4 years ago
add-enqueue-reporter-action-4340b917c1cfca37.yaml Add enqueue reporter action 3 years ago
add-host-ansible-python-interpreter-9592aef8d2c90b3e.yaml Whitelist ansible_python_interpreter for add_host 4 years ago
add-no-jobs-reporter-action-a868ff8baf42c44c.yaml Add no-jobs reporter action 3 years ago
admin_web_api-1331c81070a3e67f.yaml Web: plug the authorization engine 4 years ago
allowed-connections-244fb22569090fb2.yaml Add allowed-triggers and allowed-reporters tenant settings 4 years ago
allowed-labels-d3ca17f3c7e167c8.yaml Add allowed-labels tenant setting 4 years ago
allowed-projects-8f6f0cb42ffd0a88.yaml Set allowed-projects on untrusted jobs with secrets 4 years ago
ansible-2.6-12d2f8222327dfbc.yaml Support ansible 2.6 4 years ago
ansible-2.7-e4db1ec0440446be.yaml Support ansible 2.7 4 years ago
ansible-2.7-uri-module-3143c326474740ee.yaml Fix ignored default ansible version 4 years ago
ansible-2.8-7f3d630503c6192f.yaml Support Ansible 2.8 4 years ago
ansible-default-version-4d4e622b0be39e12.yaml Fix ignored default ansible version 4 years ago
artifact-format-2de4b9c038e28115.yaml Switch artifact return back to list 4 years ago
artifacts-buildset-19a94b7630db4f30.yaml Forward artifacts to child jobs within buildset 4 years ago
autohold-info-940288df947d5091.yaml Add autohold-info CLI command 3 years ago
autohold-revamp-047011cedd3c8da9.yaml Store autohold requests in zookeeper 3 years ago
branch-protection-f79d97c4e6c0b05f.yaml Status branch protection checking for github 5 years ago
broken-config-f41fda98f01a3f4e.yaml Make Zuul able to start with a broken config 5 years ago
builds-branches-4ca6d1e038979d1d.yaml Filter out unprotected branches from builds if excluded 4 years ago
cgroups-governor-430a565cae0ef104.yaml Add cgroup support to ram sensor 4 years ago
cli-autohold-simplify-c00303e9695fb812.yaml Remove --id option for autohold_delete/autohold_info 3 years ago
client-check-tenant-config-4b86bfd5bf3572cb.yaml Add tenant yaml validation option to zuul client 5 years ago
config-allowed-projects-e82586c215879f28.yaml Allow config projects to override allowed-projects 4 years ago
config-memory-e849097ee171a534.yaml Add release note about config memory improvements 5 years ago
configure-github-merge-method-6d2991b9e5b98b6c.yaml Allow to select the merge method in Github 4 years ago
default-ansible-9983f6e8f31bf9cb.yaml Switch default ansible version to 2.7 4 years ago
driver-mqtt-28f62e8510863b40.yaml Add ansible 2.5 release note 5 years ago
encrypt-file-pubkey-a4830c3573dee7f0.yaml encrypt_secret: Allow file scheme for public key 5 years ago
executor-merger-f853f2f717ea4640.yaml executor: add merge_jobs options to disable gearman merge jobs 3 years ago
executor-zones-54318b8ea2f7e195.yaml Add support for zones in executors 4 years ago
extra-config-paths-d8250b269a307873.yaml Add extra-config-paths tenant config option 4 years ago
fail-fast-57a5694d5ff568cd.yaml Support fail-fast in project pipelines 4 years ago
fail-jobs-when-requirement-not-met-5e37516c241020f3.yaml Fail jobs when requirements not met 4 years ago
fingergw-user-f4edf5d300d78f56.yaml Remove default user for fingergw 4 years ago
fix-broken-trusted-config-updates-b68948bdbead17b2.yaml Add release note for broken trusted config loading fix 4 years ago
fix-memory-leak-93217656b5d1f1c1.yaml Add release note for memory leak 4 years ago
fix-missing-yarn-files-a9e0f8b0c78def39.yaml Install yarn before building python artifacts 4 years ago
fix-soft-deps-1e809c40790892e7.yaml Fix skipping child jobs with soft dependencies 3 years ago
fix-ssh-add-args-5819aedbaa127c15.yaml Fix missing safe_args for add_host 4 years ago
full-reconfigure-6694d1120fa5c225.yaml Add command socket handler for full reconfiguration 5 years ago
gerrit-comment-de803cf3890b709d.yaml Add 'comment' option to Gerrit reporter 3 years ago
gerrit-http-d134f509d6b49f7a.yaml Report to gerrit over HTTP 5 years ago
gerrit-line-comments-db364516af7030b1.yaml Support line comments in Gerrit 5 years ago
gerrit_http-f25e63ca7d8ec9a3.yaml Add a relnote about gerrit and http 3 years ago
git-baseurl-hang-fe1ffbf696940a2b.yaml Use os.path.join for git driver getGitUrl 4 years ago
git-remote-refs-71bd2fc2bb05155d.yaml Allow using remote refs to find commits for change 5 years ago
github-regex-status-26ddf3e3c91d182f.yaml Add release note about re2 5 years ago
github-squash-merge-d00c72b76abc8aa8.yaml Support squash merge in Github 4 years ago
host-id-inventory-e1cba009bb5a536d.yaml Add nodepool.host_id variable to inventory file 4 years ago
inventory-zuul-child-jobs-0e7cf28f0cab83b8.yaml Add zuul.child_jobs in ansible inventory file 5 years ago
job-cleanup-run-e651594d0fd73608.yaml docs: add cleanup-run documentation 4 years ago
job-extra-vars-9948be1ac2f99497.yaml Add support for Ansible extra-vars flag 5 years ago
