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Exporting Deployment Plans
Exporting a deployment plan enables you to quickly retrieve the contents of an
existing deployment plan. A deployment plan consists of the heat templates and
the environment files used to deploy an overcloud, as well as the
`plan-environment.yaml`_ file which holds the plan metadata. Exporting a plan
can be useful if you want to use an existing plan as a starting point for
further customizations (instead of starting from scratch with a fresh copy of
Exporting a plan using the CLI
To export a plan using the CLI, use the following command::
$ openstack overcloud plan export <plan_name>
$ openstack overcloud plan export overcloud
will export the default plan called ``overcloud``. By default, a tarball named
``overcloud.tar.gz`` containing the plan files will be created in the current
directory. If you would like to use a custom file name, you can specify it
using the ``--output-file`` option.
Exporting a plan using the UI
To export a plan using the UI, navigate to the ``Plans`` page using the
``All Plans`` link from the ``Plans`` tab. Then open the kebab menu of the
plan you want to export and click the ``Export`` link. This will trigger the
plan export workflow and after the plan export completes you will be presented
with a link to download the plan tarball.
.. _`plan-environment.yaml`:
.. _`tripleo-heat-templates`: