72 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Dan Voiculeasa 4df485a754 debian: Fix fm bootstrap 4 months ago
Joao Victor Portal 7fd26e0d15 Fault Management API request audit logging 6 months ago
Iago Rodriguez Regiani 3074e4e4c7 Revert "Fix failing FM services on Debian" 6 months ago
Iago Regiani 1bb9c1542c Fix failing FM services on Debian 6 months ago
Thiago Brito e0fba90bdf Setting PYTHON3=no for LOCI images 7 months ago
Bernardo Decco 8b64e53985 Re-enable important py3k checks for fault 9 months ago
Tracey Bogue 3c943a5a78 Add Debian packaging for fm-mgr and fm-rest-api 10 months ago
Charles Short 7b127659e5 Add debian package infra for fm-api 11 months ago
Charles Short 68f1b97a7f py3: Add support for python 3.9 12 months ago
Pablo Bovina 51ba594bf8 Handle cgts-client calls for non-admin users 12 months ago
Dan Voiculeasa 6ad32bbfd0 Fix fm alarm-list and fm alarm-summary 1 year ago
Charles Short c9857c8cf4 python3: Fix python3 compatibility issues 1 year ago
Dan Voiculeasa 9d9ea1ed24 Fix fm-api service startup 1 year ago
Charles Short 6f4cb036f3 py3: Check for running python3 process 1 year ago
Pablo Bovina e8d00192c5 Removing system uuid from alarms summary 1 year ago
albailey 90d9eb4161 Attempt to fix zuul jobs from timing out 1 year ago
albailey 42a9cfa882 Use newer flake8 on python3.8 zuul systems 2 years ago
Yuxing Jiang 454aa61326 Modify access privilege and ownership of fm config 2 years ago
Teresa Ho 679475b06f Add auto-versioning to starlingx/fault packages 2 years ago
Gerry Kopec b70b9b5220 Fix stestr version so py27 tox can pass 2 years ago
SidneyAn 8fcd1cbe03 add test case for migration sync and version 2 years ago
SidneyAn 170d4fefb7 Add test case to create alarm into database 2 years ago
SidneyAn d73ba87457 add test framework for rest api tests 2 years ago
albailey b1dfa14f0b Fix py27 and py35 zuul jobs failing to setup 2 years ago
albailey f63603e966 Adding a tox coverage target for fm-rest-api. 3 years ago
chenyan 1b555beaa8 Remove fm.common.utils.generate_uuid. 3 years ago
chenyan 79a90ab979 Remove fm/common/timeutils. 3 years ago
chenyan 2f37da8e8e Add unit test case for fm-rest-api/fm/fm/common/utils.py 3 years ago
chenyan 385f274a8f Create test framework for python with stestr. 3 years ago
Erich Cordoba d235681165 Add missing Requires to fault components for opensuse 3 years ago
Erich Cordoba 4e6ed39d61 Adding %fdupes macro to python-fmclient and fm-rest-api in opensuse 3 years ago
Erich Cordoba 61d9addb2c Delete _service files from git. 3 years ago
Erich Cordoba 6da9811491 Set version to 1.0.0 in opensuse specfiles 3 years ago
Erich Cordoba c9755220c3 Adding rpmlintrc files for opensuse building 3 years ago
Erich Cordoba 6f0ec9c4fc Change %autosetup for opensuse specfiles 3 years ago
Erich Cordoba 79b32861f0 Change tarball extension from xz to gz in opensuse specfiles. 3 years ago
Saul Wold 91af45019b Tox: add tox job and requirements to improve specfiles 3 years ago
Saul Wold 59aa18cf57 Add openSUSE spec files 3 years ago
Saul Wold 04e2c32864 fm-rest-api: Fix LICENSE Permissions 3 years ago
Saul Wold 85f6ec6ea3 fault: Clean-up /usr/bin/env instances 3 years ago
Marcela Rosales 8e6f88198f Use StarlingX mail list as Package Maintainer for Debian 3 years ago
Eric Barrett 8142803bfd Enable Python3 Compatibility 3 years ago
Marcela Rosales 8520ae7d80 Add files for fm-rest-api deb packaging 3 years ago
Mario Alfredo Carrillo Arevalo 1e2d8dc04c Add PUT/POST methods to FM restful API 3 years ago
Sun Austin e10ef72a8e for module boolean item, change fields to bool_to_none 3 years ago
VictorRodriguez 81eea299f5 Fix fm-rest-api.spec missing buildreq 3 years ago
Sun Austin 53ddc3285a add migrate.cfg to wheel package to install image 3 years ago
Mario Alfredo Carrillo Arevalo 865db5aec6 Add PyMySQL to fm-rest-api docker image 3 years ago
Don Penney 313b56d479 Remove pike/master files 3 years ago
Dean Troyer d07d41fee3 [DevStack] WSME doesn't always get installed, force it 3 years ago