19 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michel Thebeau edc1c00f54 Add pull secret for registry.local 3 months ago
  Don Penney f9b9e04ca2 Remove empty package from python-k8sapp-portieris 3 months ago
  Don Penney cc884b442b Add auto-version for remaining stx/portieris-armada-app packages 4 months ago
  Joseph Richard b6305cf4f5 Set default replicaCount to 3 9 months ago
  Joseph Richard fa9574c146 Change prefix from stx to portieris. 9 months ago
  Joseph Richard 55afdb279e Rename psp chart to portieris-psp-rolebinding 9 months ago
  Joseph Richard b4f0cccebb remove portieris-helm req from stx-portieris-helm 9 months ago
  Joseph Richard 3dcc38ccd1 Fixup package version for portieris-armada-app 9 months ago
  Joseph Richard 5576c4c3f5 Use version-tagged portieris image 9 months ago
  Joseph Richard 0677d5def2 PSP support for portieris-armada-app 9 months ago
  Joseph Richard e645d3466b Change app name from stx-portieris to portieris 9 months ago
  Joseph Richard 5a89ba7242 Patch in fixes for blocking portieris issues 9 months ago
  Joseph Richard a6123ffebb Build portieris docker image 9 months ago
  Joseph Richard 16627d5707 Use cert-manager for portieris secret creation 10 months ago
  Joseph Richard ae64e0ff85 Include stx-portieris-helm rpm in image 9 months ago
  Jim Gauld c17f9ca662 Add support for Helm v3 11 months ago
  Joseph Richard b2f895c371 Initial portieris-armada-app deliverable 1 year ago
  Joseph Richard 4df307c480 portieris-armada-app repo setup 12 months ago
  OpenDev Project Creator b6f2024cc2 Added .gitreview 12 months ago