A Python agent for provisioning and deprovisioning Bare Metal servers.
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Jay Faulkner b066a21563 Call evaluate_hardware_support exactly once per hwm
Fixes an issue where we could call evaluate_hardware_support multiple
times each run. Now, instead, we cache the values and use the cache
where needed.

Adds unit test coverage for get_managers and the new method.
Fixes issue where we were caching hardware managers between unit tests.

Closes-bug: 2066308
Change-Id: Iebc5b6d2440bfc9f23daa322493379bbe69e84d0
(cherry picked from commit c39517b044)
2024-05-22 20:22:32 +00:00
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Ironic Python Agent

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An agent for controlling and deploying Ironic controlled baremetal nodes.

The ironic-python-agent works with the agent driver in Ironic to provision the node. Starting with ironic-python-agent running on a ramdisk on the unprovisioned node, Ironic makes API calls to ironic-python-agent to provision the machine. This allows for greater control and flexibility of the entire deployment process.

The ironic-python-agent may also be used with the original Ironic pxe drivers as of the Kilo OpenStack release.

Building the IPA deployment ramdisk

For more information see the Image Builder section of the Ironic Python Agent developer guide.

Using IPA with devstack

This is covered in the Deploying Ironic with DevStack section of the Ironic dev-quickstart guide.

Project Resources

Project bugs are tracked on Launchpad:


Developer documentation can be found here:


Release notes for the project are available at:


Source code repository for the project is located at:


IRC channel:

#openstack-ironic on irc.oftc.net

To contribute, start here: Openstack: How to contribute.