Also calculate external subnets when check cidr whether in use

The external network be shared by all tenant. When it associated
to a tenant router the cidr of it's subnets cannot overlap with
tenant subnets', otherwise it will lead to bug #1903433. The related
fix patch:

So, in tempest, the external subnets need was considered when check
cidr whether in use.

Related-Bug: #1903433
Change-Id: Ief84251adb0368533570d9e9f6630de92e27c5c3
yangjianfeng 2 years ago
parent 5364a9a789
commit 4ad346e649

@ -1067,12 +1067,19 @@ class NetworkScenarioTest(ScenarioTest):
def cidr_in_use(cidr, project_id):
"""Check cidr existence
:returns: True if subnet with cidr already exist in tenant
False else
:returns: True if subnet with cidr already exist in tenant or
external False else
cidr_in_use = self.os_admin.subnets_client.list_subnets(
tenant_subnets = self.os_admin.subnets_client.list_subnets(
project_id=project_id, cidr=cidr)['subnets']
return len(cidr_in_use) != 0
external_nets = self.os_admin.networks_client.list_networks(
**{"router:external": True})['networks']
external_subnets = []
for ext_net in external_nets:
network_id=ext_net['id'], cidr=cidr)['subnets'])
return len(tenant_subnets + external_subnets) != 0
ip_version = kwargs.pop('ip_version', 4)