Shared filesystem management project for OpenStack.
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Zuul 2d62329abd Merge "service_instance: allow overriding the instance name" 8 months ago
.placeholder Add reno for release notes management 7 years ago
3par-add-update-access-68fc12ffc099f480.yaml 3PAR: Add update_access support 6 years ago
3par-fix-get_vfs-driver-bootup-db6b085eb6094f5f.yaml 3PAR driver fails to validate conf share server IPs 6 years ago
3par-pool-support-fb43b368214c9eda.yaml HPE 3PAR driver pool support 6 years ago
1741425-fix-service-image-retrieval-issue-bf7ae3e5aa9446e9.yaml Fix NFS/CIFS share creation failure issue 2 years ago
1841035-dellemc-unity-fix-ace-enable-error-b00281bb306d176b.yaml [Unity]: Failed to enabled ACE for share 2 years ago
1896949-netapp-fix-cifs-access-rules-promoted-replica-70b32991cc90e1ca.yaml [NetApp] Fix access rules for CIFS promoted replica 2 years ago
1900191-netapp-fix-ssl-cert-path-option-35354c9b7a9c37e6.yaml [NetApp] Fix hard-coded CA cert path for SSL 2 years ago
1900469-netapp-cache-pool-status-6dc7da824b9f41c1.yaml [NetApp] Implement cached status pool 1 year ago
1901189-netapp-fix-kerberos-setup-357753068a5645ad.yaml [NetApp] Fix kerberos security service issues 1 year ago
Huawei-driver-utilize-requests-lib-67f2c4e7ae0d2efa.yaml Utilize requests lib for Huawei storage connection 5 years ago
Use-http_proxy_to_wsgi-instead-of-ssl-middleware-df533a2c2d9c3a61.yaml Add reno notes about http_proxy_to_wsgi middleware 6 years ago
add-ability-to-check-tenant-quota-usages-7fs17djahy61nsd6.yaml Add the ability to check the tenant quota in detail 6 years ago
add-access-key-to-share-access-map-2fda4c06a750e24e.yaml add access_key to share_access_map 6 years ago
add-and-update-security-services-to-in-use-share-servers-on-container-driver-52193447c18e6d10.yaml Add security service update support to the container driver 1 year ago
add-cast-rules-to-readonly-field-62ead37b728db654.yaml Add cast_rules_to_readonly to share instances 6 years ago
add-cleanup-create-from-snap-hnas-0e0431f1fc861a4e.yaml Add cleanup to create from snap in Manila HNAS driver 6 years ago
add-count-info-in-share-21a6b36c0f4c87b9.yaml Add count info in /shares and /shares/detail response 5 years ago
add-create-share-from-snapshot-another-pool-or-backend-98d61fe753b85632.yaml Create share from snapshot in another pool or backend 2 years ago
add-create_share_from_snapshot_support-extra-spec-9b1c3ad6796dd07d.yaml Add create_share_from_snapshot_support extra spec 6 years ago
add-details-to-migration-get-progress-df8b3f2c524db1bd.yaml add additional driver data to migration get progress view 1 year ago
add-export-location-filter-92ead37b728db654.yaml Add export-location filter in share and share instance list API 5 years ago
add-export-locations-api-6fc6086c6a081faa.yaml Implement export location metadata feature 7 years ago
add-flashblade-driver-de20b758a8ce2640.yaml Add Pure Storage FlashBlade driver 1 year ago
add-gathering-usage-size-8454sd45deopb14e.yaml Add share usage size tracking 5 years ago
add-healthcheck-middleware-8f659afb7ee0451c.yaml Enable healthcheck middleware 1 year ago
add-hsp-default-filter-function-0af60a819faabfec.yaml Add missing filter function in HSP driver 6 years ago
add-ipv6-32d89161a9a1e0b4.yaml Enable IPv6 in manila(allow access) 5 years ago
add-is-default-e49727d276dd9bc3.yaml Retrieve is_default value to fix empty display in CLI 4 years ago
add-like-filter-4c1d6dc02f40d5a5.yaml Add like filter 5 years ago
add-manage-db-purge-b32a24ee045d8d45.yaml Add manila-manage db purge command 6 years ago
add-per-share-gigabytes-quotas-f495eb0b27378660.yaml Add config option to set per_share_size_limit. 1 year ago
add-perodic-task-7454sd45deopb13e.yaml Add periodic task to clean up expired reservation 5 years ago
add-policy-in-code-c31a24ee045d8d21.yaml Add policy documentation and sample file [10/10] 5 years ago
add-quotas-section-0e1e638a8f14d26e.yaml Migrate all quota parameters to [quota] section. 11 months ago
add-reserved-share-from-snapshot-percentage-2d913ae1fc533690.yaml Add config option reserved_share_from_snapshot_percentage. 10 months ago
add-sec-service-user-msg-10054933ff33e347.yaml Add exception for insufficient privileges when using security services 1 year ago
add-share-access-metadata-4fda2c06e750e83c.yaml Support metadata for access rule resource 4 years ago
add-share-group-quotas-4e426907eed4c000.yaml Add share groups and share group snapshots quotas 5 years ago
add-share-migration-support-in-zfsonlinux-driver-88e6da5692b50810.yaml [ZFSonLinux] Add test coverage for share migration 6 years ago
add-share-server-limits-fb25ea9f214534af.yaml Add share server limits 1 year ago
add-share-server-migration-51deb30212859277.yaml Add share server migration 2 years ago
add-share-server-migration-enhancements-bbbc98a7fb419700.yaml Share server migration enhancements 10 months ago
add-share-type-filter-to-pool-list-api-267614b4d93j12de.yaml Add share_type filter support to pool_list 6 years ago
add-share-type-quotas-33a6b36c0f4c88b1.yaml Add quotas per share type 5 years ago
add-snapshot-instances-admin-api-959a1121aa407629.yaml Add snapshot instances admin APIs 6 years ago
add-support-filter-search-for-share-type-fdbaaa9510cc59dd.yaml-5655800975cec5d4.yaml Support filter search for share type API 4 years ago
add-tegile-driver-1859114513edb13e.yaml Add share driver for Tegile IntelliFlash Arrays 6 years ago
add-tenant-quota-for-share-replicas-and-replicas-size-565ffca315afb6f0.yaml Add new quota for share replicas 2 years ago
add-two-new-fields-to-share-groups-api-bc576dddd58a3086.yaml [Share Groups] Add two new fields to SG API object 5 years ago
add-update-host-command-to-manila-manage-b32ad5017b564c9e.yaml Add command to update share instance hosts 4 years ago
add-update-security-service-for-in-use-share-networks-c60d82898c71eb4a.yaml Add security service update for in-use share networks 1 year ago
add-user-id-echo-8f42db469b27ff14.yaml Add user_id echo in manila show/create/manage API 6 years ago
add_gateway_into_db-1f3cd3f392ae81cf.yaml Add gateway in network_info and share network API 6 years ago
add_mtu_info_db-3c1d6dc02f40d5a6.yaml Add MTU information in DB and API 6 years ago
add_user_id_and_project_id_to_snapshot_APIs-157614b4b8d01e15.yaml Add user_id and project_id to snapshot APIs 6 years ago
added-possibility-to-run-manila-api-with-web-servers-that-support-wsgi-apps-cfffe0b789f8670a.yaml Add possibility to run 'manila-api' with wsgi web servers 5 years ago
admin-only-metadata-xena-issue-91690edef7bc13aa.yaml XENA release note regarding scheduler filters 9 months ago
affinity-filter-747d3d7c51157172.yaml Add Share Affinity/Anti-Affinity Scheduler Filters 10 months ago
allow_override_instance_name-b730d106a9c32c83.yaml service_instance: allow overriding the instance name 8 months ago
