Switch sphinx language to en

With sphinx release of 5.0.0, they changed default for language variable
to 'en' from None. With that current None valuable is not valid and should
not be used.

Change-Id: If3d84c85f5b439989c2fc7dec0b51068c6fe505a
Dmitriy Rabotyagov 2022-05-30 16:01:47 +02:00
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commit 18f2c885da
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@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ openstackdocs_bug_tag = ''
# This is also used if you do content translation via gettext catalogs.
# Usually you set "language" from the command line for these cases.
language = None
language = 'en'
# There are two options for replacing |today|: either, you set today to some
# non-false value, then it is used: