Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS) for OpenStack
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Adam Harwell 96a4482dff Fix py3 amphora-agent cert-rotation type bug 3 years ago
fix-listener-API-update-with-null Fix listener API handling of None/null updates 4 years ago
.placeholder Add reno for release notes management 7 years ago
3rd-party-neutron-backends-deployment-82691be2bc72a786.yaml devstack: Allow 3rd party neutron backends deployment 5 years ago
Add-Stein-Prelude-7d8290b803db8c56.yaml Add a prelude to the Stein release notes 4 years ago
Add-TLS-client-auth-CA-certificate-6863f64a2fe70a6f.yaml Add client_ca_tls_container_ref to listener API 4 years ago
Add-TLS-client-auth-CRL-d0722fd175bc2f51.yaml Add crl-file option for certification 4 years ago
Add-TLS-client-auth-header-insertion-039debc7e6f06474.yaml Add new ssl header into Listener for client certificate 4 years ago
Add-TLS-client-auth-option-15d868d1009fc130.yaml Add an option to the Octavia V2 listener API for client cert 4 years ago
Add-UDP-protocol-support-9c011a23525092a1.yaml Fix UDP release note for CentOS 4 years ago
Add-amphora-agent-config-update-API-298b31e6c0cd715c.yaml Add amphora agent configuration update admin API 4 years ago
Add-amphora-info-endpoint-e2e3b53ae5ab5a85.yaml Add admin endpoint for amphora info 5 years ago
Add-cached_zone-to-the-amphora-record-7c3231c2b5b96574.yaml Add cached_zone to the amphora record 5 years ago
Add-driver-agent-get-methods-b624a1342c3e6d0f.yaml Add get method support to the driver-agent 3 years ago
Add-log-offloading-233cd8612c0dd2b5.yaml Amphora logging 3 years ago
Add-pool-CA-and-CRL-bb467b17188ed022.yaml Add 2 new fields into Pool API for support re-encryption 4 years ago
Add-pool-tls-client-auth-01d3b8acfb78ab14.yaml Pool support sni cert for backend re-encryption 4 years ago
Add-pool-tls_enabled-f189677c0e13c447.yaml Add boolean tls_enabled option into Pool 4 years ago
Add-provider-agent-support-a735806c4da4c470.yaml Add long-running provider agent support 3 years ago
Adds-L7rule-support-for-TLS-client-authentication-22e3ae29aaf7fc26.yaml L7rule support client certificate cases 4 years ago
Allow-configuration-of-listener-timeout-values-9a7600c4e21364e3.yaml Expose timeout options 5 years ago
Allow-members-to-be-set-as-backup-e68e46bc52f2fc1f.yaml Allow members to be set as "backup" 5 years ago
Amphora-Failover-API-612090f761936254.yaml Amphora API Failover call 5 years ago
Change-HTTPS-HealthMonitor-functionality-79240ef13e65cd88.yaml SSL Health Monitors didn't actually ... check very much 5 years ago
Correct-naming-for-quota-resources-8e4309a839208cd1.yaml Correct naming for quota resources 4 years ago
Fix-API-update-null-None-1b400962017a3d56.yaml Fix flavor profile API handling of None updates 3 years ago
Fix-HM-DB-Rollback-no-connection-2664c4f7823ecaec.yaml only rollback DB when we have a connection to the DB 3 years ago
Fix-allocate_and_associate-deadlock-3ff1464421c1d464.yaml Fix allocate_and_associate DB deadlock 3 years ago
Fix-ifup-on-member-create-5b405d98eb036718.yaml Fix ifup failures on member interfaces with IPv6 4 years ago
Fix-plug-vip-revert-abandoned-vrrp-port-efff14edce62ad75.yaml Fix base (VRRP) port abandoned on revert 3 years ago
IPv6-support-953ef81ed8555fce.yaml Allow IPv6 VIPs 6 years ago
Octavia-flavors-2a96424c3d65c224.yaml Add flavor docs and releae notes 4 years ago
Octavia-lib-transition-driver-agent-aeefef114898b8f5.yaml Updates Octavia to support octavia-lib 4 years ago
Report-more-accurate-haproxy-statuses-7e995bb4c7cc0dd6.yaml Properly handle more states from HAProxy health messages 5 years ago
Set-retry-defaults-to-prod-values-f3cc10d16baa716a.yaml Set the default retries down to 120 4 years ago
Support-PKCS12-certificate-objects-1c6e896be9d35977.yaml Switch to using PKCS12 for TLS Term certs 5 years ago
