Classify tempest-devstack failures using ElasticSearch
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Clark Boylan 6fc19ee5b9 Simplify 1708704's query 4 months ago
1260311.yaml Add support for Zuulv3-specific parameters in elastic-recheck 2 years ago
1260654.yaml Add support for Zuulv3-specific parameters in elastic-recheck 2 years ago
1269940.yaml Add support for Zuulv3-specific parameters in elastic-recheck 2 years ago
1270309.yaml Add support for Zuulv3-specific parameters in elastic-recheck 2 years ago
1298006.yaml Update query for bug 1298006 2 years ago
1326813.yaml Use clearer query for 1326813 2 years ago
1384373.yaml Add support for Zuulv3-specific parameters in elastic-recheck 2 years ago
1400905.yaml add query for hash sum mismatch 5 years ago
1410969.yaml Add query for bug 1410969 5 years ago
1449136.yaml update query 1449136 to match some more queries 1 year ago
1463631.yaml Add query for grenade fails to ping server bug 1463631 5 years ago
1483434.yaml Add query for cinder backup timeout bug 1483434 1 year ago
1541364.yaml failure for apt mirror 4 years ago
1635643.yaml Add query for cinder vol backup bug 1635643 3 years ago
1686542.yaml Identify *POST* timeout failures individually 1 year ago
1694501.yaml Add query for d-g ping check failures. 3 years ago
1696125.yaml Add query for vif detach bug 1696125 3 years ago
1706377.yaml Add query for live migration failure bug 1706377 2 years ago
1708686.yaml Refactor how we track pip errors 2 years ago
1708704.yaml Simplify 1708704's query 4 months ago
1714202.yaml Identify DLRN builds fail intermittently (network errors) 1 year ago
1716008.yaml Add query for OVB testenv failures 2 years ago
1718197.yaml Add query for Ansible privilege escalation timeout 2 years ago
1719469.yaml Query for 1719469 2 years ago
1721093.yaml Update query for bug 1721093 1 year ago
1724991.yaml Track tripleo timeout or canceled deployments 2 years ago
1737039.yaml Add query for cirros 0.3.5 kernel panic bug 1737039 2 years ago
1737634.yaml Add query for Tempest test_delete_saving_image bug 1737634 2 years ago
1739482.yaml Update query for bug 1739482 1 year ago
1761798.yaml Update query for bug 1761798 2 years ago
1763070.yaml Add query for ReadTimeoutError bug 1763070 2 years ago
1763410.yaml Add query for swap volume active block job failure bug 1763410 2 years ago
1763712.yaml Add query for cinder attachment update rpc timeout bug 1763712 2 years ago
1770179.yaml Update query for bug 1770179 1 year ago
1770211.yaml Update query for bug 1770211 1 year ago
1770786.yaml Add query for remoteDispatchDomainBlockJobAbort bug 1770786 2 years ago
1775947.yaml Add query for test_tagged_attachment bug 1775947 1 year ago
1783405.yaml Add tempest-slow-py3 to query for bug 1783405 1 year ago
1791530.yaml Add query for glance metadata namespace bug 1791530 1 year ago
1793364.yaml Contrain query to prevent e-r from OOMing 1 year ago
1793370.yaml Add query for ansible ssh rsync fail bug 1793370 1 year ago
1794143.yaml Add query for cinder test_retype_multiattach bug 1794143 1 year ago
1796151.yaml Generic OOM killer query 1 year ago
1796708.yaml Add query for volume extend timeout bug 1796708 1 year ago
1798475.yaml Add queries for 2 neutron fullstack test bugs 1 year ago
1802640.yaml Add query for ovs SetFailModeCommand timeout bug 1802640 1 year ago
1803648.yaml Add query for cinder unit test bug 1803648 1 year ago
1804062.yaml Add query for test_check_doubled_words py27 fail bug 1832392 11 months ago
1805176.yaml Categorize ovs crash bug #1805176 1 year ago
1805186.yaml Categorize ImageNotFoundException on tripleo jobs 1 year ago
1806912.yaml Add query for n-api/g-api startup timeout bug 1806912 1 year ago
1807940.yaml Identify *POST* timeout failures individually 1 year ago
1808010.yaml Generalize query for bug 1808010 8 months ago
1810054.yaml Add query for intermittent tripleo failures in limestone 1 year ago
1810526.yaml Add query for cinder tooz connection error bug 1810526 1 year ago
1813147.yaml Add query for subunit.parser bug 1813147 1 year ago
1813217.yaml Add query for cinder backup amqp i/o error bug 1813217 1 year ago
1813789.yaml Add query for evacuate vif plugging timeout bug 1813789 1 year ago
1813959.yaml Add query for test_hotplug_nic teardown conflict bug 1813959 1 year ago
1814916.yaml Add query for VolumeAttachmentNotFound c-vol bug 1814916 1 year ago
1815604.yaml Add query for peakmem_tracker crash bug 1815604 1 year ago
1819897.yaml Add query for neutron API did not start bug 1819897 1 year ago
1820007.yaml Update query for bug 1820007 5 months ago
1823251.yaml Add query for pymysql.err.InterfaceError bug 1823251 1 year ago
1825190.yaml Add query for mirror sync bug 1825190 1 year ago
1825251.yaml Add query for pip3.6 install seg fault bug 1825251 1 year ago
1826000.yaml Add query for VolumeAttachment lazy load bug 1826000 1 year ago
1834046.yaml Add query for tempest race fail bug 1834046 11 months ago
1834079.yaml Add query for neutron agent tempest-slow* bug 1834079 11 months ago
1836754.yaml Add query for bug 1836754 7 months ago
1838202.yaml Add query for test_minimum_basic_scenario bug 1838202 7 months ago
1840159.yaml Add query for remoteDispatchDomainMigratePerform3Params lock bug 1840159 9 months ago
1840355.yaml Add query for grenade ping check fail bug 1840355 9 months ago
1843610.yaml Add query for growroot fail bug 1843610 8 months ago
1844174.yaml Add query for test_fail_set_az NVH bug 1844174 8 months ago
1844568.yaml Add query for NetworkAmbiguous fail bug 1844568 6 months ago
1844929.yaml Add query for timeout waiting for response from cell bug 1844929 8 months ago
1846093.yaml Add query for 1846093 8 months ago
1847759.yaml Add query for hard reboot kernel fail bug 1847759 7 months ago
1848078.yaml Add query for cirros guest dhcp lease fail bug 1848078 7 months ago
1848499.yaml Add query for networkx 2.4 bug 1848499 7 months ago
1849857.yaml Add query for ssh fail bug 1849857 7 months ago
1850514.yaml Add query for test_vcpu_to_pcpu_reshape fail bug 1850514 7 months ago
1850682.yaml Add query for nova functional test fail bug 1850682 7 months ago
1851391.yaml Add query for python-openstackclient bug 1851391 7 months ago
1852617.yaml Add query for inap package mirror bug 1852617 6 months ago
1853166.yaml Add query for nova install on py27 bug 1853166 6 months ago
1853453.yaml Update query for bug 1853453 6 months ago
1856760.yaml Add query for network_sanity_check ping check fail bug 1856760 5 months ago
1856902.yaml Add query for test_create_servers_with_vpmem bug 1856902 5 months ago
1857151.yaml Add query for WARN: failed: route add -net bug 1857151 5 months ago