Utilities, assets and configurations used by I18n team
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I18n team now has official mascot - Parrot!
Logo files are needed to be managed by a repository
to make them useful for future usage such as incorporating
into translation platform dashboard (i.e., translate.o.o).

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Team and repository tags


OpenStack I18n

Internationalization (I18n) is essential to make OpenStack ubiquitous. The mission of OpenStack I18n team is to make OpenStack ubiquitously accessible to people of all language backgrounds, by enhancing OpenStack software internationalization, providing translation, maintaining a translation platform and managing translation process for better quality of outcomes.

About this repository

This repository maintains useful assets for the I18n team, including the contribution guide, the terminologies and so on.

Getting in touch

Mailing List

We use openstack-i18n@lists.openstack.org as the mailing list.


We all hang out on #openstack-i18n IRC channel on freenode.

Team Meeting

We have a bi-weekly meeting on Thursdays at alternating times.