OpenStack Orchestration (Heat)
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Rabi Mishra a8fba21f23 Remove designate v1 support 2 years ago
api middleware: return HTTPBadRequest when path is invalid 3 years ago
cloudinit Validate that python3 is ready for loguserdata 5 years ago
cmd Add heat-status upgrade check command framework 3 years ago
common Add retries when loading keystone data and fetching endpoints 2 years ago
db Add retry for sync_point_update_input_data 2 years ago
engine Remove designate v1 support 2 years ago
hacking Restrict use of iteritems, iterkeys and itervalues 6 years ago
httpd Remove unnecessary shebangs from service scripts 3 years ago
locale Imported Translations from Zanata 3 years ago
objects Streamline conversion of resources to convergence 3 years ago
policies Add a Blazar Host resource 3 years ago
rpc Option for retrieving child templates and env files from swift 3 years ago
scaling Merge "Eliminate nested stack loading in InstanceGroup/ASG scaling" 4 years ago
tests Fix multiple gate issues 2 years ago Make import of oslo libraries namespaceless 7 years ago change the dist name to 'openstack-heat' 3 years ago