UDP-listener-health-d8fdf64a32e022d4.yaml Update amphora-agent to report UDP listener health 4 years ago
Use-Ubuntu-virtual-kernel-for-Amphora-a1e8af8bc7893011.yaml Switch the default Ubuntu kernel to -virtual 3 years ago
add-ability-setting-barbican-acls-85f36747d4284035.yaml Automatically set Barbican ACLs 4 years ago
add-ability-to-disable-tls-terminated-listeners-965ec7c1a8a9f732.yaml Allow operators to disallow creation of TLS Termination listeners 5 years ago
add-amphora-flavor-field-54d42da0381ced7f.yaml Add compute_flavor field for amphora api 4 years ago
add-anti-affinity-policy-config-39df309fd12d443c.yaml Adds a new config for soft-anti-affinity 6 years ago
add-api-tag-filtering-8bfb3c3b7cfd6afe.yaml Update api-ref for tag filtering 4 years ago
add-batch-member-update-capability-4923bd266a9b2b80.yaml Allow PUT to /pools/<id>/members to batch update members 5 years ago
add-compute-flavor-capability-ab202697a7fbdc3d.yaml Add compute flavor support to the amphora driver 4 years ago
add-default-ciphers-2eb70b34290711be.yaml Add ability to set TLS cipher list for listeners 3 years ago
add-healthcheck-middleware-6c09150bddd3113f.yaml Add oslo middleware healthcheck to Octavia API 3 years ago
add-id-column-to-healthmonitor-a331934ad2cede87.yaml DB migration to add ID column to HM 6 years ago
add-jobboard-based-controller-599279c7cc172e955.yaml Jobboard based controller 3 years ago
add-lb-algorithm-source-ip-port-ff86433143e43136.yaml Add new algorithm SOURCE_IP_PORT 3 years ago
add-monitor-address-and-port-to-member-99fa2ee65e2b04b4.yaml Add monitor address and port to pool member 5 years ago
add-policy-json-support-38929bb1fb581a7a.yaml Add support for policy.json 6 years ago
add-protocol-validation-0f9129a045e372ce.yaml Add listener and pool protocol validation 3 years ago
add-ptvsd-debugger-33bb632bccf494bb.yaml Add support to the Python Visual Studio Debugger 4 years ago
add-quota-support-fe63a52b6b903789.yaml Add quota support to Octavia 6 years ago
add-rh-flavors-support-for-amphora-agent-cd3e9f9f519b9ff2.yaml Fix the amphora image support for RH Linux flavors 6 years ago
add-rhel-amphora-ab4a7bada2fa3eb7.yaml Add RHEL 8 amphora support 3 years ago
add-shared-pools-and-l7-ef9edf01bb9058e0.yaml Add release notes for L7 and shared pools 7 years ago
add-sos-element-5d6677471341e7f2.yaml Add sos element to Red Hat family images 5 years ago
add-support-for-centos-8-e0730de5d20a48be.yaml Add support for CentOS 8 amphora images 3 years ago
add-systemd-support-5794252f02bce666.yaml Adds support for systemd amphora images 6 years ago
add-upgrade-check-framework-cc440f3f440ba6d2.yaml Add framework for octavia-status upgrade check 4 years ago
add-vip-acl-4a7e20d167fe4a49.yaml Add VIP access control list 3 years ago
add-x-forwarded-proto-19a1d971cf43b795.yaml Adding support for the octavia listener X-Forwarded-Proto header insertion. 4 years ago
add_API_reference-81d84d0c8598b764.yaml Add v2 Quota API section 5 years ago
add_ability_to_disable_api_versions-253a8dc4253f0f56.yaml Allow operators to disable v1 or v2.0 api endpoints 5 years ago
add_api_audit-58dc16bff517eae7.yaml Add auditing support to the Octavia API 4 years ago
add_provider_driver_support-7523f130dd5025af.yaml Implement provider drivers - Cleanup 4 years ago
add_tag_support-4735534f4066b9af.yaml Add a prelude to the Stein release notes 4 years ago
admin-state-up-fix-4aa278eac67646ae.yaml Fix admin_state_up for loadbalancer and listener 6 years ago
allow-operators-to-disable-ping-healthchecks-42fd8c3b88edaf35.yaml Add config for disabling creation of PING type HMs 4 years ago
allow-vip-on-mgmt-net-d6c65d4ccb2a8f2c.yaml Allow to create vip in lb-mgmt-net 6 years ago
amp-agent-py3-cert-upload-binary-74e0ab35c5a85c68.yaml Fix py3 amphora-agent cert-rotation type bug 3 years ago
