A go client library for the Redfish API
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Go-Redfish - Golang client library for DMTF Redfish


go-redfish is the golang client library to interact with Redfish Server. This library do not implement complete redfish standard but it is meant to provide parallel functionality as of sushy. go-redfish can be tested against sushy-emulator.


To use go-redfish library in go code, you just need to import the library as below.

import (

    redfish "opendev.org/airship/go-redfish/client"

Then, get the client api object for the desired redfish server.

cfg := &redfish.Configuration{
    BasePath:      "http://localhost:8000",
    DefaultHeader: make(map[string]string),
    UserAgent:     "go-redfish/client",

redfishApi := redfish.NewAPIClient(cfg).DefaultApi

Use redfishApi to interact with redfish server. This object contains get, set and list functions for different redfish resources. There are loose validations on the client side for the required paramaters of a certain API. In case of any error e.g. missing a required parameter; then server will generate the error. To see the available actions for API endpoints see Endpoint Reference and Model Definitions. See following examples for different operations.


  • List available ComputerSystems
sl, _, _ := redfishApi.ListSystems(context.Background())
  • List available Managers
sl, _, _ := redfishApi.ListManagers(context.Background())
  • Get Desired ComputerSystem Resource
system_id := "dd9fd064-263b-469c-91d4-d45f341fe2c5"
system, _, _ := redfishApi.GetSystem(context.Background(), system_id)
  • Reset ComputerSystem
system_id := "dd9fd064-263b-469c-91d4-d45f341fe2c5"
systemReq := redfish.ComputerSystem{ResetType: "ForceRestart"}
reset_resp, _, _ = redfishApi.ResetSystem(context.Background(), system_id, reset_type)
  • Insert VirtualMedia for manager
manager_id := "58893887-8974-2487-2389-841168418919"
insertReq := redfish.InsertMediaRequestBody{}
insertReq.Image = "http://releases.ubuntu.com/19.04/ubuntu-19.04-live-server-amd64.iso"
insertReq.Inserted = true
redfishApi.InsertVirtualMedia(context.Background(), manager_id, "Cd", insertReq)
  • Set Boot Device For Next Boot
system_id := "dd9fd064-263b-469c-91d4-d45f341fe2c5"
systemReq := redfish.ComputerSystem{}
systemReq.Boot.BootSourceOverrideTarget = "Cd"
redfishApi.SetSystem(context.Background(), system_id, systemReq)
  • Get available system's boot options
system_id := "dd9fd064-263b-469c-91d4-d45f341fe2c5"
system, _, _ := redfishApi.GetSystem(context.Background(), system_id)
fmt.Printf("%#v", system.Boot.BootSourceOverrideTargetRedfishAllowableValues)

Sample Output:

[Pxe Cd Hdd]


This library is created using openapi specification and code is generated using openapi go client generator. So it is very easy to extend the client using openapi spec. If you need any extra api resource or see any issues then create a pull request or raise an issue.