Ansible deployment of the Kolla containers
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The Kolla-Ansible is a deliverable project separated from Kolla project.

Kolla-Ansible deploys OpenStack services and infrastructure components in Docker containers.

Kolla's mission statement is:

To provide production-ready containers and deployment tools for operating
OpenStack clouds.

Kolla is highly opinionated out of the box, but allows for complete customization. This permits operators with little experience to deploy OpenStack quickly and as experience grows modify the OpenStack configuration to suit the operator's exact requirements.

Getting Started

Learn about Kolla-Ansible by reading the documentation online Kolla-Ansible.

Get started by reading the Developer Quickstart.

OpenStack services

Kolla-Ansible deploys containers for the following OpenStack projects:

Infrastructure components

Kolla-Ansible deploys containers for the following infrastructure components:


  • ansible - Contains Ansible playbooks to deploy OpenStack services and infrastructure components in Docker containers.
  • contrib - Contains demos scenarios for Heat, Magnum and Tacker and a development environment for Vagrant
  • doc - Contains documentation.
  • etc - Contains a reference etc directory structure which requires configuration of a small number of configuration variables to achieve a working All-in-One (AIO) deployment.
  • kolla_ansible - Contains password generation script.
  • releasenotes - Contains releasenote of all features added in Kolla-Ansible.
  • specs - Contains the Kolla-Ansible communities key arguments about architectural shifts in the code base.
  • tests - Contains functional testing tools.
  • tools - Contains tools for interacting with Kolla-Ansible.
  • zuul.d - Contains project gate job definitions.

Getting Involved

Need a feature? Find a bug? Let us know! Contributions are much appreciated and should follow the standard Gerrit workflow.

  • We communicate using the #openstack-kolla irc channel.
  • File bugs, blueprints, track releases, etc on Launchpad.
  • Attend weekly meetings.
  • Contribute code.


Check out who's contributing code and contributing reviews.


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