Added apis to scenario manager

Tempest plugins do use associate_floating_ip() and
disassociate_floating_ip() api but scenario-
manager doesn't implement it.
The plugins using these apis are manila-tempest-
plugin, tap, vmware-nsx and neutron-tempest-plugin.
Hence, added it to the scenario manager

Implements: blueprint tempest-scenario-manager-stable
Signed-off by: Soniya Vyas<>
Change-Id: I41792bdc3478f5f290a6b3b7172ef3f6b4c62c19
Soniya Vyas 3 years ago
parent 60429ddd04
commit ed66447aae

@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
- |
Added associate_floating_ip() and dissociate_floating_ip() methods
to the scenario manager.

@ -1137,6 +1137,32 @@ class NetworkScenarioTest(ScenarioTest):
return floating_ip
def associate_floating_ip(self, floating_ip, server):
"""Associate floating ip
This wrapper utility attaches the floating_ip for
the respective port_id of server
port_id, _ = self._get_server_port_id_and_ip4(server)
kwargs = dict(port_id=port_id)
floating_ip = self.floating_ips_client.update_floatingip(
floating_ip['id'], **kwargs)['floatingip']
self.assertEqual(port_id, floating_ip['port_id'])
return floating_ip
def disassociate_floating_ip(self, floating_ip):
"""Disassociates floating ip
This wrapper utility disassociates given floating ip.
:param floating_ip: a dict which is a return value of
floating_ips_client.create_floatingip method
kwargs = dict(port_id=None)
floating_ip = self.floating_ips_client.update_floatingip(
floating_ip['id'], **kwargs)['floatingip']
return floating_ip
def check_floating_ip_status(self, floating_ip, status):
"""Verifies floatingip reaches the given status