api-versions-mark-v1-deprecated-3540d39279fbd60e.yaml Fix a typo: replace microverison with microversion 5 years ago
blueprint-netapp-snapshot-visibility-4f090a20145fbf34.yaml [NetApp driver] Control snapshot folder visibility 4 years ago
bp-admin-network-hnas-9b714736e521101e.yaml Add Admin network support to HNAS driver 6 years ago
bp-create-share-from-snapshot-cephfs-080bd6c2ece74c5b.yaml Add create share from snapshot in CephFS 1 year ago
bp-export-locations-az-api-changes-c8aa1a3a5bc86312.yaml Separate APIs for share & replica export locations 4 years ago
bp-integrate-os-profiler-b637041861029175.yaml Integrate OSprofiler and Manila 1 year ago
bp-netapp-ontap-storage-based-cryptograpy-bb7e28896e2a2539.yaml NetApp cDOT: Add NVE support in Manila 4 years ago
bp-ocata-migration-improvements-c8c5675e266100da.yaml Add cast_rules_to_readonly to share instances 6 years ago
bp-remove-project-id-from-urls-9f338371b8ffa203.yaml Advertise v2 API routes without project_id 1 year ago
bp-share-type-supported-azs-2e12ed406f181b3b.yaml Allow configuring availability_zones in share types 3 years ago
bp-support-query-user-message-by-timestamp-c0a02b3b3e337e12.yaml Support query user message by timestamp 2 years ago
bp-update-cephfs-drivers-9ac5165f31669030.yaml Update cephfs drivers to use ceph-mgr client 1 year ago
bp-update-share-type-name-or-description-a39c5991b930932f.yaml Add update share-type API to Share Types 3 years ago
bug-172112-fix-drives-private-storage-update-deleted-entries-7516ba624da2dda7.yaml Fix drivers_private_data update on deleted entries 5 years ago
bug-192912-fix-filtering-shares-by-extra-specs-b79235301306bcf2.yaml Filter shares by share type "extra_specs" 1 year ago
bug-667744-fix-c64071e6e5a098f7.yaml Fix _list_view function for count 3 years ago
bug-1271568-fix-rpc-init-host-with-rpc-6e76afa553b4f2af.yaml init_host should be called before RPC consumer is created 1 year ago
bug-1578328-fix-replica-deletion-in-cDOT-7e4502fb50b69507.yaml NetApp cDOT: Avoid cleaning up 'invalid' mirrors 6 years ago
bug-1591357-fix-cannot-remove-user-rule-for-NFS-8e1130e2accabd56.yaml Cannot remove user rule for NFS share 4 years ago
bug-1597940-fix-hpe3par-delete-share-0daf75193f318c41.yaml HPE3PAR: Handle exceptions on deleted shares 6 years ago
bug-1602525-port_binding_mandatory-2aaba0fa72b82676.yaml Make port_binding_extension mandatory if host_id is specified 6 years ago
bug-1607029-fix-share-server-deletion-when-interfaces-dont-exist-4d00fe9dafadc252.yaml NetApp cDOT vserver deletion fails if no lifs present 6 years ago
bug-1613303-fix-config-generator-18b9f9be40d7eee6.yaml Fix sample config generation for cinder, nova and neutron opts 6 years ago
bug-1624526-netapp-cdot-filter-root-aggregates-c30ac5064d530b86.yaml NetApp cDOT driver should not report untenable pools 6 years ago
bug-1626249-reintroduce-per-share-instance-access-rule-state-7c08a91373b21557.yaml Refactor Access Rules APIs 6 years ago
bug-1626523-migration-rw-access-fix-7da3365c7b5b90a1.yaml Fix share writable in host-assisted migration 6 years ago
bug-1634278-unmount-orig-active-after-promote-8e24c099ddc1e564.yaml Unmount NetApp active share after replica promote 3 years ago
bug-1634734-fix-backend-extraspec-for-replication-d611d2227997ae3e.yaml Remove backend spec from share type while creating replica 3 years ago
bug-1638896-missing-migration-completing-state-1e4926ed56eb268c.yaml Fix missing 'migration_completing' task state 6 years ago
bug-1638994-drop-fake-cg-support-from-generic-driver-16efce98f94b1b6b.yaml Remove fake CG support from Generic share driver 6 years ago
bug-1639188-fix-extend-operation-of-shrinked-share-in-generic-driver-5c7f82faefaf26ea.yaml Fix extend operation of shrinked share in generic driver 6 years ago
bug-1639662-fix-share-service-VM-restart-problem-1110f9133cc294e8.yaml Fix share-service VM restart problem 4 years ago
bug-1640169-check-ceph-connection-on-setup-c92bde41ced43326.yaml Check ceph backend connection on driver setup 6 years ago
bug-1645746-fix-inheritance-of-access-rules-from-parent-share-by-zfsonlinux-child-shares-4f85908c8e9871ef.yaml [ZFSonLinux] Stop inheriting options creating share from snapshot 6 years ago
bug-1645751-fixed-shares-created-from-snapshots-for-lvm-and-generic-drivers-94a1161a9e0b5a85.yaml [LVM,Generic drivers] Fix relationships between parent and child shares 6 years ago
bug-1646603-netapp-broadcast-domains-411a626d38835177.yaml NetApp: set proper broadcast domain for IPspace 6 years ago
bug-1649782-fixed-incorrect-exportfs-exportfs.yaml Fix ``exportfs -u`` usage in generic driver. 6 years ago
bug-1650043-gpfs-access-bugs-8c10f26ff1f795f4.yaml GPFS CES: Fix bugs related to access rules not found 6 years ago
bug-1651578-gpfs-prepend-beb99f408cf20bb5.yaml GPFS KNFS: Do not reuse ssh prefix in loop 6 years ago
bug-1651587-deny-access-verify-563ef2f3f6b8c13b.yaml GPFS KNFS: Fix deny access to succeed when possible 6 years ago
bug-1654598-enforce-policy-checks-for-share-export-locations-a5cea1ec123b1469.yaml Enforce policy checks for share export locations 2 years ago
bug-1657033-fix-share-metadata-error-when-deleting-share.yaml Fix metadata's soft-delete error when deleting shares 6 years ago
bug-1658133-fix-lvm-revert-34a90e70c9aa7354.yaml Pass access rules to driver on snapshot revert 5 years ago
bug-1659023-netapp-cg-fix-56bb77b7bc61c3f5.yaml Re-enable broken CG code in NetApp driver 5 years ago
bug-1660319-1660336-migration-share-groups-e66a1478634947ad.yaml Blocked migration of shares within share groups 5 years ago
bug-1660321-fix-default-approach-for-share-group-snapshot-creation-3e843155c395e861.yaml Fix default approach for share group snapshot creation 5 years ago
bug-1660425-snapshot-access-in-error-bce279ee310060f5.yaml Fix error'ed access rules being sent to driver 5 years ago
bug-1660686-snapshot-export-locations-mount-not-supported-cdc2f5a3b57a9319.yaml Fix snapshot export locations incorrectly handled 5 years ago
bug-1660726-migration-export-locations-5670734670435015.yaml Fix multiple export locations during migration 5 years ago
bug-1661266-add-consistent-snapshot-support-attr-to-share-groups-DB-model-daa1d05129802796.yaml Add 'consistent_snapshot_support' attr to 'share_groups' DB model 5 years ago
bug-1661271-hnas-snapshot-readonly-4e50183100ed2b19.yaml HNAS: Fix syntax to make shares read-only in snapshot create 5 years ago
bug-1661381-migration-snapshot-export-locations-169786dcec386402.yaml Fix migration of mountable snapshots 5 years ago
bug-1662615-hnas-snapshot-concurrency-2147159ea6b086c5.yaml HNAS: Fix concurrency creating/deleting snapshots 5 years ago
bug-1663300-554e9c78ca2ba992.yaml Fix Windows SMB helper 5 years ago
bug-1664201-fix-share-replica-status-update-concurrency-in-replica-promotion-feature-63b15d96106c65da.yaml Update share replicas after promotion in proper order 5 years ago
