Ansible roles and playbooks to enable a standalone Ironic install
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Bifrost (pronounced bye-frost) is a set of Ansible playbooks that automates the task of deploying a base image onto a set of known hardware using ironic. It provides modular utility for one-off operating system deployment with as few operational requirements as reasonably possible.

The mission of bifrost is to provide an easy path to deploy ironic in a stand-alone fashion, in order to help facilitate the deployment of infrastucture, while also being a configurable project that can consume other OpenStack components to allow users to easily customize the environment to fit their needs, and drive forward the stand-alone perspective.

Use cases include:

  • Installation of ironic in standalone/noauth mode without other OpenStack components.
  • Deployment of an operating system to a known pool of hardware as a batch operation.
  • Testing and development of ironic in the standalone mode.
Bifrost's documentation can be found at:

Release notes are at:

The project source code repository is located at:

Bugs can be filed in storyboard:!/project/openstack/bifrost