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Ghanshyam Mann 50d52e239e
Add releasenote to tag the Tempest for 2023.1 release
1 month ago
10 Update the documention for doc migration 6 years ago
11 Tidy up releasenotes 6 years ago
12 Fix indentation in releasenotes 4 years ago
13 Fix indentation in releasenotes 4 years ago
14 Fix indentation in releasenotes 4 years ago
15 Fix indentation in releasenotes 4 years ago
16 Use inline literal markup for options in releasenotes 5 years ago
25 Improve unit tests for subunit_describe_calls 3 years ago
Add-keystone-v3-OS_FEDERATION-APIs-as-tempest-clients-fe9e10a0fe5f09d4.yaml Implemetation of tempest client for keystone v3 OS_FEDERATION API 2 years ago
Add-volume_size_extend-config--opt-for-volume-tests-041f7d25fc2f3e05.yaml Add volume_size_extend opt for volume tests 2 years ago
Extend-cleanup-CLI-to-delete-regions-9f1dbda2c8de12e2.yaml Extend cleanup CLI to delete regions 3 years ago
Fix-KeyError-bug-in-v3-volumes_client-ff5d9b894f2257c8.yaml Fix KeyError exc in volumes_client 3 years ago
Inclusive-jargon-17621346744f0cf4.yaml Inclusive jargon 2 years ago
Placement-client-for-placement-based-minimum-bw-allocation-27ed0938118752b6.yaml Add placement client for basic GET operations 4 years ago
QoS-client-for-placement-based-minimum-bw-allocation-8e5854d5754cec68.yaml Add QoS policies and minimum bandwidth rule client 4 years ago
Remove-deprecated-image-scenario-options-b573c60e873ab451.yaml Remove deprecated scenario image options 3 years ago
Remove-deprecated-scenario.img_dir-option-da626e6153181e16.yaml Remove deprecated scenario img_dir option 2 years ago
Remove-manager-2e0b0af48f01294a.yaml Remove tempest/ after 4 year deprecation 2 years ago
Remove-test_reboot_server_soft-48fa786f38cd94dc.yaml Delete test_reboot_server_soft 3 years ago
Set-default-of-operator_role-to-member-f9c3abd2ebde23b7.yaml Change 'Member' role reference to 'member' 3 years ago
Stabilize-scenario-manager-adf36d21b08e31a4.yaml Add a reno for scenario manager effort 2 years ago
Switch-to-ecdsa-ssh-key-type-by-default-0425b5d5ec72c1c3.yaml Switch to ecdsa ssh key type by default 12 months ago
account-generator-accepts-positive-numbers-only-33a366a297494ef7.yaml Fix the argument check for account-generator 3 years ago
account_generator-6eb03f664a448c35.yaml Remove the deprecated tempest-account-generator CLI 3 years ago
add-OAUTH-Token-Client-tempest-tests-6351eda451b95a86.yaml Add token related API to Keystone v3-ext/OS-OAUTH1 client 6 years ago
add-additional-methods-to-policy-client-library-b8279c18335588c9.yaml Keystone v3-ext/OS-ENDPOINT-POLICY endpoints implementation. 5 years ago
add-alt-project-dynamic-creds-1a3bc543e65d9433.yaml Add alt project persona in dynamic credential 2 years ago
add-assisted-volume-snapshot-client-737f5cb35d58c1b6.yaml Add client for assisted volume snapshots API. 2 years ago
add-can-migrate-between-any-hosts-config-option-x8ah4f9737a28e9b.yaml Do not specify a host for live-migration for non homogeneous nodes 3 years ago
add-compute-feature-ide-bus-b63802502c378083.yaml compute: Add [compute-feature-enabled]ide_bus flag 2 years ago
add-compute-feature-serial-console-45583c4341e34fc9.yaml Nova: test live migration with serial console 6 years ago
add-compute-feature-shelve-migrate-fdbd3633abe65c4e.yaml Add related test to Bug #1732428 2 years ago
add-consistency-group-exceptions-01cbb792cd710231.yaml Add ConsistencyGroup Exceptions in tempest 3 years ago
add-create-group-from-src-tempest-tests-9eb8b0b4b5c52055.yaml Add Tests for Groups Volume APIs - Part 3 6 years ago
add-domain-configuration-client-tempest-tests-e383efabdbb9ad03.yaml Identity v3 Domain Configuration Client 6 years ago
add-domain-param-in-cliclient-a270fcf35c8f09e6.yaml Fix indentation in releasenotes 4 years ago
add-extra-apis-to-volume-v3-services-client-bf9b235cf5a611fe.yaml Add extra apis to volume v3 services client 5 years ago
add-floating-ip-config-option-e5774bf77702ce9f.yaml Add option for whether the cloud supports floating ips 6 years ago
add-force-detach-volume-to-volumes-client-library-b2071f2954f8e8b1.yaml Add test case for force detach volume 6 years ago
add-group-type-specs-apis-to-v3-group-types-client-10390b52dedede54.yaml Add test case for group type specs APIs 5 years ago
add-identity-roles-system-methods-519dc144231993a3.yaml Add release note for new role client methods 2 years ago
add-identity-v3-clients-for-os-ep-filter-api-endpoint-groups-3518a90bbb731d0f.yaml Identity V3 - Endpoint Groups Client 6 years ago
add-identity-v3-clients-for-os-ep-filter-api-extensions-9cfd217fd2c6a61f.yaml Keystone v3 extension os-ep-filter api testcases 6 years ago
add-image-alt-ssh-user-config-option-1b775af2f468aa5b.yaml Set image_alt_ssh_user during stack 2 years ago
add-image-cache-apis-as-tempest-clients-fbcd186927a85e2f.yaml Add image cache client 9 months ago
add-immutable-user-source-support-dd17772a997075e0.yaml Support immutable user source 4 years ago
add-ip-version-check-in-addresses-x491ac6d9abaxa12.yaml Remove unnecessary schema check of ip address 6 years ago
add-is-resource-deleted-sg-client-f4a7a7a54ff024d7.yaml Fix client usage in validation resources 6 years ago
add-keystone-ep-clients-eeefd0904fbbe151.yaml Add missing keystone clients 3 years ago
add-keystone-v3-ec2-tests-d959b7d36f0bd7fc.yaml Add keystone v3 EC2 credential tests and client 3 years ago
add-kwargs-to-delete-vol-of-vol-client-1ecde75beb62933c.yaml Make delete_volume in use **params 6 years ago
add-list-volume-transfers-with-detail-to-transfers-client-80169bf78cf4fa66.yaml Add support to list volume transfers with detail 6 years ago
add-load-list-cmd-35a4a2e6ea0a36fd.yaml Use inline literal markup for options in releasenotes 5 years ago
add-manage-snapshot-ref-config-option-67efd04897335b67.yaml Fix for unmanage and manage snapshot 6 years ago
add-migrate-volume-and-list-hosts-to-v3-volume-client-library-ad3529260db58f00.yaml Introduce an attached volume migration test 4 years ago
add-params-to-identity-v3-list-endpoints-958a155be4e17e5b.yaml Adds **params to v3 list_endpoints 6 years ago
add-params-to-v2-list-backups-api-c088d2b4bfe90247.yaml Add 'params' argument to v2 list_backups API 6 years ago
add-placement-usage-client-method-8b6015cbd8a5e0f6.yaml Add list resource provider usage 2 years ago
add-port-profile-config-option-2610b2fa67027960.yaml Cleanup v18.0.0 release notes' prelude 5 years ago
add-profiler-config-options-db7c4ae6d338ee5c.yaml Add profiler support into Tempest 4 years ago
add-qos-apis-for-bandwidth-limit-rules-cc144660fcaa419a.yaml Add missing tempest client for "QoS Limit Bandwidth" APIs + testing 2 years ago
add-qos-minimum-packet-rule-client-c8bfe09873032d4a.yaml Add QoS minimum packet rate rule client 1 year ago
add-redirect-param-bea1f6fbce629c70.yaml Allow to create a rest_client not following redirects 5 years ago
add-reset-group-snapshot-status-api-to-v3-group-snapshots-client-248d41827daf2a0c.yaml Add test case for reset group snapshot status 6 years ago
add-reset-group-status-api-to-v3-groups-client-9aa048617c66756a.yaml Add test case for reset group status 6 years ago
add-return-value-to-retype-volume-a401aa619aaa2457.yaml [TrivialFix] Add bug reference to releasenote 6 years ago
add-save-state-option-5ea67858cbaca969.yaml Use inline literal markup for options in releasenotes 5 years ago
add-server-diagnostics-validation-schema-b5a3c55b45aa718a.yaml Tests for Nova instance diagnostics (microversion v2.48) 6 years ago
add-server-external-events-client-c86b269b0091077b.yaml Add test for compute server external event API 4 months ago
add-show-api-v3-details-api-to-v3-versions-client-4b408427379cabfe.yaml add show detail for volume Api V3 4 years ago
add-show-default-group-type-detail-api-to-v3-group-types-client-65f717878cf52da0.yaml add show default group type details and unit test 4 years ago
add-show-default-quotas-api-to-network-quotas-client-3a7c1159af9e56ff.yaml Add show default quotas API to network quotas_client library 5 years ago
add-show-default-volume-types-api-to-v3-types-client-44b2676f217d78dc.yaml Add show types API to v3 types client library 3 years ago
add-show-encryption-specs-item-api-to-v2-encryption-types-client-290b421cd4bc0c0e.yaml Add test for showing encryption specs item 5 years ago
add-show-host-to-hosts-client-library-c60c4eb49d139480.yaml Add test case for showing host details 6 years ago
add-show-quota-details-api-to-network-quotas-client-3fffd302cc5d335f.yaml trivial: Fix reno typos 5 years ago
add-show-snapshot-metadata-item-api-to-v2-snapshots-client-bd3cbab3c7f0e0b3.yaml Add test for showing snapshot metadata item 6 years ago
add-show-volume-image-metadata-api-to-v2-volumes-client-ee3c027f35276561.yaml Add test for showing volume image metadata 6 years ago
add-show-volume-metadata-item-api-to-v2-volumes-client-47d59ecd999ca9df.yaml Add test for showing volume metadata item 6 years ago
add-show-volume-summary-api-to-v3-volumes-client-96e7b01abdb5c9c3.yaml Add test case for show volume summary 6 years ago
add-ssh-allow-agent-2dee6448fd250e50.yaml Allow SSH connection callers to not permit agent usage 2 months ago
add-ssh-key-type-38d7a2f900d79842.yaml Add support for ecdsa keys 1 year ago
add-storyboard-in-skip-because-decorator-3e139aa8a4f7970f.yaml Added storyboard integration to tempest.lib decorators 5 years ago
add-subnet-id-config-option-fac3d6f12abfc171.yaml Add subnet_id option 3 years ago
add-support-args-kwargs-in-call-until-true-a91k592h5a64exf7.yaml Fix typos in release notes 5 years ago
add-unstable_test-decorator-a73cf97d4ffcc796.yaml Add unstable_test decorator 4 years ago
add-update-api-to-group-types-client-09c06ccdf80d5003.yaml Add update groups types API endpoint to volumes v3 library 5 years ago
add-update-backup-api-to-v3-backups-client-e8465b2b66617dc0.yaml Add test case for update volume backup 6 years ago
add-update-flavor--api-to-flavors-client-a859542fe54aab7c.yaml Add 2.55 schema & update flavor API in flavors_client 5 years ago
add-update-group-tempest-tests-72f8ec19b2809849.yaml Add Tests for Groups Volume APIs - Part 4 6 years ago
add-validation-resources-to-lib-dc2600c4324ca4d7.yaml Make validation_resources a stable interface 6 years ago
add-volume-group-snapshots-tempest-tests-840df3da26590f5e.yaml Add Tests for Groups Volume APIs - Part 2 6 years ago
add-volume-group-types-tempest-tests-1298ab8cb4fe8b7b.yaml Add Tests for Create/Delete/Show/List Group Types 6 years ago
add-volume-groups-tempest-tests-dd7b2abfe2b48427.yaml Add Tests for Groups Volume APIs - Part 1 6 years ago
add-volume-quota-class-client-as-library-c4c2b22c36ff807e.yaml Add test cases for volume quota class 6 years ago
add-volume-transfers-v3.55-73f75073ad2c4091.yaml Add tests for "new" Transfers API (mv 3.55) 2 years ago
add-worker-file-option-d949121a61156968.yaml Add --worker-file option in tempest 3 years ago
add_proxy_url_get_credentials-aef66b085450513f.yaml Add proxy_url to get_credentials in auth 6 years ago
agents-client-delete-method-de1a7fb3f845999c.yaml Add delete_agent to AgentsClient 5 years ago
api_v2_admin_flag-dea5ca9bc2ce63bc.yaml Add api_v2_admin flag 6 years ago
associate-disassociate-floating_ip-0b6cfebeef1304b0.yaml Added apis to scenario manager 2 years ago
bp-application-credentials-df69b1f617db1bb9.yaml Add tests for application credentials 5 years ago
bug-1647999-7aeda50a8d082d4c.yaml Specify availability zone to create instances and volumes 4 years ago
bug-1791007-328a8b9a43bfb157.yaml Handling invalid name of workspace register and rename. 5 years ago
bug-1799883-6ea95fc64f70c9ef.yaml Handling invalid path of workspace register and move 4 years ago
bug-1808473-54ada26ab78e7b02.yaml Checking config file actually exist or not in tempest run 4 years ago
change-default-region-for-placement-to-empty-string-394f1132c28345bb.yaml Change default region for placement to empty string 3 years ago
cinder-use-os-endpoint-type-c11f63fd468ceb4c.yaml Use --os-endpoint-type for Cinder CLI 5 years ago
cli-tests-v3fixes-fb38189cefd64213.yaml Use inline literal markup for options in releasenotes 5 years ago
compare-header-version-func-de5139b2161b3627.yaml Fix typos in release notes 5 years ago
conditional-attr-a8564ec5a70ec840.yaml Allow decorators.attr to be conditional 4 years ago
config-image-api-v1-default-to-false-39d5f2xafc534ab1.yaml Set CONF.image_feature_enabled.api_v1 default to False 5 years ago
config-volume-multiattach-ea8138dfa4fd308c.yaml Add a few tests for cinder multiattach 5 years ago
config_image_certificate_compute_feature-c56efb520d54aff5.yaml compute: Make image certificate validation a configurable feature 4 years ago
correct-port-profile-config-option-d67f5cb31f1bc34c.yaml Replace URLs with URLs 4 years ago
create-mount-config-drive-to-lib-1a6e912b8afbcc7e.yaml Refactor config drive mounting 5 years ago
create_loginable_secgroup_rule-73722fd4b4eb12d0.yaml Make _create_loginable_secgroup_rule non-private 2 years ago
create_security_group_rule-16d58a8f0f0ff262.yaml Make _create_security_group_rule non-private 2 years ago
credentials-factory-stable-c8037bd9ae642482.yaml Mark credentials_factory stable for plugins 6 years ago
deprecate-and-enable-identity-application_credentials-1d4eaef4c3c9dcba.yaml Always enable application credentials Identity tests 2 years ago
deprecate-and-enable-identity-project-tags-23b87518888e563a.yaml Always enable project tags Identity tests 2 years ago
deprecate-compute-feature-enabled-block-migrate-cinder-iscsi-fcda802d774dfeec.yaml compute: Deprecate [compute-feature-enabled]/block_migrate_cinder_iscsi 3 years ago
deprecate-compute-images-client-in-volume-tests-92b6dd55fcaba620.yaml Fix recent releasenotes typo 6 years ago
deprecate-config-forbid_global_implied_dsr-e64cfa66e6e3ded5.yaml Deprecate the forbid_global_implied_dsr cfg option 6 years ago
deprecate-default-value-for-v3_endpoint_type-fb9e47c5ba1c719d.yaml Deprecate default value for v3_endpoint_type 6 years ago
deprecate-dns_servers-option-0xf2f297ee47a5ff.yaml Make dns_servers option deprecated 4 years ago
deprecate-image-v1-service-clients-d12ed42210bb76b5.yaml Deprecate image v1 service clients 2 years ago
deprecate-old-api-microversion-fixture-a471aac985c0f3fb.yaml Deprecate the old API microversion fixture 1 year ago
deprecate-scheduler-available-filters-cbca2017ba3cf2aa.yaml Deprecate available filters in favor of enabled 4 years ago
deprecate-spice-rdp-console-config-f2af173552axfb72.yaml Deprecate spice_console and rdp_console config items 3 years ago
deprecate-vnc-server-header-529f07d592aefb62.yaml Fix test_novnc to adequately validate websocket upgrade 4 years ago
deprecate-volume-api-selection-config-options-b95c5c0ccbf38916.yaml Deprecate volume api selection config option 5 years ago
deprecate-volume-v2-service-clients-ff8a2a7be1797eb5.yaml Stop testing volume v2 APIs 2 years ago
disable-identity-v2-testing-4ef1565d1a5aedcf.yaml Disable testing of the v2.0 identity API 6 years ago
drop-DEFAULT_PARAMS-bfcc2e7b74ef880b.yaml Don't read config in cred_factory module 6 years ago
drop-py-2-7-730baf411876d5d8.yaml [ussuri][goal] Drop python 2.7 support and testing 3 years ago
drop-py-3-5-support-76ca78f1a650fcad.yaml Drop python 3.5 support from Tempest 3 years ago
drop-py-3-6-and-3-7-a34f2294f5341539.yaml Drop py3.6 and py3.7 from Tempest 10 months ago
enable-volume-multiattach-fd5e9bf0e96b56ce.yaml Enable volume multiattach tests in tempest-full/slow jobs 4 years ago
end-of-support-for-stein-f795b968d83497a9.yaml Add releasenote to tag the end of support for Stein 2 years ago
end-of-support-for-train-83369468215d7485.yaml Add releasenote to tag the end of support for Train 2 years ago
end-of-support-for-ussuri-68583f47805eff02.yaml End support for stable/ussuri 12 months ago
end-of-support-of-victoria-9c33f2b089b14cb5.yaml End support for stable/victoria 10 months ago
end-of-support-of-wallaby-455e4871ae4cb32e.yaml End support for stable/wallaby 4 months ago
enforce_scope_placement-47a12c741e330f60.yaml Add placement service in 'enforce_scope' config 4 months ago
extra-compute-services-tests-92b6c0618972e02f.yaml Extra compute services_client API endpoints 6 years ago
fix-1847749-2670b1d4f6097a1a.yaml Fix reno typo 4 years ago
fix-bug-1964509-b742f2c95d854980.yaml Fix creation of requested creds within the same project 1 month ago
fix-credential-logging-98089c897d801355.yaml Add release note for log_req_body kwarg 4 years ago
fix-list-group-snapshots-api-969d9321002c566c.yaml Replace curly quotes with straight quotes 5 years ago
fix-remoteclient-default-ssh-shell-prologue-33e99343d086f601.yaml Fix RemoteClient having bad default ssh_shell_prologue 6 years ago
fix-show-image-file-expected-code-92d97342d0f6d60e.yaml Fix expected response code of show_image_file 5 years ago
floating-ips-port-forwarding-client-cf8820b910bd7f4d.yaml This patch creates the network v2.0 floating-ips-port-forwarding client. 1 year ago
http_proxy_config-cb39b55520e84db5.yaml Add config options to set proxy_url 6 years ago
identity-tests-domain-drivers-76235f6672221e45.yaml Fix identity tests when domain specific drivers are enabled 6 years ago
identity-token-client-8aaef74b1d61090a.yaml Implement tempest client for keystone v2 token APIs 6 years ago
identity-v3-project-tags-client-36683c6a8644e54b.yaml Add identity v3 project tags client 5 years ago
identity_client-635275d43abbb807.yaml Enhance tempest client for keystone v3 token APIs. 6 years ago