amp-az-1a0b4255c77fd1dc.yaml Update release notes for work done in Pike 5 years ago
api-create-project-id-4bb984b24d56de2e.yaml Fix Octavia v1 API project_id for POST 6 years ago
auth-strategy-keystone-80b3780a18420b6c.yaml Update release notes for work done in Pike 5 years ago
auto_detect_haproxy_user_group-c220b6a2c8f1d589.yaml Auto-detect haproxy user_group 6 years ago
availability-zone-api-a28ff5e00bdcc69a.yaml Availability Zone admin API 3 years ago
availability-zones-can-override-valid-vip-networks-5566aa4769c158dc.yaml Allow AZ to override valid_vip_networks config 3 years ago
bug-1797130-8c9bfa50d9b6c955.yaml Add a prelude to the Stein release notes 4 years ago
build-rate-limiting-a2d2d4c9333a8f46.yaml Update release notes for work done in Pike 5 years ago
cert-encrypted-ramfs-381ffe3d4a7392d7.yaml Terminated HTTPS certs and keys in encrypted ramfs 6 years ago
change-keystone-backend-config-d246b1e34015c86c.yaml Backend Keystone authentication 6 years ago
correct-amp-client-auth-vulnerability-6803f4bac2508e4c.yaml Fix urgent amphora two-way auth security bug 3 years ago
custom_eventstreamer_queue_url-7a98bd6a7e92e9de.yaml Amend the spelling error of a word 4 years ago
deleted-404-2cdd751e7afbe036.yaml Fix calls to "DELETED" items 5 years ago
deprecate-amp_ssh_key_name-e1041a64ed970a9e.yaml Add flag to disable SSHD on the amphora image 5 years ago
disable_logging-3b50f388ee2b8127.yaml Add a config to surpress amphora logging 4 years ago
diskimage-create-git-branch-9c44e7e3fa70a985.yaml Add diskimage-create arg for Octavia Git branch 3 years ago
documentation-migration-f72c6a1703a105b7.yaml switch documentation job to new PTI 4 years ago
drop-python-2-7-a6b3f456bf6a3da7.yaml Stop testing python 2 3 years ago
enable-keystone-on-api-b3ebb132ad5ab308.yaml Add keystone authentication of token 6 years ago
enable-mutable-configuration-1d7f62a133148767.yaml Enable oslo_config mutable configurations 4 years ago
encrypt-certs-and-keys-5175d7704d8df3ce.yaml Encrypt certs and keys 4 years ago
extend_api_to_accept_qos_policy_id-128ab592a735f3b8.yaml Extend api to accept qos_policy_id 5 years ago
failover-vip-no-dhcp-50805c5321ebbb05.yaml Update release notes for work done in Pike 5 years ago
fix-API-list-performance-3b121deffbc3ce4a.yaml Fix the API list performance regression 4 years ago
fix-IPv6-vip-079a3285f78686ee.yaml Fix VIP address DB storage size to support IPv6 4 years ago
fix-PING-health-monitor-bc38de57fa759ac0.yaml Fix health monitor type "PING" to use icmp ping 5 years ago
fix-SNI-single-process-879ffce5eaa6c1c3.yaml Fix listeners with SNI certificates 3 years ago
fix-active-standby-in-centos-4e47140e0e139de8.yaml Fix IPv6 in Active/Standby topology on CentOS 4 years ago
fix-certs-ramfs-race-561f355d13fc6d14.yaml Fix a potential race condition with certs-ramfs 3 years ago
fix-client-auth-single-process-749af7791454ff03.yaml Fix multi-listener LB client auth/re-encryption 3 years ago
fix-creating-fully-populated-load-balancer-ae57ffae5c017ac3.yaml Fix check redirect pool for creating a fully populated load balancer. 4 years ago
fix-driver-errors-81d33948288bf8cf.yaml Fix catching driver exceptions 3 years ago
fix-error-messages-ec817a66249e6666.yaml Improve user error messages for duplicate objects 5 years ago
fix-eth1-ip-flush-7fadda4bdca387b5.yaml Fix the amphora base port coming up 4 years ago
fix-health-check-db-outage-279b0bc1d0039312.yaml Make health checks resilient to DB outages 4 years ago
fix-house-keeping-shutdown-17b04417a2c4849f.yaml Fix house keeping graceful shutdown 3 years ago
fix-housekeeping-db-performance-b0d0fcfcce696314.yaml Fix performance of housekeeping DB clean up 4 years ago
fix-invalid-attribute-for-filtering-d2ddb95a1acbded2.yaml Fix invalid query selector with list_ports 4 years ago
