Reservation Service for OpenStack
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John Garbutt b7d4b08624 Fix up read session handling
Firstly, we raise exceptions during the database tear down which makes
unit tests fail when the "database is locked" error is generated.

The first test failing was model_query which was executing a query
outside of the facade context handler. This meant the session wasn't
being closed, which blocks future writes when using sqlite.

This was spotted, because it was causing issues with the DB tests for
the blazar flavor plugin, when a bad read was later followed by a write
that failed due to the read that was still holding the lock.

Finally we fix up all the other failing unit tests, where similarly
there were read queries being made outside the scope of the context
manager that created the read session.

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2024-06-07 10:06:10 +02:00
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Blazar is a resource reservation service for OpenStack. Blazar enables users to reserve a specific type/amount of resources for a specific time period and it leases these resources to users based on their reservations.

The following two resource types are currently supported:

  • Compute host: reserve and lease with a unit of a whole host
  • Instance: reserve and lease with a unit of a flavor

Please see the following resources to learn more.


See Blazar API reference.


To learn how to deploy and configure Blazar, see the installation guide and the configuration reference.


To learn how to contribute to Blazar, see the contributor guide.

Other Resources