bug-1665002-hnas-driver-version-f3a8f6bff3dbe054.yaml Update HNAS driver version history 5 years ago
bug-1665072-migration-success-fix-3da1e80fbab666de.yaml Fix migration_success before completing 5 years ago
bug-1666541-quobyte-resize-list-param-bc5b9c42bdc94c9f.yaml Send resize parameters in rpc as list in the Quobyte driver 5 years ago
bug-1667450-migration-stale-source-9c092fee267a7a0f.yaml Fix host-assisted migration stale source share 5 years ago
bug-1674908-allow-user-access-fix-495b3e42bdc985ec.yaml change user access name limit from 32 to 255 characters 5 years ago
bug-1678524-check-snaprestore-license-for-snapshot-revert-6d32afdc5d0b2b51.yaml Check NetApp SnapRestore license for pools 3 years ago
bug-1682795-share-access-list-api-5b1e86218959f796.yaml Change to share access list API 5 years ago
bug-1684032-6e4502fdceb693dr7.yaml Fix update share instance pool fail 5 years ago
bug-1688620-netapp-migration-cancelation-fb913131eb8eb82a.yaml [NetApp] Updating the release note for bugfix 1688620 2 years ago
bug-1690159-retry-backend-init-58486ea420feaf51.yaml Retry backend initialization 5 years ago
bug-1690785-fix-gpfs-path-91a354bc69bf6a47.yaml GPFS Path: Fix bugs related to initialization of GPFS Driver 5 years ago
bug-1694768-fix-netapp-cdot-revert-to-snapshot-5e1be65260454988.yaml NetApp ONTAP: Fix revert-to-snapshot 5 years ago
bug-1696000-netapp-fix-security-style-on-cifs-shares-cbdd557a27d11961.yaml NetApp cDOT: Fix security style for CIFS shares 5 years ago
bug-1696669-add-ou-to-security-service-06b69615bd417d40.yaml Add ou to security service 4 years ago
bug-1698250-netapp-cdot-fix-share-server-deletion-494ab3ad1c0a97c0.yaml NetApp cDOT: Fix share server deletion 5 years ago
bug-1698258-netapp-fix-tenant-network-gateways-85935582e89a72a0.yaml NetApp cDOT: Add gateway information to create static routes 5 years ago
bug-1699836-disallow-share-type-deletion-with-active-share-group-types-83809532d06ef0dd.yaml Prevent share type deletion if linked to group types 2 years ago
bug-1700346-new-exception-for-no-default-share-type-b1dd9bbe8c9cb3df.yaml Add exception for no default share type configured 5 years ago
bug-1700871-ontap-allow-extend-of-replicated-share-2c9709180d954308.yaml [NetApp] Allow extension/shrinking of NetApp replicated share 3 years ago
bug-1703581-cifs-extension-failing-because-of-volume-in-use-3fea31c4a58e2f1b.yaml CIFS extension failing because of volume in use 2 years ago
bug-1703660-fix-netapp-driver-preferred-state-0ce1a62961cded35.yaml NetApp: Define 'preferred' to False instead of none 5 years ago
bug-1704622-netapp-cdot-fix-share-specs-on-migration-bfbbebec26533652.yaml NetApp cDOT: Fix share specs on migration 5 years ago
bug-1704971-fix-name-description-filter-85935582e89a72a0.yaml Fix the exact filter can be filter by inexact value 5 years ago
bug-1705533-manage-api-error-message-fix-967b0d44c09b914a.yaml Fix error message in the manage API 5 years ago
bug-1706137-netapp-manila-set-valid-qos-during-migration-4405fff02bd6fa83.yaml [NetApp] cDOT to set valid QoS during migration 2 years ago
bug-1707066-deny-ipv6-access-in-error-bce379ee310060f6.yaml Fix cannot deny ipv6 access rules 5 years ago
bug-1707084-netapp-manila-driver-to-honour-std-extra-specs-d32fae4e9411b503.yaml [NetApp] Fix driver to honor standard extra specs 2 years ago
bug-1707943-make-lvm-revert-synchronous-0ef5baee3367fd27.yaml Fix multiple issues with revert to snapshot in LVM 5 years ago
bug-1707946-nfs-helper-0-netmask-224da94b82056f93.yaml Fix NFSHelper 0-length netmask bug 5 years ago
bug-1714691-decimal-separators-in-locales-392c0c794c49c1c2.yaml Fix issue with different decimal separators 5 years ago
bug-1716922-security-group-creation-failed-d46085d11370d918.yaml Fixed creation neutron api mapping for security groups 5 years ago
bug-1717135-ganesha-cleanup-of-tmp-config-files-66082b2384ace0a5.yaml ganesha: cleanup of tmp config files 5 years ago
bug-1717263-netapp-ontap-fix-size-for-share-from-snapshot-02385baa7e085f39.yaml NetApp ONTAP: Fix share size when creating from snapshot 5 years ago
bug-1717392-fix-downgrade-share-access-map-bbd5fe9cc7002f2d.yaml DB Migration: fix downgrade in 579c267fbb4d 4 years ago
bug-1721787-fix-getting-share-networks-and-security-services-error-7e5e7981fcbf2b53.yaml Fix getting share networks and security services error 5 years ago
bug-1730509-netapp-ipv6-hostname-39abc7f40d48c844.yaml Allow ZAPI over IPv6 5 years ago
bug-1733494-allow-user-group-name-with-blank-access-fix-665b3e42bdc985ac.yaml Fix allow the use of blank in user group name to access the share 4 years ago
bug-1734127-a239d022bef4a002.yaml Simplify the way drivers report support for ipv6 5 years ago
bug-1735832-43e9291ddd73286d.yaml Always disable root-squash 5 years ago
bug-1736370-qnap-fix-access-rule-override-1b79b70ae48ad9e6.yaml QNAP Manila driver: Access rule setting is override by the later rule setting. 5 years ago
bug-1745436-78c46f8a0c96cbca.yaml Fix Host-assisted Share Migration with IPv4+IPv6 4 years ago
bug-1745436-remove-data-node-access-ip-config-opt-709f330c57cdb0d5.yaml Remove support for ``data_node_access_ip`` 3 years ago
bug-1746202-fix-unicodeDecodeError-when-decode-API-input-4e4502fb50b69502.yaml Fix UnicodeDecodeError when decode API input 4 years ago
bug-1746723-8b89633062885f0b.yaml Fix LVM driver not handling IPv6 in recovery mode 4 years ago
bug-1747695-fixed-ip-version-in-neutron-bind-network-plugin-526958e2d83df072.yaml NeutronBindNetworkPlugin: fix multi segment neutron data save. 4 years ago
bug-1749184-eb06929e76a14fce.yaml Fix db migration for mariadb >= 10.2.8 4 years ago
bug-1750074-fix-rabbitmq-password-in-debug-mode-4e136ff86223c4ea.yaml Fix manila logging rabbitmq password in debug mode 4 years ago
bug-1765420-netapp-fix-delete-share-for-vsadmins-b5dc9e0224cb3ba2.yaml NetApp ONTAP: Fix delete-share for vsadmin users 4 years ago
bug-1767430-access-control-raise-ip-address-conflict-on-host-routes-0c298125fee4a640.yaml Fix access control for single host addresses 4 years ago
bug-1772026-nve-license-not-present-fix-e5d2e0d6c5df9227.yaml [NetApp driver] NVE License not present fix 4 years ago
bug-1772647-b98025c07553e35d.yaml Fix ensure_shares bugs 4 years ago
bug-1773761-qnap-fix-manage-share-size-override-a18acdf1a41909b0.yaml QNAP: driver changes share size when manage share 4 years ago
bug-1773929-a5cb52c8417ec5fc.yaml Adds export path option to Quobyte driver 4 years ago
bug-1774159-0afe3dbc39e3c6b0.yaml NetApp ONTAP: Fix use of multiple subnets with DHSS=True 4 years ago
bug-1774604-qb-driver-b7e717cbc71d6189.yaml Use volume_uuid in _resize_share of Quobyte Driver 4 years ago
bug-1777126-netapp-skip-route-setup-if-no-gateway-e841635dcd20fd12.yaml NetApp cDOT driver skip vserver route with no gateway 4 years ago
