Manage a pool of nodes for a distributed test infrastructure
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Clark Boylan 657e82eb19 Set python metadata in setup.cfg to >=3.8
This matches zuul and helps communicate the versions required and

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2022-05-06 13:48:58 -07:00
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Nodepool is a system for managing test node resources. It supports launching single-use test nodes from cloud providers as well as managing access to pre-defined pre-existing nodes. Nodepool is part of a suite of tools that form a comprehensive test system, including Zuul.

The latest documentation for Nodepool is published at:

The latest documentation for Zuul is published at:

Getting Help

There are two Zuul-related mailing lists:


A low-traffic announcement-only list to which every Zuul operator or power-user should subscribe.


General discussion about Zuul, including questions about how to use it, and future development.

You will also find Zuul developers in the #zuul channel on Freenode IRC.


To browse the latest code, see: To clone the latest code, use git clone

Bugs are handled at:!/project/zuul/nodepool

Code reviews are handled by gerrit at

After creating a Gerrit account, use git review to submit patches. Example:

# Do your commits
$ git review
# Enter your username if prompted

Join #zuul on Freenode to discuss development or usage.


Nodepool is free software, licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0.

Python Version Support

Nodepool requires Python 3. It does not support Python 2.