Ansible playbooks for deploying OpenStack.
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OpenStack-Ansible is an official OpenStack project which aims to deploy production environments from source in a way that makes it scalable while also being simple to operate, upgrade, and grow.

For an overview of the mission, repositories and related Wiki home page, please see the formal Home Page for the project.

For those looking to test OpenStack-Ansible using an All-In-One (AIO) build, please see the Quick Start guide.

For more detailed Installation and Operator documentation, please see the Deployment Guide.

If OpenStack-Ansible is missing something you'd like to see included, then we encourage you to see the Developer Documentation for more details on how you can get involved.

Developers wishing to work on the OpenStack-Ansible project should always base their work on the latest code, available from the master GIT repository at Source.

If you have some questions, or would like some assistance with achieving your goals, then please feel free to reach out to us on the OpenStack Mailing Lists (particularly openstack-discuss) or on IRC in #openstack-ansible on the OFTC network.

OpenStack-Ansible Roles

OpenStack-Ansible offers separate role repositories for each individual role that OpenStack-Ansible supports. For individual role configuration options, see the Role Documentation.

An individual role's source code can be found at:<ROLENAME>.