bug-1777551-security-networks-api-all-tenants-fix-a061274afe15180d.yaml Check all_tenants value in share_networks api 3 years ago
bug-1777551-security-services-api-all-tenants-fix-e820ec370d7df473.yaml Check all_tenants value in security_service api 3 years ago
bug-1783736-add-share-proto-filtering-to-the-capabilities-scheduler-d8391183335def9f.yaml Filter storage protocol in the scheduler 1 year ago
bug-1785129-fix-sighup-behavior-with-scheduler-8ee803ad0e543cce.yaml Fix mutable config in manila-scheduler 4 years ago
bug-1785180-zfsonlinux-retry-unmounting-during-manage-872cf46313c5a4ff.yaml [ZFSOnLinux] Retry unmounting old datasets during manage 4 years ago
bug-1794402-fix-share-stats-container-driver-b3cb1fa2987ad4b1.yaml [Container driver] Fix volume group data collection 4 years ago
bug-1795463-fix-pagination-slowness-8fcda3746aa13940.yaml Fix pagination does not speed up queries bug 3 years ago
bug-1798219-fix-snapshot-creation-lvm-and-generic-driver-55e349e02e7fa370.yaml [LVM] Run filesystem check before assigning UUID 4 years ago
bug-1801763-gate-public-share-creation-by-policy-a0ad84e4127a3fc3.yaml Add policy to create/update public shares 3 years ago
bug-1802424-add-user-message-when-shrinking-fails-83d0f60ead6f4a4b.yaml Add user message when share shrinking fails at the driver 2 years ago
bug-1804651-netapp-cdot-add-peferred-dc-to-cifs-ad-99072ce663762e83.yaml NetApp ONTAP: cifs add AD security service server as preferred DC 4 years ago
bug-1804656-netapp-cdot-add-port-ids-to-share-server-backend-424ca11a1eb44826.yaml NetApp cDOT store port IDs and addresses at share server backend details 4 years ago
bug-1804659-speed-up-pools-detail-18f539a96042099a.yaml speed up GET scheduler-stats/pools/detail 4 years ago
bug-1811680-destroy-quotas-usages-reservations-when-deleting-share-type-a18f2e00a65fe922.yaml Destroy type quotas when a share type is deleted 3 years ago
bug-1813054-remove-share-usage-size-audit-period-conf-opt-7331013d1cdb7b43.yaml Deprecate [DEFAULT]/share_usage_size_audit_period 3 years ago
bug-1815038-extend-remove_version_from_href-support-ea479daaaf5c5700.yaml Extend remove_version_from_href support 3 years ago
bug-1815532-supply-request-id-in-all-apis-74419bc1b1feea1e.yaml Return request-id to APIs that don't respond with a body 3 years ago
bug-1816420-validate-access-type-for-ganehas-c42ce6f859fa0c8c.yaml Only allow IP access type for CephFS NFS 3 years ago
bug-1818081-fix-inferred-script-name-in-case-of-proxy-urls-e33466af856708b4.yaml Remove the redunant table from windows' editor 3 years ago
bug-1822099-fix-multisegment-mtu.yaml-ac2e31c084d8bbb6.yaml NeutronBindNetworkPlugin: fix multi segment mtu 3 years ago
bug-1831092-netapp-fix-race-condition-524555133aaa6ca8.yaml [NetApp] Fix race condition issues on vserver deletion 3 years ago
bug-1845135-fix-Unity-cannot-use-mgmt-ipv6-9407710a3fc7f4aa.yaml [Unity] Add release note and tests for IPv6 fix 3 years ago
bug-1845147-powermax-read-only-policy-585c29c5ff020007.yaml PowerMax and VNX Manila - Read only policy is not working correctly 3 years ago
bug-1845147-vnx-read-only-policy-75b0f414ea5ef471.yaml PowerMax and VNX Manila - Read only policy is not working correctly 3 years ago
bug-1845452-unity--fix-fail-to-delete-cifs-share-c502a10ae306e506.yaml [Unity]: Failed to delete cifs share if wrong access set 2 years ago
bug-1846836-fix-share-network-update-unexpected-success-eba8f40db392c467.yaml Fix share network update erroneously returns success 3 years ago
bug-1848608-1893718-fix-manage-api-for-shares-with-multiple-export-locations-32ade25e9d82535b.yaml Fix logic that determines a share exists before manage 2 years ago
bug-1848889-netapp-fix-share-replica-update-check-failure-90aa964417e7734c.yaml [NetApp] Fix share replica failing for 'transfer in progress' error 3 years ago
bug-1850264-add-async-error-when-share-extend-error-a0c458204b395994.yaml Add asynchronous error info into messages when share extend error 2 years ago
bug-1853940-not-send-heartbeat-if-driver-not-initial-9c3cee39e8c725d1.yaml Fix release note for LP 1853940's bugfix 2 years ago
bug-1855391-extend-share-will-go-through-scheduler-3a29093756dc88c1.yaml Extend share will go through scheduler 10 months ago
bug-1858328-netapp-fix-shrinking-error-48bcfffe694f5e81.yaml [NetApp] Fix share shrink error status 2 years ago
bug-1859775-snapshot-over-quota-exception-bb6691612af03ddf.yaml Fix over-quota exception of snapshot creation 2 years ago
bug-1859785-share-list-speed-6b09e7717624e037.yaml Improve share list speed using lazy='subquery' 2 years ago
bug-1860061-fix-pagination-query-5c893bb8edaf1350.yaml Fix wrong totalcount returned by share listing query 1 year ago
bug-1861485-fix-share-network-retrieval-31768dcda5aeeaaa.yaml share_networks: enable project_only API only 2 years ago
bug-1862833-fix-backref-by-eager-loading-2d897976e7598625.yaml Fix database loading for some resources 2 years ago
bug-1863298-fix-manage-overquota-issue-37031a593b66f8ba.yaml Fix manila OverQuota issue while managing shares 2 years ago
bug-1869148-if-only-pyc-exist-the-extension-API-cannot-be-loaded-172cb9153ebd4b56.yaml If only .pyc exist, the extension API will be disabled 2 years ago
bug-1869712-fix-increased-scheduled-time-for-non-thin-provisioned-backends-1da2cc33d365ba4f.yaml Remove provisioned calculation on non thin provision backends 2 years ago
bug-1870751-cleanup-share-type-and-group-type-project-access-when-deleted-4fcd49ba6e6c40bd.yaml Delete type access list when deleting types 2 years ago
bug-1871252-cephfs-doesnt-support-subvolume-group-snapshots-344efbb9ba74e05c.yaml Deprecate create snapshot from share group in CephFS 12 months ago
bug-1871999-dell-emc-vnx-powermax-wrong-export-locations-e9763631c621656f.yaml VNX/PowerMax: Fix export locations 2 years ago
bug-1872243-netapp-fix-vserver-peer-with-same-vserver-8bc65816f1764784.yaml [NetApp] Fix vserver peer creation with same vserver 2 years ago
bug-1872872-fix-quota-checking-b06fd372be143101.yaml fix bug in quota checking 2 years ago
bug-1872873-fix-consume-from-share-eea5941de17a5bcc.yaml fix bug in consume from share 2 years ago
bug-1873963-netapp-fix-vserver-peer-intra-cluster-966398cf3a621edd.yaml [NetApp] Fix vserver peer accept on intra cluster replication 2 years ago
bug-1878993-netapp-fix-https-3eddf9eb5b762f3a.yaml [NetApp] Fix HTTPS connection for python 3.7 2 years ago
bug-1879368-netapp-fix-cifs-promote-back-issue-d8fe28466f9dde49.yaml [NetApp] Fix CIFS promote back issue 2 years ago
bug-1879754-teardown-network-d1887cdf6eb83388.yaml Get ports filtered by subnet id on share-server cleanup 2 years ago
bug-1880747-netapp-fix-do-not-delete-default-ipspace-aee638279e0f8e93.yaml [NetApp] Fix default ipspace deletion issue 2 years ago
bug-1881098-1895323-manila-manage-update-host-fixes-bbbc4fe2da48cae9.yaml Modify share groups w/ manila-manage's update-host 2 years ago
