Role os_keystone for OpenStack-Ansible
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Dmitriy Rabotjagov e2bda32b23 Use oslo_cache.memcache_pool as cache backend 2 weeks ago
.. Address ansible_ssh_* var deprecation 2 years ago Correct fernet token sync race condition 2 months ago
keystone-httpd-mpm.conf.j2 Add support to tune the keystone apache MPM settings 3 years ago
keystone-httpd.conf.j2 Drop Admin API from Keystone 7 months ago
keystone-ports.conf.j2 Allow Apache ports to be specified per VHost 2 years ago
keystone-uwsgi.ini.j2 Add support for using distribution packages for OpenStack services 11 months ago
keystone.conf.j2 Use oslo_cache.memcache_pool as cache backend 2 weeks ago
keystone.domain.conf.j2 Implement multi-domain LDAP configuration for Keystone 3 years ago
keystone_nginx.conf.j2 Add systemd journal logging to the service config 9 months ago
shibboleth-attribute-map.xml.j2 Keystone Federation Service Provider Configuration 3 years ago
shibboleth2.xml.j2 Add memcache setup to shibboleth2.xml 1 year ago