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Jenkins db38eef3ae Merge "Migrate cinder-api under apache" 6 years ago
Jenkins 0d1983ca96 Merge "introduces support for the OVS DPDK dataplane" 6 years ago
Sean Mooney 4f5bac1089 introduces support for the OVS DPDK dataplane
- DPDK is a  userspace library for high-performance networking.
- This change enable support of Open vSwitch with the DPDK
  accelerated netdev datapath.
- This change provided binary and source support via
  a template-override.
- This change provides an example template override file
  and corresponding documentation.

Co-Authored-By: Mauricio Lima <>
Partial-Implements: blueprint ovs-dpdk
Change-Id: I7c3a5dddeca1886fe1c7681ce8d5bebde08f3102
6 years ago
Jenkins 5b01ab5c0e Merge "Add designate dashboard to horizon ubuntu/binary" 6 years ago
Jenkins e078a8db21 Merge "Add IPV6 radvd package to neutron-l3-agent" 6 years ago
Noboru Iwamatsu d4add1b860 Add designate dashboard to horizon ubuntu/binary
Designate dashboard is not installed in horizon debian/ubuntu
binary image.  But both debian and ubuntu cloudarchive repos
provide python-designate-dashboard package.

Change-Id: I8f65726d14d180368a8f0d349263bd0dd6ef3b90
Closes-Bug: #1702388
6 years ago
Jenkins 0d34a9054c Merge "Switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme" 6 years ago
Jenkins e677a46a84 Merge "Improve logging of" 6 years ago
Murali Annamneni fa64c72060 Add IPV6 radvd package to neutron-l3-agent
When a IPV6 subnet created in SLAAC mode, neutron-l3-agent fails if
radvd is not installed. 'radvd' daemon is required in generation of RA
messages by virtual routers.

Change-Id: I16e856bf4563ac1dba5b38b7ed7fdaa52e629ee4
6 years ago
Jenkins 86a15be86f Merge "Add images for novajoin services" 6 years ago
Jenkins 1a546eda46 Merge "Alphabetical order install item" 6 years ago
Jenkins c3635c5beb Merge "Install zun ui into horizon image" 6 years ago
Jenkins b986d4e8a4 Merge "Fix argument to handle_permissions" 6 years ago
Eduardo Gonzalez e58e677d47 Migrate cinder-api under apache
Cinder-api in ubuntu binary was migrated
under apache because ubuntu packages removed
support to system services.
This change migrate other install_types under apache
to unify all types.

Change-Id: Iad6792142019134513a378a7ad9955888ef320e9
6 years ago
caoyuan 940e93f7c6 Install zun ui into horizon image
Change-Id: Ie0e02253bd706cad6a568e1574aa4c4bd83744e5
Closes-Bug: #1677922
6 years ago
Jenkins cfa745a47d Merge "Enable some off-by-default checks" 6 years ago
Martin André 39daa5a452 Improve logging of
Remove duplicate logging for file copying, and clarify some log

Change-Id: I4dfaffa62f79a32a7fd6060b92ccb119f657f854
6 years ago
Juan Antonio Osorio Robles 1ae703e4a4 Add images for novajoin services
novajoin is a nova vendordata service that enables the enrollment of
nova instances into freeIPA.

Change-Id: Ia1c0f896ef45b8bb00d0354e7343c7eb4e060fd1
6 years ago
Chulmin Kang ea3d140cab Fix argument to handle_permissions
Fix the format of argument passed to handle_permissions function, so
that handle_permissions can handle permissions and ownerships of

Change-Id: Ic07975a16973df22cdaa6685fc326620812f8f65
Closes-Bug: #1701876
6 years ago
ZhongShengping b0ff9aaaa5 Switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme
As part of the docs migration work[0] for Pike we need to switch to use the


Change-Id: Ib82ae202e347c17d255b3c91149474151a59eac3
6 years ago
Jenkins f26b1ba0b3 Merge "Add ceph-common to manila_share image" 6 years ago
Jenkins b73e2e99ed Merge "Bump the ansible version to 2.2.0" 6 years ago
Jenkins 2548c67ad9 Merge "Upgrade from docker-py to docker" 6 years ago
Jenkins 21668b3b9d Merge "Enable RHN channels needed by Ceph" 6 years ago
Jenkins d126870c5c Merge "rabbitmq-plugins enable no longer needs /bin/true" 6 years ago
Jenkins 2c0ff76835 Merge "Clean up unused sanity check modules" 6 years ago
Jenkins 5c37a6d8c7 Merge "Add e2fsprogs and xfsprogs to ironic-conductor" 6 years ago
caoyuan 9b2ae2ca17 Bump the ansible version to 2.2.0
Bumping the ansible version in kolla-toolbox to be
in sync with the min version from kolla-ansible.