bug-1881112-add-manila-manage-service-cleanup-37019840f01bfa2f.yaml add manila-manage service cleanup 2 years ago
bug-1881865-add-generic-fuzzy-matching-logic-in-database-d83917727d12677d.yaml Add generic fuzzy matching logic to the database layer 11 months ago
bug-1882590-fix-svm-scoped-netapp-85b53830135f7558.yaml [NetApp] Fix svm scoped account 2 years ago
bug-1883506-fix-delete-manage-error-share-will-lead-to-quota-error-085fd3b7d15ae109.yaml fix unmange share with manage_error status will lead to quota error 1 year ago
bug-1885956-enforce-policy-check-getting-share-type-by-name-5eca17b02bea5261.yaml Enforce policy checks getting share-type by name 2 years ago
bug-1886010-Glusterfs-fix-del-share-89dabc8751ed4fec.yaml [Glusterfs] Fix delete share, mount point not disconnected 2 years ago
bug-1886232-netapp-fix-python-package-name-0f3ec3f2deec8887.yaml [NetApp] Fix python-manila package version 2 years ago
bug-1887643-netapp-add-cifs-dc-add-skip-check-c8ea9b952cedb643.yaml [NetApp] update set_preferred_dc for ontapi 1.150 2 years ago
bug-1888905-fix-group-snapshot-create-delete-0595f9d7a4c0c343.yaml Fix fallback share group snapshot implementation 2 years ago
bug-1888915-harden-lvm-deletions-2a735ab0ee4a4903.yaml Harden LVM driver deletion paths 2 years ago
bug-1889549-fix-migration-get-progress-race-15aea537efec6daf.yaml Improve migration_get_progress error handling 2 years ago
bug-1890833-fix-cephfs-incorrect-capacity-report-3a9bdaffcc62ec71.yaml Fix capacity calculations in the CephFS driver 2 years ago
bug-1894362-fix-Glusterfs-del-share-3c8467e1d9f0c6e4.yaml [Glusterfs] Fix delete share, Couldn't find the 'gluster_used_vols' 2 years ago
bug-1896322-container-fix-search-veth-regex-7f2156a6fd411bdb.yaml Fix manage share server for container in Focal 2 years ago
bug-1898924-fix-share-replica-update-missing-share-server-model-c1c060a7c06e4512.yaml Fix 'update_share_replica' doesn't provide share server model to drivers 2 years ago
bug-1900752-early-validate-mandatory-security-service-association-f48aecbbc47418cd.yaml Early validate for CIFS without security service. 11 months ago
bug-1901937-netapp-nfs-for-windows-465e704524277ea2.yaml [NetApp] Support NFS shares on windows 2 years ago
bug-1903773-fix-lvmdriver-share-unmounting-after-migration-75640e3c9dc62dba.yaml Retry unmount operation on the LVM driver 2 years ago
bug-1903773-fix-zfsonlinux-share-unmounting-after-migration-329b1eb2f33f78a3.yaml Retry unmount operation on the ZFSOnLinux driver 2 years ago
bug-1904015-cve-2020-27781-cephx-asynchronous-msgs-6a683076a1fb5a54.yaml [Native CephFS] Add messages for async ACL ops 1 year ago
bug-1908963-scheduler-ignore-earlier-time-service-capabilities-0b97bb70ba4fbb7f.yaml scheduler should ignore earlier time service capabilities 1 year ago
bug-1909847-put-ensure-share-into_thread-pool-e658f21c7caad668.yaml Put ensure_share into thread pool to speed up the startup of share service 1 year ago
bug-1909951-fix-extend-have-wrong-size-7938eaa6591bd2ad.yaml Always use new_size when extend 1 year ago
bug-1911695-resize-share-world-accessable-b444d88b67b05af0.yaml Fix generic share resize with access 1 year ago
bug-1916534-netapp-fix-ldap-security-service-c8ee6d36598722cf.yaml [NetApp] Fix security service configuration for LDAP servers 1 year ago
bug-1917417-fix-rbac-check-on-share-access-rules-efdddaf9e6f68fdf.yaml RBAC tightening for share access rule 1 year ago
bug-1917520-avoid-sending-traceback-to-user-if-action-forbidden-0da51825756fd5fc.yaml Fix traceback in scheduler-stats API 1 year ago
bug-1917980-zadara-share-assisted-migration-2d8f8fdb51718faa.yaml Support host assisted share migration for Zadara manila driver 1 year ago
bug-1921927-handle-service-client-unauthorized-exceptions-b2ebc08a072f7e12.yaml Handle service client authorization errors 1 year ago
bug-1922075-fix-Glusterfs-create-share-from-snapshot-failed-053a583522a6fc0e.yaml [Glusterfs] Fix create share from snapshot failed 1 year ago
bug-1923008-fix-logic-of-share-network-query-f314ec3010c06045.yaml Optimize the query logic for share network list 10 months ago
bug-1923181-direct-mgr-commands-monmgr-5e8babb4a1067e92.yaml Direct mgr commands to the mgr daemon 1 year ago
bug-1923566-fix-notfound-replica-parent-share-d8e50659c02b941a.yaml Reuse _set_instances_share_data for replicas. 1 year ago
bug-1924230-skip-periodic-task-for-active-replica-030a982af92f8a62.yaml Don't run periodic_share_replica_update() on active replicas 1 year ago
bug-1924806-sqlalchemy-view-only-relationships-807d406cf8fac06c.yaml Pass sync_backref=False to relationship call 12 months ago
bug-1925342-fix-snapshot-support-api-error-msg-eaf5fd2b1df97d15.yaml Fix api error message for snapshot creation failure 1 year ago
bug-1927060-fix-replica-state-on-migration-complete-4fb4d8ba59b58505.yaml handle replica state on migration complete 11 months ago
bug-1930459-add-ceph-version-check-88eee324bc6134ea.yaml Add Ceph version check 1 year ago
bug-1934345-fix-ipaddress-hosts-invocation-80d419d7e62a5f51.yaml Fix ipaddress issues in the infinidat driver 1 year ago
bug-1934889-netapp-fix-replica-delete-for-scoped-account-8fa193c0424af9b1.yaml [NetApp] Fixed scoped account replica delete 10 months ago
bug-1940072-dell-manila-fix-cifs-value-type-f65e162ee27d3e67.yaml Change cifs value from string to list for Dell manila drivers 11 months ago
bug-1945365-netapp-fix-port-conf-91552d3f61378c94.yaml NetApp: properly use netapp_server_port config 9 months ago
bug_1564623_change-e286060a27b02f64.yaml Fix badly formatted release note 6 years ago
bug_1582931-1437eae20fa544d1.yaml HPE3PAR driver doesn't decrease fstore capacity 6 years ago
bug_1844046-fix-image-not-found-629415d50cd6042a.yaml Fix error that failed to get image for booting server 3 years ago
bugfix-1771958-1771970-bcec841e7ae6b9f6.yaml Set initial quota in Quobyte and correct resizing 4 years ago
cephfs-add-nfs-protocol-support-44764094c9d784d8.yaml cephfs/driver: add nfs protocol support 5 years ago
cephfs-fix-export-ip-escaping-on-hostname-e2866be32a8f5e38.yaml Adapt CephFS driver to do not try to escape export ip 8 months ago
cephfs-native-add-readonly-shares-support-067ccab0217ab5f5.yaml cephfs_native: add read-only share support 6 years ago
cephfs-native-enhance-update-access-support-e1a1258084c997ca.yaml cephfs_native: enhance update_access() 6 years ago
cephfs-native-fix-evict-c45fd2de8f520757.yaml cephfs_native: Fix client eviction 6 years ago
cephfs-nfs-ipv6-support-2ffd9c0448c2f47e.yaml add IPv6 support for CephFS/NFS back end 3 years ago
cephfs-set-mode-b7fb3ec51300c220.yaml Set mode for CephFS volumes and snapshots 3 years ago
cephfs-snapshots-enabled-4886147664270c32.yaml Enable cephfs snapshots 2 years ago
cephfs-support-statement-for-victoria-and-beyond-e94baa7857b1624c.yaml TrivialFix: Correct cephfs support release note 2 years ago
