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Test artifact publishing via AFS

I'm requesting this job be temporarily merged for testing publishing
artifacts to an AFS volume instead of pushing it to a static server.
This is part of the efforts to retire our server
and serve files from our distributed storage [1].

Because the publishing steps happen in the post phase using a secret
value in project-config to get the kerberos ticket for writing to AFS,
we have to commit changes to really test them.

This repository is a good user of the artifact upload process and a
good target for testing the changes on just one repository.

This adds a job ironic-python-agent-build-image-tinyipa-publish-to-afs
which is ultimately parented to the new
publish-openstack-artifacts-with-afs from project-config.  The only
difference is that this will upload the output to AFS, where I will
check that everything copied as expected.  We can then revert this.

Ultimately we will change the publish-openstack-artifacts job in
project-config -- this will be transparent to end-users such as this
repository as we will be switching to use this
at the same time.


Change-Id: Ib2ae8c2d9f59695ce7af5414f73e1f4bcc7ae462
Ian Wienand 2 months ago
1 changed files with 24 additions and 0 deletions
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.zuul.yaml View File

@@ -112,6 +112,29 @@
image_type: 'dib'
image_distro: 'ubuntu'

# NOTE(ianw) 2020-01-31 : this is just for infra testing uploading
# artifacts to AFS instead of a static partition.
- job:
name: ironic-python-agent-build-image-base-publish-to-afs
parent: publish-openstack-artifacts-with-afs
pre-run: playbooks/ironic-python-agent-build-image/pre.yaml
run: playbooks/ironic-python-agent-build-image/run.yaml
post-run: playbooks/ironic-python-agent-build-image/post.yaml
timeout: 1800
- openstack/requirements
- openstack/ironic-python-agent
- openstack/ironic-python-agent-builder
ipa_raw_dir: '{{ ansible_user_dir }}/src/'
ipa_tar_dir: '{{ ansible_user_dir }}/src/'

- job:
name: ironic-python-agent-build-image-tinyipa-publish-to-afs
parent: ironic-python-agent-build-image-base-publish-to-afs
image_type: 'tinyipa'

- project:
- publish-openstack-docs-pti
@@ -156,3 +179,4 @@
- publish-openstack-python-branch-tarball
- ironic-python-agent-build-image-tinyipa
- ironic-python-agent-build-image-dib-centos8
- ironic-python-agent-build-image-tinyipa-publish-to-afs