Juju Charm - Vault secrets managment
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David Ames 54d1ec3a33 Use bionic version of easyrsa and etcd 2 days ago
src Use bionic version of easyrsa and etcd 2 days ago
unit_tests Report when Vault service needs to be restarted for HA 2 months ago
.gitignore Add support for using a vip for access 3 years ago
.gitreview Switch .gitreview to point to openstack/charm-vault 2 years ago
.stestr.conf Add tox.ini for building and flake8 tests 3 years ago
.zuul.yaml Switch to Ussuri jobs 2 years ago
copyright add copyright, and some information about vault 4 years ago
osci.yaml Test bundles for focal-wallaby and hirsute-wallaby 2 months ago
rebuild Rebuild for picking up layer-basic#193 1 month ago
requirements.txt Updates to pin charm-tools to 2.8.3 4 months ago
test-requirements.txt Updates to flip all libraries back to master 1 month ago
tox.ini 21.04 libraries freeze for charms on master branch 2 months ago