change_user_project_length-93cc8d1c32926e75.yaml Change user_id and project_id to 255 length 6 years ago
check-thin-provisioning-4bb702535f6b10b6.yaml Check 'thin_provisioning' in extra specs 6 years ago
clean-expired-messages-6161094d0c108aa7.yaml Add user messages periodic cleanup task 5 years ago
config-for-cephfs-volume-prefix-67f2513f603cb614.yaml Config for cephfs volume path prefix 4 years ago
container-add-share-server-migration-1f4509ade926aec6.yaml [Container driver] Adds share and share server migration 2 years ago
container-driver-5d972cc40e314663.yaml Container driver 6 years ago
container-driver-hardening-against-races-30c9f517a6392b9d.yaml Fix concurrency issues in container driver 6 years ago
container-manage-unmanage-share-servers-880d889828ee7ce3.yaml Add manage/unmanage implementation to Container Driver 3 years ago
dedupe-support-hnas-driver-017d2f2a93a8b487.yaml Add dedupe report in HNAS driver 6 years ago
delete_vlan_on_vserver_delete-a7acd145c0b8236d.yaml Delete VLAN on delete_vserver in Netapp cmode 6 years ago
dell-emc-unity-use-user-capacity-322f8bbb7c536453.yaml [Dell EMC Unity] Create with user capacity 5 years ago
dellemc-fix-capacity-report-25f75a6c96e12b40.yaml fix reno file location and indention 2 years ago
deprecate-json-formatted-policy-file-fd0345f215e6ccd5.yaml [goal] Deprecate the JSON formatted policy file 2 years ago
deprecate-memcached-servers-config-option-f4456382b9b4d6db.yaml Deprecated config option [DEFAUL]memcached_servers 3 years ago
deprecate-old-ks-opts-in-nova-neutron-cinder-groups-e395015088d93fdc.yaml Deprecate old keystone session config opts 4 years ago
deprecate-service-instance-network-helper-option-82ff62a038f2bfa3.yaml Properly deprecate service_instance_network_helper_type 6 years ago
disable-share-groups-api-by-default-0627b97ac2cda4cb.yaml Disable share groups APIs by default 5 years ago
driver-filter-91e2c60c9d1a48dd.yaml Add DriverFilter and GoodnessWeigher to manila 6 years ago
drop-python2-support-e160ff36811a5964.yaml [ussuri][goal] Drop python2.7 support 3 years ago
drop-support-for-lvm-share-export-ip-e031ef4c5f95b534.yaml Remove support for "lvm_share_export_ip" 3 years ago
emc-unity-manila-support-d4f5a410501cfdae.yaml Fix grammatical mistake, Changed character from "a" to "an" 5 years ago
emc_vnx_interface_ports_configuration-00d454b3003ef981.yaml Add interface port configuration in EMC VNX driver 6 years ago
enhance-ensure-share-58fc14ffc099f481.yaml Change ensure share to make startup faster 5 years ago
error-share-set-size-ff5d4f4ac2d56755.yaml share-size not set to 1 with 'manage_error' state 6 years ago
estimate-provisioned-capacity-34f0d2d7c6c56621.yaml Add provisioned_capacity_gb estimation 6 years ago
extra_specs_case_insensitive-e9d4ca10d94f2307.yaml Make extra_specs value as case-insensitive 3 years ago
fix-1870280-share-type-user-message-902275047410bdbf.yaml Add missing share-type user message 12 months ago
fix-consistency-groups-api-dd9b5b99138e22eb.yaml Fix share server info in CGs created from CGs 6 years ago
fix-ganesha-allow-access-for-all-ips-09773a79dc76ad44.yaml Fix ganesha for access 4 years ago
fix-hds-hnas-unconfined-09b79f3bdb24a83c.yaml Fix HNAS error with unconfined filesystems 6 years ago
fix-hnas-mount-on-manage-snapshot-91e094c579ddf1a3.yaml HNAS: Fix managed snapshots not being mounted 5 years ago
fix-huawei-driver-cifs-mount-issue-2d7bff5a7e6e3ad6.yaml Change a parameter key for CIFS mounting command 4 years ago
fix-huawei-driver-qos-deletion-9ad62db3d7415980.yaml Fix huawei driver cannot delete qos while status is idle 6 years ago
fix-huawei-exception-a09b73234ksd94kd.yaml Huawei: Fix exception in update_access not found 6 years ago
fix-managing-twice-hnas-4956a7653d27e320.yaml Fix Manila HNAS driver managing a share twice 6 years ago
fix-py3-netapp-a9815186ddc865d4.yaml Fix missing size value in snapshot instance 3 years ago
fix-race-condition-netapp-5a36f6ba95a49c5e.yaml [NetApp] Fix race condition issue in NetApp driver 3 years ago
fix-share-instance-list-with-limit-db7b5b99138e22ee.yaml Fix share instance list API display error 5 years ago
fix-share-manager-shrinking-data-loss-state-edc87ba2fd7e32d8.yaml Update share-manager behavior for shrink share operation 2 years ago
fix-volume-efficiency-status-2102ad630c5407a8.yaml NetApp cDOT assume disabled compression on empty result 3 years ago
fix_access_level_managed_shares_hnas-c76a09beed365b46.yaml HNAS: avoid mismatch access level for managed shares 5 years ago
fix_cephx_validation-cba4df77f9f45c6e.yaml Check for usage of same Cephx ID as manila service 6 years ago
fix_limit_formating_routes-1b0e1a475de6ac44.yaml Limit formatting routes when adding resources 4 years ago
fix_manage_snapshots_hnas-2c0e1a47b5e6ac33.yaml HNAS: Fix concurrency error when managing snapshots 5 years ago
fix_policy_file-4a382ac241c718c6.yaml Align policy.json with code 5 years ago
fixed-netapp-cdot-autosupport-3fabd8ac2e407f70.yaml NetApp cDOT driver autosupport broken 6 years ago
fixing-driver-filter-14022294c8c04d2d.yaml Fix driver filter to not check share_backend_name 3 years ago
ganesha-dynamic-update-access-be80bd1cb785e733.yaml ganesha: dynamically update access of share 5 years ago
ganesha-store-exports-and-export-counter-in-ceph-rados-052b925f8ea460f4.yaml ganesha: store exports and export counter in RADOS 5 years ago
generic-driver-noop-interface-driver-24abcf7af1e08ff9.yaml Add opt doc and reno for noop interface driver 2 years ago
generic-route-racing-adf92d212f1ab4de.yaml Fix race condition updating routes 6 years ago
glusterfs-add-directory-layout-extend-shrink-fd2a008f152edbf5.yaml Add extend/shrink feature for glusterfs directory layout 3 years ago
glusterfs-handle-new-volume-option-xml-schema-dad06253453c572c.yaml glusterfs: handle new cli XML format 6 years ago
gpfs-nfs-server-type-default-value-change-58890adba373737c.yaml GPFS: Changing default value of NFS server type 5 years ago
graduate-share-groups-feature-5f751b49ccc62969.yaml Remove experimental flag from share groups feature 2 years ago
graduate-share-replication-feature-17aec111b6c5bf0f.yaml Graduate share replication feature 2 years ago
guru-meditation-support-7872da69f529a6c2.yaml Add support for Guru Meditation Reports for manila 5 years ago
hitachi-driver-cifs-user-support-3f1a8b894fe3e9bb.yaml Add support for CIFS shares in HNAS driver 6 years ago
hnas-driver-rename-7ef74fe720f7e04b.yaml Rename and move HNAS driver 6 years ago
hnas-manage-unmanage-snapshot-support-0d939e1764c9ebb9.yaml Add support for manage/unmanage snapshots in HNAS driver 6 years ago
hnas-mountable-snapshots-4fbffa05656112c4.yaml Add mountable snapshots support to HNAS driver 6 years ago
hnas-revert-to-snapshot-a2405cd6653b1e85.yaml Implement Revert-to-snapshot in HNAS Driver 6 years ago
