A python client implementing the Ironic API.
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Python bindings for the Ironic API

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This is a client for the OpenStack Bare Metal API. It provides:

  • a Python API: the ironicclient module, and
  • a command-line interfaces: openstack baremetal

Development takes place via the usual OpenStack processes as outlined in the developer guide. The master repository is on opendev.org.

python-ironicclient is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, like the rest of OpenStack.


Project resources

Python API

Quick-start Example:

>>> from ironicclient import client
>>> kwargs = {'os_auth_token': '3bcc3d3a03f44e3d8377f9247b0ad155',
>>>           'ironic_url': 'http://ironic.example.org:6385/'}
>>> ironic = client.get_client(1, **kwargs)

openstack baremetal CLI

The openstack baremetal command line interface is available when the bare metal plugin (included in this package) is used with the OpenStackClient.

There are two ways to install the OpenStackClient (python-openstackclient) package:

  • along with this python-ironicclient package:

    # pip install python-ironicclient[cli]
  • directly:

    # pip install python-openstackclient

An example of creating a basic node with the ipmi driver:

$ openstack baremetal node create --driver ipmi

An example of creating a port on a node:

$ openstack baremetal port create --node <UUID> AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF

An example of updating driver properties for a node:

$ openstack baremetal node set --driver-info ipmi_address=<IPaddress> <UUID or name>

For more information about the openstack baremetal command and the subcommands available, run:

$ openstack help baremetal