OpenStack Technical Committee Decisions
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Zuul 6e53c1cce8 Merge "monasca-log-api & monasca-ceilometer does not make releases" 2 months ago
projects Clarify project addition process 4 years ago
pti Remove references to Python 2.7 in the PTI 2 years ago
runtimes Merge "Define Xena release testing runtime" 3 months ago
tags Add assert:supports-standalone 5 months ago
upstream-investment-opportunities Define 2021 upstream investment opportunities 4 months ago
OpenStack-name-in-external-services.rst Handling the OpenStack name in external services 1 year ago
base-services.rst Castellan-compatible key store is a base service 3 years ago
charter.rst Merge "Add election schedule exceptions in charter" 5 months ago
comparison-of-official-group-structures.rst Clarify impact on releases for SIGs 5 months ago
dropping-projects.rst Add more clarification on project retirement process 11 months ago
election-exceptions.rst Add exception for Sept 2020 term election 8 months ago
house-rules.rst Merge "Require PTL signoff for project-update changes" 12 months ago
incubation-integration-requirements.rst Note that the old incubation/graduation process is obsolete 3 years ago
index.rst Add exception for Sept 2020 term election 8 months ago
irc.rst Establish a #openstack-tc water cooler channel 4 years ago
legacy.yaml Retire tempest-horizon 3 months ago
licensing.rst Remove tc:approved-release tag 8 months ago
members.yaml Propose Kendall Nelson for vice chair 6 months ago
new-language-requirements.rst Amend new-language reference document 4 years ago
new-projects-requirements.rst fix http links 2 years ago
opens.rst Reword open source definition in the Four Opens 3 years ago
popup-teams.rst Transfer Policy team co-lead role 1 year ago
principles.rst Add principles entry for peer review 3 years ago
project-testing-interface.rst Drop openSUSE from commonly tested distro list 4 months ago
projects.yaml Merge "monasca-log-api & monasca-ceilometer does not make releases" 2 months ago
release-naming.rst Add link to Xena announcement 4 months ago
role-of-the-tc.rst Fix some typos 1 year ago
service-project-naming.rst Use opendev for repository links 2 years ago
sigs-repos.yaml Merge "Migrate rpm-packaging to a SIG" 7 months ago
tag-template.rst Remove source license from generated doc output 2 years ago
tc-guide.rst TC Guide Follow Ups 11 months ago
tc-liaisons.rst s/liasons/liaisons/ 2 years ago
team-formats.png Update and simplify comparison of working groups 9 months ago
technical-committee-repos.yaml Reorder repos 1 year ago
technical-vision.rst Add a link for Zun technical vision reflection 2 years ago
user-committee-charter.rst Merging TC and UC into a single body 11 months ago
user-committee-repos.yaml Some repos were renamed, update reference files 2 years ago
working-groups.rst Officialize election organization working group 4 years ago