Ansible job definitions for Zuul
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James E. Blair 9d8e765881 Add test_setup_skip role variable 6 days ago
add-authorized-keys role: Inject public keys in case of failure 1 year ago
add-build-sshkey add-build-sshkey: remove previously authorized build-sshkey 1 month ago
add-fileserver Document upload-logs reliance on add-fileserver 5 months ago
add-gpgkey Add roles to add/remove a GPG key 1 year ago
add-launchpad-credentials fix the template instruction for writing launchpadlib/creds 1 year ago
add-sshkey add-sshkey: make the private key owner-writable 1 year ago
ansible-galaxy-import Fix typo with ansible_galaxy_info.token 9 months ago
ara-report Update URL for OpenDev 2 months ago
bindep Don't create bindep venv if bindep_file is not found 3 months ago
build-docker-image Add missing conditionals to build-docker-image 2 months ago
build-puppet-module Use PDK to build puppet module 2 weeks ago
build-python-release Fix RST formatting 9 months ago
build-releasenotes Add general sphinx and reno jobs and role 1 year ago
buildset-artifacts-location Fix RST formatting 9 months ago
configure-mirrors notify needs a command 9 months ago
copy-build-sshkey Run authorized_keys as root 1 year ago
create-afs-token Add create / destory roles for AFS tokens 1 year ago
deploy-openshift Add install and deploy openshift roles. 7 months ago
destroy-afs-token Add create / destory roles for AFS tokens 1 year ago
download-artifact download-artifacts: correct build selection 1 month ago
emit-job-header Add trailing slash for log url 3 months ago
ensure-babel Fix deprecation warning of ansible-2.5 1 year ago
ensure-output-dirs Add role to ensure per-node output dirs exist 1 year ago
ensure-python Limit ensure-python to Debian/Ubuntu use 9 months ago
ensure-sphinx Update the sphinx python package sets 1 week ago
ensure-tox Add README to ensure-tox role 1 year ago
ensure-twine Revert "Add environment debugging to ensure-twine role" 2 months ago
fetch-coverage-output Fix coverage post_failure stat 11 months ago
fetch-javascript-content-tarball Correct artifact return url for python/js 1 month ago
fetch-javascript-output Return npm site location as artifact 4 months ago
fetch-javascript-tarball Run ansible-lint on repo 1 year ago
fetch-output Merge "Add note about multi-node jobs" 6 months ago
fetch-puppet-module-output Create fetch-puppet-module-output role 1 year ago
fetch-python-sdist-output Add fetch-python-sdist-output role 1 year ago
fetch-sphinx-output Fix sphinx publishing 1 year ago
fetch-sphinx-tarball Add fetch-sphinx-tarball role 3 months ago
fetch-subunit-output Fix lookup of subunit files in fetch-subunit-output 1 year ago
fetch-tox-output Do not use --ignore-missing-args for rsync 1 year ago
fetch-translation-output translations: Check for translation-source first 1 year ago
fetch-zuul-cloner Setup virtualenv for zuul-cloner 1 year ago
find-constraints Fix deprecation warning of ansible-2.5 1 year ago
git-prepare-nodecache Add role git-prepare-nodecache 8 months ago
htmlify-logs Update more urls for opendev 2 months ago
install-devstack Add install-devstack role 3 weeks ago
install-docker Fix docker install on fedora 2 weeks ago
install-if-python Fix deprecation warning of ansible-2.5 1 year ago
install-javascript-packages Install yarn if needed in javascript jobs 1 year ago
install-kubernetes install-kubernetes: fix minikube config permission 4 months ago
install-nodejs Revert "install-nodejs: add support for RPM-based OSes" 2 weeks ago
install-openshift Add install and deploy openshift roles. 7 months ago
install-pdk-dependencies Prepare: Use PDK to build puppet module 2 weeks ago
install-yarn Create yarn_lock_file_path variable for install-yarn 7 months ago
log-inventory log-inventory: remove inventory_file usage 1 year ago
merge-output-to-logs Use find instead of ls for determining dir emptiness 5 months ago
mirror-workspace-git-repos Optionally silence git in mirror-workspace-git-repos 5 months ago
multi-node-bridge Fix Gentoo ovs install 2 weeks ago
multi-node-firewall Assure iptables is installed inside multi-node-firewall role 4 months ago
multi-node-hosts-file Include hostnames in /etc/hosts 1 year ago
multi-node-known-hosts Add missing README.rst for roles 10 months ago
nodejs-test-dependencies Fix npm-run-test 1 year ago
npm npm: add CI=true environment 11 months ago
persistent-firewall Add Gentoo iptables handling 9 months ago
prepare-workspace Delete files in dest that don't exist 3 months ago
prepare-workspace-git Add prepare-workspace-git role 8 months ago
promote-docker-image Dockerhub now returns 200 for DELETEs 3 weeks ago
publish-artifacts-to-fileserver Document and update fileserver roles 1 year ago
pull-from-intermediate-registry Add a registry test job 1 month ago
push-to-intermediate-registry Add a registry test job 1 month ago
release-afs-volume Add role to do a vos release on an AFS volume 1 year ago
remove-build-sshkey Use new sphinx roles in docs 1 year ago
remove-gpgkey Fix exec quoting in release remove-gpgkey role 4 months ago
remove-launchpad-credentials Add roles for adding and removing launchpadlib credentials 1 year ago
remove-sshkey Add a role to remove an ssh private key 1 year ago
revoke-sudo revoke-sudo: only revoke when zuul is sudoer 1 year ago
run-buildset-registry Use password lookup for run-buildset-registry role 1 month ago
set-zuul-log-path-fact Include project and branch in periodic job log URL 1 year ago
sign-artifacts Remove GPG public key for sign-artifacts role 1 year ago
sphinx Enable Python 2.7 unit tests 11 months ago
stage-output stage-output: fix the archiving of all files 3 months ago
start-zuul-console Update ANSIBLE_LIBRARY to use envsitepackagesdir 9 months ago
test-mirror-workspace-git-repos Update test-mirror-workspace-git-repos, add test 7 months ago
test-setup Add test_setup_skip role variable 6 days ago
tox Switch to TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE 1 month ago
trigger-readthedocs Revert "Debugging for readthedoc web ping" 11 months ago
upload-afs Enable Python 2.7 unit tests 11 months ago
upload-docker-image Fix typo in docker push role 4 months ago
upload-forge Rework upload-forge role to use module 5 months ago
upload-git-mirror Add parameter to upload-git-mirror to specify ssh host key 3 months ago
upload-logs Document upload-logs reliance on add-fileserver 5 months ago
upload-logs-swift upload-logs-swift: Make indexer more generic 7 months ago
upload-npm Change to the executor workdir during npm upload 1 year ago
upload-pypi Exclude linux_x86_64 wheels from upload to PyPI 3 months ago
use-buildset-registry Don't use underscore in buildset_registry_alias 2 months ago
use-docker-mirror Split docker mirror config into its own role 4 months ago
validate-dco-license Add validate-dco-license role 6 months ago
validate-host Don't run zuul_debug_info_enabled under python2.6 3 months ago
validate-zone-db validate-zone-db : add job and make more generic 1 month ago
version-from-git Fix condition in version-from-git 1 year ago
write-inventory write-inventory: Add groups to created inventory 10 months ago
yarn Remove "--verbose" from yarn commands 5 months ago Enable Python 2.7 unit tests 11 months ago