OpenStack IRC meetings schedule
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OpenStack Meetings

This project aims to provide an easier way to manage OpenStack team meetings. Currently, each team's meeting time and agenda are listed at:

This project replaces each meeting with well-defined YAML files.

YAML Meeting File Format

Each meeting consists of:

  • project: the name of the project
  • meeting_id: the name given to the #startmeeting meetbot command
  • agenda_url the URL to the page with the agenda for the meeting, usually in the wiki
  • schedule: a list of schedule each consisting of
    • time: time string in UTC
    • day: the day of week the meeting takes place
    • irc: the irc room in which the meeting is held
    • frequency: frequent occurrence of the meeting
  • chair: name of the meeting's chair
  • description: a paragraph description about the meeting

The file name should be a lower-cased, hyphenated version of the meeting name, ending with .yaml . For example, Keystone team meeting should be saved under keystone-team-meeting.yaml.


This is an example of the YAML for the Nova team meeting. The whole file will be imported into Python as a dictionary.

  • The project name is shown below.

    project:  Nova Team Meeting
  • The schedule is a list of dictionaries each consisting of time in UTC, day of the week, the irc meeting room, and the frequency of the meeting. Options for the frequency are weekly, biweekly-even, and biweekly-odd at the moment.

        - time:       '1400'
          day:        Thursday
          irc:        openstack-meeting-alt
          frequency:  biweekly-even
        - time:       '2100'
          day:        Thursday
          irc:        openstack-meeting
          frequency:  biweekly-odd
  • The chair is just a one liner. The might be left empty if there is not a chair. It's recommended to mention his/her IRC nick.

    chair:  Russell Bryant (russellb)
  • The project description is as follows. Use > for paragraphs where new lines are folded, or | for paragraphs where new lines are preserved.

    description:  >
        This meeting is a weekly gathering of developers working on OpenStack.
        Compute (Nova). We cover topics such as release planning and status,
        bugs, reviews, and other current topics worthy of real-time discussion.


If creating a new YAML meeting file please consider using sample.yaml and editing as appropriate.