hnas_allow_managed_fix-4ec7794e2035d3f2.yaml Fix HDS HNAS errors caused by incorrect IDs 6 years ago
hpe3par-rw-snapshot-shares-f7c33b4bf528bf00.yaml HPE3PAR make share from snapshot writable 6 years ago
hsp-driver-e00aff5bc89d4b54.yaml Add Hitachi HSP driver 6 years ago
huawei-driver-replication-8ed62c8d26ad5060.yaml Implement replication support in huawei driver 6 years ago
huawei-driver-sectorsize-config-da776132ba6da2a7.yaml Huawei: Add share sectorsize config in Huawei driver 6 years ago
huawei-driver-support-snapshot-revert-1208c586bd8db98e.yaml Huawei driver supports snapshot revert 5 years ago
huawei-pool-disktype-support-0a52ba5d44da55f9.yaml Huawei: Support reporting disk type of pool 6 years ago
huawei-support-access-all-ip-4994c10ff75ac683.yaml Huawei driver support access of all IPs 6 years ago
hybrid-aggregates-in-netapp-cdot-drivers-e7c90fb62426c281.yaml NetApp: Report hybrid aggregates in share stats 6 years ago
ibm-gpfs-ces-support-3498e35d9fea1b55.yaml Refactor GPFS driver for NFS ganesha support 6 years ago
ibm-gpfs-manage-support-c110120c350728e3.yaml Add support for manage/unmanage in GPFS driver 6 years ago
infinidat-add-infinibox-driver-ec652258e710d6a0.yaml INFINIDAT add Manila driver 5 years ago
infinidat-balance-network-spaces-ips-25a9f1e587b87156.yaml INFINIDAT: fix release notes 4 years ago
infinidat-delete-datasets-with-snapshots-4d18f8c197918606.yaml INFINIDAT: support deleting datasets with snapshots 4 years ago
infortrend-manila-driver-a1a2af20de6368cb.yaml Add Infortrend Manila Driver 3 years ago
inspur-as13000-driver-41f6b7caea82e46e.yaml Manila share driver for Inspur AS13000 series. 4 years ago
inspur-instorage-driver-51d7a67f253f3ecd.yaml Manila share driver for Inspur InStorage series. 3 years ago
inspur-support-rwx-for-cifs-permission-4279f1fe7a59fd00.yaml inspur: transfer 'rw' to 'rwx' when Shared File Systems protocol is cifs 4 years ago
introduce-tooz-library-5fed75b8caffcf42.yaml Tooz integration 6 years ago
limiting-ssh-access-from-tenant-network-6519efd6d6895076.yaml Generic driver - Limiting SSH access from tenant network 4 years ago
lv-mounting-inside-containers-af8f84d1fab256d1.yaml Fix for LV mounting issue in docker containers 6 years ago
lvm-export-ips-5f73f30df94381d3.yaml Allow 2 or more export IPs for LVM driver 5 years ago
manage-share-in-zfsonlinux-driver-e80921081206f75b.yaml [ZFSonLinux] Add 'manage share' feature support 6 years ago
manage-share-snapshot-in-huawei-driver-007b2c763fbdf480.yaml Huawei: Add manage share snapshot in Huawei driver 6 years ago
manage-snapshot-in-zfsonlinux-driver-6478d8d5b3c6a97f.yaml [ZFSonLinux] Add 'manage snapshot' feature support 6 years ago
manage-unmanage-replicated-share-fa90ce34372b6df5.yaml Handle manage/unmanage for replicated shares 6 years ago
manage-unmanage-share-servers-cd4a6523d8e9fbdf.yaml Add manage/unmanage of shares in DHSS=True 3 years ago
manage-unmanage-snapshot-bd92164472638f44.yaml Manage and unmanage snapshot 6 years ago
manage-unmanage-snapshot-in-netapp-cdot-driver-5cb4b1619c39625a.yaml Manage / unmanage snapshot in NetApp cDOT drivers 6 years ago
manila-status-upgrade-check-framework-aef9b5cf9d8e3bda.yaml Add manila-status upgrade check command framework 4 years ago
maprfs-manila-drivers-1541296f26cf78fd.yaml Add MapR-FS native driver 6 years ago
migration-access-fix-71a0f52ea7a152a3.yaml Fix allow/deny error message and race in migration 6 years ago
migration-empty-files-01d1a3caa2e9705e.yaml Fix fallback share migration with empty files 6 years ago
migration-share-type-98e3d3c4c6f47bd9.yaml Add share type change to Share Migration 6 years ago
min-max-share-size-on-type-a7c69046e5c57944.yaml Adds support min/max share size limited by share_type 1 year ago
mount-volume-path-ff3c3f83039e1a3f.yaml Make volume mount path configurable for ContainerShareDriver 2 years ago
move-emc-share-driver-to-dell-emc-dir-1ec34dee0544270d.yaml Move EMC drivers to dell_emc folder 6 years ago
multi-segment-support-fa171a8e3201d54e.yaml Add multi-segment support 6 years ago
netapp-add-fpolicy-support-dd31628a1c8e64d6.yaml [NetApp] Add support for FPolicy native mode 1 year ago
netapp-add-migration-through-svm-migrate-c1e29fce19758324.yaml [NetApp] Share server migration through SVM migrate 10 months ago
netapp-add-security-service-update-718a68ebe60fd2b5.yaml [NetApp] Follow up fixes for update security service 1 year ago
netapp-add-share-server-migration-663f7ced1ef93558.yaml [NetApp] Add support for share server migration 2 years ago
netapp-add-support-for-adaptive-qos-d036238e7f29cf75.yaml [NetApp] Improve Adaptive QoS functionality 2 years ago
netapp-cdot-add-max-over-subscription-ratio-pool-stats-eea763b3b9b3ba7d.yaml [NetApp] add max_over_subscription_ratio to pool stats 2 years ago
netapp-cdot-apply-mtu-from-network-provider-d12179a2374cdda0.yaml NetApp cDOT: Apply network MTU to VLAN ports 6 years ago
netapp-cdot-clone-split-control-a68b5fc80f1fc368.yaml NetApp cDOT driver configurable clone split 6 years ago
netapp-cdot-configure-nfs-versions-83e3f319c4592c39.yaml NetApp cDOT multi-SVM driver configurable NFS versions 6 years ago
netapp-cdot-multi-svm-configure-nfs-95c9154e1aa28751.yaml [NetApp] Enables configuring NFS transfer limits 2 years ago
netapp-cdot-optimized-migration-within-share-server-92cfa1bcf0c317fc.yaml NetApp cDOT: Add Intra-Vserver migration support 6 years ago
netapp-cdot-quality-of-service-limits-c1fe8601d00cb5a8.yaml NetApp cDOT: Add support for QoS/throughput ceilings 5 years ago
netapp-cdot-ss-multiple-dns-ip-df42a217977ce44d.yaml NetApp ONTAP: allow multiple DNS IPs 3 years ago
netapp-cdot-switch-volume-efficiency-bd22733445d146f0.yaml NetApp cDOT driver switch volume efficiency 4 years ago
netapp-cdot-use-security-service-ou-4dc5835c9e00ad9d.yaml NetApp cDOT: use security service ou 4 years ago
netapp-create-share-from-snapshot-another-pool-330639b57aa5f04d.yaml [NetApp] Improve create share from snapshot functionality 2 years ago
netapp-default-ipv6-route-13a9fd4959928524.yaml Allow IPv6 gateways for the default route 5 years ago
netapp-flexgroup-support-9b3f30afb94d3a86.yaml [NetApp] Add FlexGroup volume support 10 months ago
netapp-ipv6-support-f448e99a7c112362.yaml Advertise IPv6 support in the NetApp driver 5 years ago
netapp-manage-unmanage-share-servers-635496b46e306920.yaml [NetApp] Add manage/unmanage of share servers 3 years ago
netapp-readable-replica-cb7d5460ad7b3b0e.yaml [NetApp] Add readable replication type support 10 months ago
netapp-replication-dhss-true-5b2887de8e9a2cb5.yaml [NetApp] Adds support for replication with DHSS=True 3 years ago
netapp-support-filtering-api-tracing-02d1f4271f44d24c.yaml NetApp ONTAP: Add support for filtering API tracing 5 years ago
netapp_cdot_performance_utilization-aff1b498a159470e.yaml NetApp cDOT controller utilization metrics 6 years ago
