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StarlingX Manifest


The StarlingX source code can be downloaded from the default manifest XML file, by using the git-repo tool1, with the following commands:

export MANIFEST_URL=""
export MANIFEST_BRANCH="master"
export MANIFEST="default.xml"
repo sync

StarlingX Build Environment

The StarlingX Build Environment2 is a set of containers designed to run in a Kubernetes environment.

As an alternative, a Vagrant-based StarlingX Build Environment is available in the starlingx/tis-repo3.

Layered Build

Build layering4 is a feature to accelerate development within StarlingX. It optimizes the build of a small set of most-used top level packages, while avoiding rebuild of a large amount of infrequently used packages.

The packages are partitioned into the following layers, according to the corresponding manifests:

  • compiler: Low level build tools: compilers, scripts, and packaging tools;
  • distro: Linux and third party packages, e.g. ceph, openstack;
  • flock: Basic StarlingX packages. These are the most used ones.

Reserved Manifests

The following manifests are reserved:

  • common: packages always included in the build, regardless of layer;
  • containers: packages to build containers;
  • default: used as a means to download the StarlingX source code.

Developer Notes

When updating XML files, please remember to update the appropriate .gitignore file in otherwise the "repo status" command will show the new repo as an untracked change.

When updating the default.xml manifest, please also remember to update the appropriate layer manifest as well.