fix-lb-error-failover-2c17afaa20c0c97f.yaml Fix LB failover when in ERROR 4 years ago
fix-lb-update-with-no-data-abefe7860b8fb4c7.yaml Fix load balancer update with provider filtered params 3 years ago
fix-loadbalancer-db-cleanup-61ee81a4fd597067.yaml Fix cleanup of expired load balancer entries 3 years ago
fix-multi-amp-down-failover-952618fb8d3d8ae6.yaml Fix failover when multiple amphora have failed 4 years ago
fix-no-resolvconf-rhel-dhclient-hook-36a1c3b1a3b03a3d.yaml Fix dhclient enter hook path on RHEL-based amps 3 years ago
fix-oslo-messaging-connection-leakage-aeb79474105ac116.yaml Fix oslo messaging connection leakage 4 years ago
fix-provider-capabilities-filtering-8bd12b2cf7b37a84.yaml Fix filtering for provider capabilities list API 3 years ago
fix-provider-driver-utils-b75485785dcd6462.yaml Fix provider driver utils 3 years ago
fix-redhat-amphora-images-interface-files-5ba1be40c65940d9.yaml Fix the interface filenames for Red Hat amphora images 3 years ago
fix-route-table-b2ec0aa7b92d2abc.yaml [amphora-agent] add local net to routing table 1 4 years ago
fix-spare-amphora-check-and-creation-3adf939b45610155.yaml Fix spare amphora check and creation 4 years ago
fix-support-for-monitoring-address-and-port-in-udp-members-ff83395544f228cf.yaml Add support for monitor_{address,port} in UDP members 3 years ago
fix-udp-members-status-ef3202849bfda29b.yaml Fixed pool and members status with UDP loadbalancers 3 years ago
fix-udp-server-status-bug-db4d3e38bcdf0554.yaml Fixed down server issue after reloading keepalived 3 years ago
fix-unlimited-connection-limit-48079688de033c1a.yaml Fixes unlimited listener connection limit 4 years ago
fix-vip-net-no-gw-b46c3ade1a748e69.yaml Update release notes for work done in Pike 5 years ago
fix-vip-network-ip-availability-2e924f32abf01052.yaml loadbalancer vip-network-id IP availability check 3 years ago
fix-vip-plug-centos-74c2fe7099964b08.yaml Fix VIP plugging on CentOS-based amphorae 4 years ago
fix-vip-qos-policy-extension-enabled-3e16e1c23a7d7ae5.yaml Fix setting of VIP QoS policy 4 years ago
fix-worker-graceful-shutdown-c44b6797637aa1b3.yaml Fix controller worker graceful shutdown 3 years ago
fix_active_standby_ipv6-0317d5cd9e5d50e5.yaml Fix IPv6 in Active/Standby topology 4 years ago
fixed-spare-amphora-rotation-007ba406411a313d.yaml Fix spare amphora failover 4 years ago
force-controlplane-amphora-communication-to-use-tls1.2-1c4adf72d2ce5a82.yaml Force amp-agent communication to TLSv1.2 3 years ago
glance-tags-for-amphora-images-28bd9df1ed4b9ca3.yaml Fix some typos 5 years ago
glance_image_owner-42c92a12f91a62a6.yaml Option to restrict amp glance image owner 6 years ago
haproxy-single-process-b17a3af3a97accea.yaml Fix multi-listener load balancers 3 years ago
input-validation-server_certs_key_passphrase-6a9dfc190c9deba8.yaml Validate server_certs_key_passphrase is 32 chars 3 years ago
keepalived-race-with-haproxy-e402ef7f466871f6.yaml Update release notes for work done in Pike 5 years ago
lb-delete-flow-refactor-cfb1bc621bbe92b4.yaml Refactors LB delete flow and removes listener delete 4 years ago
lb_flow_amp_vip-a83db5d84e17a26a.yaml Refactor the pluggin of the VIP 4 years ago
link-amphora-to-loadbalancer-earlier-ab3dddec48b8da96.yaml Update the lb_id on an amp earlier if we know it 3 years ago
load-balancer-expiry-age-a473f9147552f1b1.yaml Cleanup deleted load balancers in housekeeper's db_cleanup 6 years ago
make-amphora-cert-validity-configurable-7defc508b1174f89.yaml Make amphora cert validity time configurable 3 years ago
make-batch-member-call-additive-4785163e625fed1a.yaml Add `additive_only` parameter to Batch Member call 3 years ago
moving-api-config-variables-into-new-section-e1c20b77aaf5ea15.yaml Allow operators to disable v1 or v2.0 api endpoints 5 years ago
