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# Airship Governance
* [About Airship](#about-airship)
* [Community](#community)
* [Join Us](#join-us)
* [Users](#users)
* [Contributing](#contributing)
* [Governance](#governance)
* [Developers](#developers)
* [Contributor](#contributor)
* [Core Reviewer](#core-reviewer)
* [Technical Committee](#technical-committee)
* [Grandfather Clause](#grandfather-clause)
* [Committee Elections](#committee-elections)
* [Tie Breaking](#tie-breaking)
* [Special Committee Elections](#special-committee-elections)
* [Governance Changes](governance-changes)
* [Disputes Across Committees](#disputes-across-committees)
## About Airship
Airship is a community of open source projects working to build a platform for the lifecycle management of open
infrastructure. It's designed from the ground up to make containers and Helm charts the fundamental units of software
delivery and deployment.
An Airship feeds a collection of declarative site definition YAMLs through a single front door API, and then uses them to
drive end-to-end provisioning of a site, from bare metal to fully functioning cloud.
## Community
Airship is working to build a global, diverse and collaborative community. Anyone interested in supporting the technology
is welcome to participate. We are seeking different expertise and skills, ranging from development, operations,
documentation, marketing, community organization and product management. The core principles of the Airship community
can be found [here](
### Join Us
You can join our community on any of the following places:
* Visit our [website](
* Join our [mailing list](
* Use the `` IRC server to join the discussions:
* General/Dev discussions channel: [`#airshipit`](
* Join our [weekly meetings](
* Get [in touch]( with us
* Follow us on [Twitter](
### Users
See [Airship in a bottle]( for details on how to install Airship
inside a VM and take it for a test drive.
See [Airship Treasuremap]( for sample manifests that are CI/CD tested on real
baremetal infrastructure you can use as a starting place for your own environments.
### Contributing
See the [contributing guide]( for details on how to contribute to the project.
## Governance
The Airship project is governed according to the [“four opens"](,
which are open source, open design, open development, and open community. Technical decisions are made by technical
contributors and a representative Technical Committee. The community is committed to diversity, openness, and encouraging
new contributors and leaders to rise up.
The Project Maintainers are tasked with providing technical stewardship to the open source project, enforcing project principles, and finally deciding on issues where there is no consensus in the community.
### Members
The Project Maintainers group is composed of all individuals with approval rights on code reviews (Gerrit core reviewers, GitHub maintainers…).
### Decision-making process
Motions are brought to the Project Maintainers through a discussion on the project discussion mailing-list. Consensus across active project maintainers is required for the motion to pass.
Addition and removal of project maintainers
Addition of a project maintainer is done through a motion, requiring consensus. Removal of a project maintainer is done through a motion requiring consensus, but the examined individual is not taking part in the discussion.
### Amendment
Amendment of this charter is done through a motion, requiring consensus.