neutron-binding-driver-43f01565051b031b.yaml Add neutron driver for binding 6 years ago
new-secure-rbac-defaults-in-wallaby-13c0583afdfcfcc7.yaml Add release note for secure rbac work 1 year ago
newton-migration-improvements-cf9d3d6e37e19c94.yaml Share migration Newton improvements 6 years ago
nexenta-manila-drivers-cbd0b376a076ec50.yaml Nexenta: adding share drivers for NexentaStor 6 years ago
nexentastor5-v1.1-1ad6c8f7b5cc11b6.yaml [Nexenta] Refactored NexentaStor5 NFS driver 3 years ago
per-backend-az-590c68be0e2cb4bd.yaml Allow configuration of a back end specific availability zone 3 years ago
powermax-rebrand-manila-a46a0c2ac0aa77ed.yaml Manila PowerMax - rebrand from VMAX to PowerMax 3 years ago
qb-bug-1733807-581e71e6581de28e.yaml Added Handling Newer Quobyte API Error Codes 5 years ago
qnap-enhance-support-53848fda525b7ea4.yaml Add support for enhanced features to the QNAP Manila driver 5 years ago
qnap-fix-manage-snapshot-not-exist-4b111982ddc5fdae.yaml QNAP: driver should not manage snapshot which does not exist 4 years ago
qnap-fix-share-and-snapshot-inconsistant-bd628c6e14eeab14.yaml QNAP: Fix inconsistent cases while create/manage from snapshot 4 years ago
qnap-manila-driver-a30fe4011cb90801.yaml Add QNAP Manila Driver 6 years ago
qnap-support-qes-200-639f3ad70687023d.yaml QNAP: Add support for QES 2.0.0 5 years ago
qnap-support-qes-210-8775e6c210f3ca9f.yaml QNAP: Add support for QES 2.1.0 4 years ago
qnap-tds-support-qes-24704313a0881c8c.yaml QNAP: Support QES FW on TDS series NAS 4 years ago
remove-AllocType-from-huawei-driver-8b279802f36efb00.yaml huawei driver default create thin type share 6 years ago
remove-confusing-deprecation-warnings-a17c20d8973ef2bb.yaml Remove confusing DB deprecation messages 4 years ago
remove-deprecated-default-options-00fed1238fb6dca0.yaml Change depreciated to deprecated 4 years ago
remove-deprecated-options-and-auth-4d497e03ad47e872.yaml Remove duplicate line in release note 1 year ago
remove-deprecated-public-share-creation-policies-051d59249e556b44.yaml Remove deprecated public share policies 1 year ago
remove-deprecated-size-limiter-9d7c8ab69cf85aea.yaml Remove deprecated manila RequestBodySizeLimiter 6 years ago
remove-host-field-from-shares-and-replicas-a087f85bc4a4ba45.yaml Only return share host for admins using shares API 5 years ago
remove-intree-tempest-plugin-9fcf6edbeba47cba.yaml Remove in-tree tempest plugin 5 years ago
remove-nova-net-support-from-service-instance-module-dd7559803fa01d45.yaml Remove nova net support from service_instance 6 years ago
remove-nova-network-support-f5bcb8b2fcd38581.yaml Remove NovaNetworkPlugin 6 years ago
remove-os-region-name-82e3cd4c7fb05ff4.yaml Remove "os_region_name" config option 5 years ago
remove-root-helper-config-option-fd517b0603031afa.yaml Drop [DEFAULT]root_helper config option 3 years ago
remove-standalone-network-plugin-ip-version-440ebcf27ffd22f8.yaml Remove option standalone_network_plugin_ip_version 4 years ago
rename-cephfs-native-driver-3d9b4e3c6c78ee98.yaml Refactor and rename CephFSNativeDriver 5 years ago
reset_tap_device_after_node_restart-0690a6beca077b95.yaml Fix tap device disappear after node restart 4 years ago
revert-switch-to-use-glanceclient-bc462a5477d6b8cb.yaml Revert Id905d47600bda9923cebae617749c8286552ec94 4 years ago
rules-for-managed-share-f28a26ffc980f6fb.yaml Fix access rules for managed shares in HSP driver 6 years ago
share-mount-snapshots-b52bf3433d1e7afb.yaml Add mountable snapshots support 6 years ago
share-network-with-multiple-subnets-a56be8b646b9e463.yaml Add share network with multiple subnets 3 years ago
share-replication-81ecf4a32a5c83b6.yaml Share Replication API and Scheduler Support 6 years ago
share-revert-to-snapshot-3d028fa00620651e.yaml Implement share revert to snapshot 6 years ago
share-revert-to-snapshot-in-netapp-cdot-driver-37f645ec3c14313c.yaml NetApp: Support share revert to snapshot 6 years ago
share-server-delete-failure-ca29d6b286a2c790.yaml VNX: share server cannot be deleted 5 years ago
snapshot-force-delete-4432bebfb5a0bbc9.yaml Fix force-delete on snapshot resource 6 years ago
support-ipv6-in-drivers-and-network-plugins-1833121513edb13d.yaml Enable IPv6 in manila(network plugins and drivers) 5 years ago
support-qes-114-5881c0ff0e7da512.yaml QNAP: Add support for QES 1.1.4 5 years ago
switch-to-use-glanceclient-dde019b0b141caf8.yaml Fix NFS/CIFS share creation failure issue 5 years ago
unexpected-data-of-share-from-snap-134189fc0f3eeedf.yaml Unity: unexpected data in share from snapshot 5 years ago
unity-default-filter-function-support-2eefc8044a5add5d.yaml [Unity] Update release note for filter function 2 years ago
unity-drvier-support-1gb-share-48f032dff8a6a789.yaml [Dell EMC Unity] Support create share smaller than 3 GB 6 years ago
unity-manage-server-share-snapshot-support-6a0bbbed74da13c7.yaml [Unity] Manage/unmanage share server/share/snap 2 years ago
unity-manila-ipv6-support-dd9bcf23064baceb.yaml Implement IPv6 support for Manila Dell EMC Unity driver 5 years ago
unity-revert-to-snapshot-support-1cffc3914982003d.yaml [Unity] Revert to snapshot support 3 years ago
unity-shrink-share-support-cc748daebfe8f562.yaml [Unity] Shrink share in Unity driver. 3 years ago
unity-un-handles-share-server-mode-support-e179c092ab148948.yaml [Unity] Driver supports the mode that does not create and destory share servers (DHSS=False) 3 years ago
unity-vnx-rename-options-1656168dd4bdba70.yaml [Unity driver] VLAN enhancement 6 years ago
use-oslo-logging-for-config-options-388da64bb4ce45db.yaml Log config options with oslo.config 4 years ago
use-tooz-heartbeat-c6aa7e15444e63c3.yaml Add a releasenote for tooz heartbeat 5 years ago
user-messages-api-589ee7d68ccba70c.yaml User Messages 5 years ago
veritas-access-manila-driver-d75558c01ce6d428.yaml Implementation of Manila driver for Veritas Access 5 years ago
vlan-enhancement-in-unity-driver-0f1d972f2f6d00d9.yaml [Unity driver] VLAN enhancement 6 years ago
vmax-manila-support-7c655fc094c09367.yaml VMAX manila plugin - Support for VMAX in Manila 6 years ago
vmax-rename-options-44d8123d14a23f94.yaml VMAX manila - deprecate old tags correctly 4 years ago
vnx-manila-ipv6-support-9ae986431549cc63.yaml Implement IPv6 support for Dell EMC VNX driver 5 years ago
vnx-ssl-verification-2d26a24e7e73bf81.yaml Handle SSL from VNX driver 5 years ago
windows-smb-fix-default-access-d4b9eee899e400a0.yaml Windows SMB: avoid default read share access 6 years ago
zadara-manila-driver-cb22b647e60f7ab8.yaml Adding Zadara Manila driver 1 year ago
zfsonlinux-driver-improvement-create-share-from-snapshot-another-backend-44296f572681be35.yaml [ZFSonLinux] Create share from snapshot in different backends 2 years ago
zfssa-driver-add-share-manage-unmanage-9bd6d2e25cc86c35.yaml Add share manage/unmanage of Oracle ZFSSA driver 6 years ago