job-pause-868192a2ee4cf7a9.yaml Support job pause 5 years ago
job-run-list-7036fbac9c146098.yaml Allow run to be list of playbooks 4 years ago
jobdir_default-991bd60141045b68.yaml Change default job_dir location 4 years ago
localhost-raw-d841413f8743f8b8.yaml Prevent local code execution via the raw module 4 years ago
match-on-config-updates-1c6621885bd3e1c9.yaml Run jobs when their own config changes 4 years ago
max-starting-builds-config-2a127fbfb46460c5.yaml Overriding max. starting builds. 4 years ago
max_hold_age-1c6cef0bce537bce.yaml Add scheduler config options for hold expiration 3 years ago
multi-ansible-d027be61ad8593d4.yaml Make ansible version configurable 4 years ago
nodepool-statsd-3eb500893833cdc4.yaml Update docs since zuul-web requires zookeeper 4 years ago
override-file-matchers-128731229d551d81.yaml Add a CVE-2018-12557 release note 5 years ago
pagure-driver-cdd37b0c438e3387.yaml Add release note for Pagure driver 4 years ago
pass-to-parent-24d40e7ebcff6d9e.yaml Add pass-to-parent option for secrets 4 years ago
pipeline-supercedes-ba622ac28df61ffd.yaml Add "supercedes" pipeline option 4 years ago
postgres-ae4f8594d0f4b256.yaml Add postgresql release note 5 years ago
project-config-e906138042e386f7.yaml Late bind projects 5 years ago
project-regex-cb782f699eb10865.yaml Add regex support to project stanzas 5 years ago
project-vars-0d57992a7192a62d.yaml Add variables to project 5 years ago
project_key-d9bd1f25b7d39384.yaml Serve project SSH keys and document 4 years ago
provides_requires-4c6b54ede999e86c.yaml Add provides/requires support 4 years ago
rate-limit-logging-cedd9bb7fb5553d9.yaml Make GitHub rate limit logging configurable 5 years ago
react-zuul-a593c7627ca22b37.yaml Revert "Revert "web: rewrite interface in react"" 4 years ago
relative_priority-dee014da5977da36.yaml Set relative priority of node requests 4 years ago
relax-add-host-6eeccd37bfa414ce.yaml Remove restriction on add_host 4 years ago
relax-ssh-known-hosts-d71a57e77436110b.yaml Allow known_hosts to be run in untrusted context 4 years ago
report-build-page-49088c2b0a36e1b5.yaml Add option to report build page 4 years ago
reporters-always-report-27702c27369176da.yaml Report to all reporters even if one fails 5 years ago
require-merged-70784e1e45cac08e.yaml Support merged as requirement in github driver 5 years ago
resource-usage-stats-bfcd6765ef4a9c86.yaml Report tenant and project specific resource usage stats 4 years ago
restrict-add-host-f82bff723568a025.yaml executor: harden add_host usage 4 years ago
role-checkouts-89632d2ff5eb8b78.yaml Check out more appropriate branches of role and playbook repos 5 years ago
role-in-json-4bc0d862066a4390.yaml Add ansible 2.5 release note 5 years ago
semaphore-resources-295dceaf7ddbab0d.yaml Improve resource usage with semaphores 4 years ago
service-worker-default-b6f6d5c277657ced.yaml Disable service workers by default 4 years ago
soft-dependencies-08b02bf3133a6c57.yaml Allow soft job dependencies 4 years ago
starting-builds-timer-7f05fd11d5da3358.yaml Add timer for starting_builds 4 years ago
store-build-time-in-utc-4d7425cff5399602.yaml Store build start/end time in UTC 5 years ago
supercedent-manager-af86f18e8d03ee4b.yaml Add supercedent pipeline manager 5 years ago
synchronize-rsh-553872cf5422acf9.yaml Disable rsh synchronize rsync_opts 3 years ago
template-branch-matchers-2259b585d239b6fe.yaml Don't add implied branch matchers to project-pipeline variants 5 years ago
tenant-from-script-e28d736001db5365.yaml Reformat tenant_config_script release note 5 years ago
test-correct-commit-ea2921c46e03017d.yaml Add release note for bug fix to test correct commit 3 years ago
timer-optimization-a6babecaf1c7dab8.yaml timer: skip projects not using the pipeline 5 years ago
unreachable-60ce0305416a5e8c.yaml Fix unreachable nodes detection 4 years ago
version-table-prefix-c6a5e84851268f4d.yaml Also prefix the alembic_version table 5 years ago
web-page-build-93eeb53418f8a3f0.yaml web: add build page 4 years ago
web-page-config-errors-f2f00d6d1eed9103.yaml web: add config-errors notifications drawer 4 years ago
web-page-job-77fa7ffb2a1c09de.yaml web: add job page 4 years ago
whitelist-zuul-return-bd78bf3e598e85f6.yaml Allow zuul_return in untrusted jobs 5 years ago
winrm-af968bf3269c25d9.yaml Add winrm certificate handling 5 years ago
zookeeper-hosts-4dd0d7c49f3df206.yaml Remove default zookeeper hosts 4 years ago
zuul-changes-fix-6d1be83959d451ce.yaml zuul-changes: update for the new api url 5 years ago
zuul-cli-dequeue-command-4536a4ec1bb21d48.yaml Add a dequeue command to zuul client 5 years ago
zuul-message-a36f1a6adc7da31c.yaml Encode zuul.message with base64 4 years ago
zuul-return-action-plugin-152443e9183852a9.yaml Convert zuul_return into action plugin 4 years ago
zuul-return-skip-child-jobs-772988c87c495cb2.yaml Support zuul.child_jobs via zuul_return 5 years ago