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Danylo Vodopianov cff125c791 Comment to the trait was added
Nova spec:

Change-Id: I9490d3a91c027c78f0d03fccd6bd16472c0b5c4c
3 weeks ago
.. Add 'COMPUTE_SHARE_LOCAL_FS' 4 months ago Adds Pick guest CPU architecture based on host arch in libvirt driver support 1 year ago add new trait for config drive regeneration 9 months ago Add COMPUTE_EPHEMERAL_ENCRYPTION tratis 2 years ago Add 'COMPUTE_FIRMWARE_UEFI', 'COMPUTE_FIRMWARE_BIOS' 2 years ago Add a trait for the "bochs" display device 2 years ago Add 'TYPE_PLOOP' image type. 4 years ago Followup: spec ref for auto-converge/post-copy 4 years ago Comment to the trait was added 3 weeks ago Add a trait for UEFI Secure Boot support 2 years ago Add COMPUTE_STATUS_DISABLED trait 4 years ago Add 'COMPUTE_STORAGE_VIRTIO_FS', 'COMPUTE_MEM_BACKING_FILE' 11 months ago Add traits for vIOMMU 10 months ago Add compute capabilities traits 5 years ago