Python client for Mistral REST API.
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Ghanshyam Mann b94abb44d9 Fix tox4 error and use python >=3.8
tox.ini started failing with tox4 which had some
incompatible changes. One of them is to allow
external command to run by adding them into allowlist_externals
and make passenv in new lines.

Fixing tox.ini for tox4 changes.

Minimal python version is now 3.8

Other minor fixes:
* Use devstack-alt-member in tests instead of devstack-alt, as
  the later is having admin role now.
* Fix some of the functional tests not working anymore with the
  latest mistral changes.
* Removing standard actions tests as they are not standard anymore (they
  are in mistral-extra)

Change-Id: Ic0620135c286855dd4befb52eb55522b605eb863
Signed-off-by: Arnaud Morin <>
2023-01-20 01:02:46 +01:00
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Mistral is a workflow service. Most business processes consist of multiple distinct interconnected steps that need to be executed in a particular order in a distributed environment. A user can describe such a process as a set of tasks and their transitions. After that, it is possible to upload such a description to Mistral, which will take care of state management, correct execution order, parallelism, synchronization and high availability.

Mistral also provides flexible task scheduling so that it can run a process according to a specified schedule (for example, every Sunday at 4.00pm) instead of running it immediately. In Mistral terminology such a set of tasks and relations between them is called a workflow.

Mistral client

Python client for Mistral REST API. Includes python library for Mistral API and Command Line Interface (CLI) library.


First of all, clone the repo and go to the repo directory:

$ git clone
$ cd python-mistralclient

Then just run:

$ pip install -e .


$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python install

Running Mistral client

If Mistral authentication is enabled, provide the information about OpenStack auth to environment variables. Type:

$ export OS_AUTH_URL=http://<Keystone_host>:5000/v2.0
$ export OS_USERNAME=admin
$ export OS_TENANT_NAME=tenant
$ export OS_PASSWORD=secret
$ export OS_MISTRAL_URL=http://<Mistral host>:8989/v2  (optional, by
  default URL=http://localhost:8989/v2)

and in the case that you are authenticating against keystone over https:

$ export OS_CACERT=<path_to_ca_cert>


In client, we can use both Keystone auth versions - v2.0 and v3. But server supports only v3.*

To make sure Mistral client works, type:

$ mistral workbook-list

You can see the list of available commands typing:

$ mistral --help