new-amphora-fields-fa3ffc5801b5e551.yaml Add image_id to amphora table 5 years ago
octavia-active-standby-cec5d2ad4fd214d8.yaml Adds release notes for Active/Standby 7 years ago
octavia-v2-api-c32a62b37c2c8f6f.yaml Update release notes for work done in Pike 5 years ago
octavia_v2_RBAC-0eb2b51aa6278435.yaml fix a typo in documentation 5 years ago
per-amphora-statistics-api-5479605c7f3adb12.yaml Add amphora statistics to the admin API 4 years ago
pike-release-35a1d632ce854d4a.yaml Update release notes for work done in Pike 5 years ago
pool-ciphers-73a347942e31788b.yaml Add ability to specify TLS cipher list for pools 3 years ago
provisioning_neutron_db_sync-c019d96a7b64fe20.yaml Option to enable provisioning status sync with neutron db 5 years ago
py3-hmac-digest-81696f6b176e7ae4.yaml Add release note for HMAC python3 fix 4 years ago
remove-bbq-unset-acl-e680020de6a9ad3d.yaml Fix the loss of access to barbican secrets 4 years ago
remove-deprecated-api-configs-3f5652f71610b05e.yaml Remove deprecated API settings 4 years ago
remove-deprecated-v1-resources-6360da3de27b74d3.yaml Remove v1 API and associated code 3 years ago
remove-duplicated-cert_generator-option-83d18647dc1d2954.yaml Fix a typo in the release notes 6 years ago
remove-tenant_id-c0352efbfb3a54f9.yaml project_id should remain in the response for v2 objects 6 years ago
remove_user_group_option-56ba749d0064a394.yaml Remove user_group option 4 years ago
render-disabled-members-to-make-statuses-consistent-69189f71da2e02e8.yaml Create disabled members in haproxy 4 years ago
reserved-ips-7ef3a63ab0b6b28a.yaml Allow blocking IPs from member addresses 4 years ago
same-port-listeners-41198368d470e821.yaml Allow listeners for different protocols on the same port 3 years ago
separate-thread-pool-for-health-stats-update-c263c844075a7721.yaml Fix a release note to call out a fix instead 4 years ago
service-type-73efc939e48d5858.yaml Update release notes for work done in Pike 5 years ago
statuses_alias-27559e3d74b9eaf0.yaml Add API alias for '/statuses' 5 years ago
stop-logging-amphora-cert-2e188675699d60d5.yaml Stop Logging Amphora Cert 4 years ago
support-az-on-lb-create-562dcf639bb272ea.yaml Support creating an LB in a specified AZ 3 years ago
support-http-health-check-with-host-header-e2cf1f2a98d4114f.yaml Support Host header inject for healthmonitor HTTP 1.1 health check 4 years ago
support-networks-without-dhcp-3458a063333ab7a8.yaml Fixes Octavia handling of subnets without DHCP 6 years ago
support-oslo_middleware-http_proxy_to_wsgi-928c6fc5ec3d421c.yaml Add support for oslo_middleware http_proxy_to_wsgi 3 years ago
support-pkcs7-intermediate-ca-bundles-279c12bad974bff7.yaml Add support for PKCS7 bundles and encrypted keys 6 years ago
support-proxy-protocol-cc5991175a110619.yaml Add new PROXY protocol to lbaas pool 6 years ago
support-redirect-http-code-1c2e87ef7fda12e97.yaml Support L7policy redirect http code 4 years ago
support-redirect-prefix-7f8b289aee04fe99.yaml Support REDIRECT_PREFIX action for L7Policy 4 years ago
support-remote-debugging-fcb52df4a59c1467.yaml Support remote debugging with PyDev 4 years ago
support-wsgi-deployment-56013fef7172e982.yaml Run Octavia API in a WSGI server 6 years ago
switch-taskflow-engine-parallel-8bf743eca15a0253.yaml Switch TaskFlow engine to parallel 3 years ago
use-dib-distribution-mirror-400d96c1a7df9862.yaml DIB: drop custom mirror elements 5 years ago
validate-same-ip-protocol-in-udp-lb-2813b545131097ec.yaml Prevent UDP LBs to use different IP protocol versions in amphora driver 3 years ago
vip-port-project-id-bbb26b657b08365e.yaml Adds the user's project id to the VIP port creation 5 years ago
volume-based-amphora-9a1899634f5244b0.yaml Support create amphora instance from volume based. 3 years ago
zombie_amp-1b435eb66643dab8.yaml Delete zombie amphorae when detected 4 years ago