Depends-On: I99f3c5678f6d2d1f93d61c660fbd166184ff6422

Change-Id: Iabdaf920baf17e76f2e850c2834aa25a30b8b599
6 years ago
Giulio Fidente 8f5fc7c4ea Add ceph-common to manila_share image
Manila supports Ceph as backend in which case the manila_share
image should bundle ceph-common

Change-Id: Ie0af337b195636bd6e6be93706a7e293c3ab6055
6 years ago
Jenkins 4316793c5b Merge "Move gnocchi to github repo" 6 years ago
Mark Goddard 5244d7e21d Add e2fsprogs and xfsprogs to ironic-conductor
These are required for formatting ext and XFS ephemeral disk partitions
when using the iSCSI deployment drivers.

Change-Id: Icd187cdd1eb0cb36fbda6c04304bd25d31199bd7
Closes-Bug: #1701320
6 years ago
Paul Bourke b5aca933d6 rabbitmq-plugins enable no longer needs /bin/true
It's unclear why this was needed originally but rabbitmq builds fine
without it.

Change-Id: I604af090b727c50e00af4273fd92ee5b6954393a
6 years ago
Jenkins c2c457c282 Merge "Add gnocchi-statsd support for Debian systems" 6 years ago
Giulio Fidente 0bde5952a8 Enable RHN channels needed by Ceph
A few images install Ceph packages but only the centos image was
enabling the Ceph repo.

Change-Id: I4ccd2400959bb143380fa097d350145532d5afad
6 years ago
Jenkins 98e4a4bf56 Merge "Introduce merge and preserve_properties for config_files" 6 years ago
Jenkins b500866531 Merge "Allow setting copied files group more precisely" 6 years ago
Jenkins e85e4d1542 Merge "Updated from global requirements" 6 years ago
Eduardo Gonzalez 2fa780427b Move gnocchi to github repo
Gnocchi was moved outside openstack infrastructure.
This change moves gnocchi url to their github repo.

Closes-Bug: #1700978
Change-Id: Ida554607d017818c64284f40d504f492c202d261
6 years ago
Jenkins 06d84707ad Merge "Use packages when installing neutron-sfc-agent" 6 years ago
Jenkins 0f6ac6635d Merge "Fix apache configuration for ceilometer_api" 6 years ago
Chuck Short 718d66f677 Use packages when installing neutron-sfc-agent
All linux distros supported by kolla has a python-networking-sfc
package. So install said package.

Change-Id: I1ce40ffd36ac72ea4f052b3aec8fa874530dc41e
Signed-off-by: Chuck Short <>
6 years ago
Jenkins 6b8d38c405 Merge "Add opendaylight install fix" 6 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot 8200382a3d Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Ie46e9bd1a2316bd576c968ba17f50e6a33925fae
6 years ago
Nenad Radojevic acf613e91a Add gnocchi-statsd support for Debian systems
The current Docker container for gnocchi-statsd is missing support
for Ubuntu and will fail on start due to missing gnocchi-statsd
Dockerfile extended by the required gnocchi-statsd package.

Closes-Bug: #1700513
Change-Id: I0c5d221f08ae7f1c4a81f83a5ec3fb75e5207b2b
6 years ago
Jenkins a974fb216f Merge "Skip [plugins,additions]-archive for binary builts" 6 years ago
Jenkins 4c22fa52c8 Merge "Support VMware DVS" 6 years ago
Jenkins e6a6024e98 Merge "Allow nova plugins install, add blazar plugin" 6 years ago
Eduardo Gonzalez 8080531823 Add opendaylight install fix
Opendaylight package fails to install with existing
odl user.
This change adds a macro to fix the package install. Similar
to haproxy install fix.

Change-Id: Ie646769fe12b8f3f4c758b678b23c2d98c2e8027
Closes-Bug: #1700502
6 years ago
Jenkins 08cfb7d9fa Merge "Fix jenkins link in running-tests" 6 years ago
Martin André e313c89621 Introduce merge and preserve_properties for config_files
The `merge` option will basically copy all the files recursively inside
the container without removing the existing files or directory, while
the `preserve_properties` option keeps the file attributes
(permissions, ownership, timestamps) in the container.

This is useful if you have extracted some config files from a container
and want to use them in another container based on the same image.

This makes TripleO usage of Kolla much more robust.

Change-Id: I78dcec741a941dc21adba33ba33a6dc6ff1d217c
6 years ago