Merge "Fix ELEMENTS_PATH environment variable being overwritten."

Zuul 2021-01-04 15:54:08 +00:00 committed by Gerrit Code Review
commit 6cb1dbcad0
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@ -50,21 +50,29 @@ def main():
help="Additional DIB element to use")
parser.add_argument("-b", "--branch",
help="If set, override the branch that is used for "
"ironic-python-agent and requirements")
"ironic-python-agent and requirements")
parser.add_argument("-v", "--verbose", action='store_true',
help="Enable verbose logging in diskimage-builder")
parser.add_argument("--lzma", action='store_true',
help="Use lzma compression for smaller images")
help="Extra arguments to pass to diskimage-builder")
help="Path(s) to custom DIB elements separated by "
"a colon")
# TODO(dtantsur): handle distribution == tinyipa
os.environ['ELEMENTS_PATH'] = find_elements_path()
args = parser.parse_args()
if args.elements_path:
os.environ['ELEMENTS_PATH'] = args.elements_path
if 'ELEMENTS_PATH' in os.environ:
os.environ['ELEMENTS_PATH'] += ":" + find_elements_path()
os.environ['ELEMENTS_PATH'] = find_elements_path()
if not os.environ.get('DIB_INSTALLTYPE_pip_and_virtualenv'):
# DIB updates these to latest versions from source. However, we do the
# same in our virtualenv, so it's not needed and just increases the
# size of the image.
os.environ['DIB_INSTALLTYPE_pip_and_virtualenv'] = 'package'
args = parser.parse_args()
if args.release:
os.environ['DIB_RELEASE'] = args.release
if args.branch: