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Ian Wienand 41aa936fa2
tox jobs: pin to correct nodesets; use host networking for containerfile
3 months ago
1.16.0-updates-bad91fc0b36c1755.yaml Add 1.16.0 releasenotes 7 years ago
1.17.0-ef744f36d277dba4.yaml Release notes for 1.17.0 7 years ago
1.18.0-4433d3076627f10d.yaml Release notes for 1.18 7 years ago
1.18.1-ceeb514708dcb731.yaml Add 1.18.1 releasenotes 7 years ago
Add-DIB-UBUNTU-KERNEL-5f75a809f3ce9bab.yaml Add DIB_UBUNTU_KERNEL to ubuntu-minimal 4 years ago
add-6b94d90caea2895e.yaml Add support for CentOS 8 Stream cloud image 3 years ago
add-aarch64-support-for-rhel-c62a0e02b1ad9033.yaml Add aarch64 support for rhel 2 years ago
add-centos-8-support-4fd28eb04e11ba43.yaml Add CentOS 8 support 3 years ago
add-efi-packages-70a19464d31ab8d7.yaml Add efi packages for ironic-agent 3 years ago
add-grub2-efi-x64-modules-for-centos-9-74401ca5ec8201c7.yaml Remove centos 9 and rhel 8 block in grub2 pkg-map 1 year ago
add-modprobe-element-8e3b0287ebb11920.yaml Add new modprobe element 5 years ago
add-openeuler-minimal-element-068dc7d9d94e5098.yaml Introduce openEuler distro 2 years ago
add-version-less-rhel-element-82fac7f2609e16d3.yaml Add version-less RHEL element for RHEL7 and RHEL8 4 years ago
apt-transport-https-e4856cb9e2f8422c.yaml Debuntu: add apt-transport-https 3 years ago
block-device-efi-lvm-c53272600ccd6d18.yaml Add element block-device-efi-lvm 2 years ago
block-device-handling-279cddba8a859718.yaml Add release notes for block device handling. 7 years ago
block-device-lvm-c3b8a214952b4db5.yaml LVM support for dib-block-device 6 years ago
block-device-mkfs-mount-fstab-42d7efe28fc2df04.yaml Refactor: block-device filesystem creation, mount and fstab 6 years ago
block-device-partitioning-237249e7ed2bad26.yaml Refactor: block-device handling (partitioning) 6 years ago
block-device-update-partition-table-eb4ff077f90dfb19.yaml Use kpartx option to update partition mappings 3 years ago
bootloader-commandline-d2db7524f1f9ad28.yaml Only append DIB_BOOTLOADER_DEFAULT_CMDLINE to default grub entry 5 years ago
bootloader-extlinux-cf5ca0a5c9ef4544.yaml bootloader: remove extlinux/syslinux path 2 years ago
bootloader-gpt-d1047f81f3a0631b.yaml GPT partitioning support 5 years ago
bump-ubuntu-release-42469e6868ee162b.yaml Bump Ubuntu release to focal 2 years ago
centos-minimal-8-aca6314862741177.yaml CentOS 8 minimal testing and support 4 years ago
centos-minimal-8-stream-97021a2c92463dde.yaml Add support for CentOS 8 Stream 3 years ago
centos-retired-f17ae9f6f03e57e3.yaml Remove centos and rhel elements 6 years ago
cloud-init-resizefs-growpart-e820b8c7f3adb78b.yaml Disable growpart in cloud-init-disable-resizefs 2 years ago
containerfile-host-networking-0691f3be5c6b11b6.yaml tox jobs: pin to correct nodesets; use host networking for containerfile 3 months ago
containerfile-root-extraction-430148dd669cb3da.yaml containerfile: fix tar extraction 1 year ago
create-945440b17d500bf5.yaml Prepare to drop Python 2 support 3 years ago
dash-p-after-install-58a87549c1c906c3.yaml Move do_extra_package_install to run in install phase 6 years ago
debian-minimal-confilicts-c139ab0c98e5762f.yaml Rename duplicating 10-debian-minimal.bash 3 years ago
debian-security-7279855cf464f88b.yaml Add security mirror override for debian-minimal 4 years ago
debian-security-b4f677a148fdf9c9.yaml Add security suite name override in debian-minimal 3 years ago
deprecate-ironic-agent-element.yaml Deprecates the existing "ironic-agent" element in DIB 3 years ago
dhcp-all-interfaces-add-opt-to-let-NetworkManager-handle-it-f7c7f2d033b7f92d.yaml dhcp-all-interfaces: opt let NetworkManager doit. 1 year ago
dhcp-all-interfaces-debian-issue-2ec7f1a5186f0b16.yaml Revert "Fallback to persistent netifs names with systemd" 11 months ago
dhcp-all-interfaces-networkmanager-b34f2fc8fb1a678f.yaml Handle NetworkManager for dhcp-all-interfaces 3 years ago
dhcp-vlan-interfaces-b34ab224b9431e3a.yaml Add support for vlan interfaces in 2 years ago
dib-distribution-mirror-8c241c0d3d4a539a.yaml Remove DIB_[DISTRO]_DISTRIBUTION_MIRROR 6 years ago
dib-init-system-5647bad17a01c602.yaml Introduce manual setting of DIB_INIT_SYSTEM 3 years ago
dib-init-system_fix_for_debian_jessie-c6f7261ee84dad27.yaml Fix dib-init-system for Debian Jessie and Debian Stretch 6 years ago
dib-python-deprecate-8401c35a87559076.yaml Deprecate dib-python; remove from in-tree elements 3 years ago
dib-run-parts-6f67d038aa5a4156.yaml Run dib-run-parts out of /tmp 6 years ago
dib-run-parts-e18cc3a6c2d66c24.yaml Don't provide dib-run-parts 6 years ago
dibv2-omnibus-b30e0c7ecd76db8d.yaml Add 2.0.0 release notes 6 years ago
doc-auto-element-dependency-cb7488c5bb7301a4.yaml Semi-automatic doc generation of element dependency 6 years ago
dpkg-copy-keys-578e16f7fedd823b.yaml Copy apt gpg keys directly into trusted.gpg.d 3 years ago
dracut-network-adaabf90da9f6866.yaml Remove dracut-network element 6 years ago
efi-bios-images-052283eabba98b90.yaml Makes EFI images bootable by bios 3 years ago
efi-bootloader-disk-size-4c1a9f18967104fb.yaml block-device-efi : expand disk size calculation 4 years ago
element-info-entry-point-448bf622be6061a0.yaml Move element-info to a standard entry-point 7 years ago
element-override-ccda78c24ab4a4ff.yaml Making element overriding explicit 7 years ago
element-vars-c6bf2e6795002f01.yaml Add IMAGE_ELEMENT_YAML and get_image_element_array 7 years ago
elrepo-element-85b32f6f496234d7.yaml added elrepo element 7 months ago
ensure-venv-d7c16a2a04fd3b8f.yaml Add ensure-venv element, install glean with it 3 years ago
fedora26-690b9fd9ac3c3d4f.yaml Bump fedora/fedora-minimal DIB_RELEASE 26 6 years ago
fedora32-9dfa4d9d4dcce1ff.yaml Fedora 32 support 3 years ago
fix-and-update-opensuse-15.3-c7fee120b51e3621.yaml Fix openSUSE images and bump them to 15.3 1 year ago
fix_rdisc6_loop-32a308a97de99f0f.yaml Break retry loop on success in dhcp-all-interfaces 3 years ago
gpt-esp-partition-size-200568cb6fcc8788.yaml Increase size of EFI system partition (again) 4 years ago
grub-timeout-1cdd14a2b1467d89.yaml Set grub timeout default 6 years ago
gzip-env-variable-94e61e0c043f4f1f.yaml Allow configurable gzip binary name 4 years ago
harden-sshd-config-3f84556136014f95.yaml openssh-server: harden sshd config 4 years ago
i386-removed-13fc770dc88e81dc.yaml Futher bootloader cleanups 1 year ago
image-size-padding-24f88d1c4a215221.yaml Support defining the free space in the image 4 years ago
image-size-padding-mb-574104d40fdd2345.yaml Use megabyte granularity for image extra space 4 years ago
improve-ubuntu-minimal-docs-b4c20a37a4daea2f.yaml General improvements to the ubuntu-minimal docs 1 year ago
incorrect-grub-label-5d2000215c0cc73e.yaml Set default label for XFS disks 5 years ago
init-ibft-interfaces-9458d97dfcecc3ae.yaml Add an element to configure iBFT network interfaces 4 years ago
jammy-lvm-addition-53165b39e144544d.yaml changed release check logic in lvm element 7 months ago
journal-console-752b46542ec5595e.yaml journal-to-console: element to send systemd journal to console 4 years ago
logfile-quiet-b18f2de4059eecfd.yaml Turn on quiet mode when logfile specified 4 years ago
lvm-size-unit-c6b790b87d15c53d.yaml Parse block device lvm lvs size attributes 9 months ago
move_tidy_logs_to_main-a8c03427fe1a445c.yaml Unify tidy up logs in lib/img-functions 6 years ago
no-ironic-agent-689e58268e1bf44f.yaml Remove the deprecated ironic-agent element 2 years ago
openssh-server-0f6d065748a2fc18.yaml elements: Add new openssh-server element 6 years ago
opensuse-150-default-c047033b850d41ec.yaml Update test coverage for openSUSE/-minimal to 15.0 4 years ago
opensuse-151-default-67ccfffbc134704d.yaml Update test coverage for openSUSE/-minimal to 15.1 4 years ago
opensuse-423-default-3bc73fff69374cd0.yaml Switch openSUSE to 42.3 by default 6 years ago
opensuse-minimal-45267f5be1112c22.yaml Add opensuse-minimal element 7 years ago
package-install-arch-38bb5a6e61794fa5.yaml package-installs: add list to arch and "not-arch" list 7 years ago
package-installs-when-list-cfc00032271bae75.yaml package-installs: allow when filter to be a list 3 years ago
package-outside-debootstrap-ac93e9ce991819f1.yaml delete the duplicate words in package-outside-debootstrap-ac93e9ce991819f1.yaml 4 years ago
persistent-netifs-fallback-1b861e037dd8a27c.yaml Fallback to persistent netifs names with systemd 1 year ago
pip-and-virtualenv-args-5d3f2512edd7f3a3.yaml pip-and-virtualenv : deprecate source for CentOS 8, new variables 4 years ago
pip-and-virtualenv-platform-removal-52e0d6a22829a3b2.yaml pip-and-virtualenv: drop f31 & tumbleweed, rework suse 15 install 3 years ago
post-root-stage-51da051bcdfbc55f.yaml Add a post-root.d phase 4 years ago
pre-finalise-stage-574ae7886274bcba.yaml Add a pre-finalise.d phase 4 years ago
python-venv-d5b04fcf57e460bf.yaml pip-and-virtualenv: include python3-venv for Debuntu 3 years ago
remove-dib-utils-37f70dfad54900a0.yaml Move dib-run-parts into diskimage-builder 6 years ago
remove-solicit-delay-57a035b91922522a.yaml Remove RA solicit delay 3 years ago
repo-package-20fe407795bffd01.yaml Add DIB_YUM_REPO_PACKAGE as an alternative to DIB_YUM_REPO_CONF 2 years ago
rhel-module-selection-e9f6f06ece1fb829.yaml rhel-common: Provide method to select module streams 3 years ago
rhel-registration-4d4fe741321e9345.yaml Move centos python3 installation after RHEL subscription 3 years ago
rhel7-element-deprecation-b0c1b57be8cd06ac.yaml Deprecate rhel7 in favor of rhel 4 years ago
root-journal-size-618e064d6681699a.yaml Allow specification of filesystem journal size 4 years ago
runtime-ssh-host-keys-7a2fc873cc90d33e.yaml Create runtime-ssh-host-keys element 7 years ago
selinux-permissive-pre-install-ce19461ef17ec972.yaml move selinux-permissive configure to pre-install phase 4 years ago
simple-init-nm-5d19e249c0a4560b.yaml simple-init: default to NetworkManager for CentOS and Fedora 4 years ago
simple-init-nm-delay-f579e05467785219.yaml simple-init: add configurable RA timeout with network-manager 4 years ago
simple-init-nm-f0896124dee92a03.yaml simple-init: allow for NetworkManager support 4 years ago
skip-packages-env-c97e7b4820f9bfda.yaml package-installs: provide for skip from env var 4 years ago
specify-bootstrap-packages-via-env-22f5c6982c09f16a.yaml Permit specification of extra bootstrap packages 2 years ago
squashfs-output-91c1f0dc37474d3c.yaml Add squashfs output image format 6 years ago
start-using-reno-446b3d52a467a273.yaml Add releasenotes 7 years ago
sysfs-ro-b127a6df2d78e57c.yaml Mount /sys RO 2 years ago
sysprep-f3fd036bc1d2c405.yaml Clear /etc/machine-id to avoid duplicate machine-ids 6 years ago
sysprep-fixes-8890b968a8fa7ac1.yaml Ensure machine-id is not included in images 4 years ago
thin-provision-c57db8003acec386.yaml Support LVM thin provisioning 7 months ago
timestamp-43015aa5434e8ddb.yaml Add timestamp output filter 6 years ago
trusty-testing-removal-51160ee59c5477d8.yaml Remove Trusty testing 3 years ago
ubuntu-arbitrary-images-c796f5c6dbd40679.yaml Added release notes for Change 568697 5 years ago
ubuntu-focal-0f54ed4543247b7e.yaml ubuntu-minimal: Add Ubuntu Focal test build 3 years ago
upgrade-pip-before-c-d2443847f9d58c7a.yaml upgrade pip before using -c option 5 years ago
upgrade_openeuler_to_22.03-d67d9bb3c5c97749.yaml Upgrade openEuler to 22.03 LTS 8 months ago
virtualenv-activation-6de5738c9db8241d.yaml Remove virtualenv activation 3 years ago
yum-cache-removal-148c33012515e56e.yaml Remove yum chroot caching 6 years ago
yum-minimal-dnf-63305c349bcccdd4.yaml yum-minimal: use DNF tools on host 2 years ago
yum-minimal-firmware-194846961a6a1cb9.yaml Uninstall linux-firmware and linux-firmware-whence 4 years ago