image-client-add-versions-and-tasks-ac289dbfe1c899cc.yaml Add image task validation 2 years ago
image_import_testing_support-22ba4bcb9f2fb848.yaml Tempest tests for glance import workflow 3 years ago
image_multiple_locations-cda4453567953c1d.yaml Add tests for image location manipulation 5 months ago
intermediate-pike-release-2ce492432ff8f012.yaml Add release notes for an intermediate release. 6 years ago
intermediate-queens-release-2f9f305775fca454.yaml Add release notes for an queens intermediate release. 6 years ago
intermediate-train-release-0146c624cff9a57f.yaml Fix indentation in releasenotes 4 years ago
intermediate-ussuri-release-8aebeca312a6718c.yaml Remove indentation for bullet list 3 years ago
intermediate-wallaby-release-55a0b31b1dee7b23.yaml Add release notes for an Wallaby intermediate release. 2 years ago
introduce-attachments-client-add-show-attachment-api-c3111f7e560a87b3.yaml services: Introduce a cinder v3 attachments client 3 years ago
lib_api_microversion_fixture-f52308fc6b6b89f2.yaml Add APIMicroversionFixture to library interface 4 years ago
limits-client-d656f16a3d3e84fc.yaml Add keystone unified limits client 2 years ago
list-auth-domains-v3-endpoint-9ec60c7d3011c397.yaml List auth domains v3 identity endpoint 6 years ago
log-resource-client-20e58a295f729902.yaml Add log resource client 2 years ago
log_console_output-dae6b8740b5a5821.yaml Make _log_console_output non-private 2 years ago
loggable-resource-client-5977d46a7ea52199.yaml Add loggable resource client 2 years ago
make-create-user-domain-aware-for-v3-creds-client-5054f58e715adc0c.yaml Make create_user domain-aware for V3CredsClient 2 years ago
make-object-storage-client-as-stable-interface-d1b07c7e8f17bef6.yaml Fix indentation in releasenotes 4 years ago
measure-downtime-during-live-migration-5e8305be270de680.yaml Validate network downtime during live migration 11 months ago
merge-tempest-horizon-plugin-39d555339ab8c7ce.yaml Move horizon test from tempest-horizon to tempest 2 years ago
migrate-dynamic-creds-ecebb47528080761.yaml Migrate the dynamic creds module to tempest lib 6 years ago
migrate-object-storage-as-stable-interface-42014c7b43ecb254.yaml Fix indentation in releasenotes 4 years ago
migrate-preprov-creds-ef61a046ee1ec604.yaml Migrate the preprov creds module to tempest lib 6 years ago
move-attr-decorator-to-lib-a1e80c42ba9c5392.yaml Move the `attr` decorator from to tempest/lib 6 years ago
move-related_bug-decorator-to-lib-dbfd5c543bbb2805.yaml Move the `related_bug` decorator from to tempest/lib 6 years ago
move-volume-v3-base_client-to-volume-1edbz0f207c3b283.yaml Move base_client from volume.v3 to volume 6 years ago
network-show-version-18e1707a4df0a3d3.yaml Add missing test for "Show API v2 details" action 5 years ago
network-swap-to-project_id-a1d7fdf6c5e1cf44.yaml Remove any reference to "tenant_id" in network 3 years ago
network-tag-client-f4614029af7927f0.yaml Add network tags client 6 years ago
network_feature_enabled_available_features-35f9ac5f253e2ca3.yaml New list config option to list network features without API extension 2 years ago
new-placement-client-methods-e35c473e29494928.yaml Add placement API methods for testing routed provider nets 3 years ago
omit_X-Subject-Token_from_log-1bf5fef88c80334b.yaml Omit X-Subject-Token from log 5 years ago
os_tenant_name-3ee175763bff455b.yaml Removal of deprecated argument[os-tenant-name] 3 years ago
pause_teardown-45c9d60ffa889f7f.yaml Pause resource cleanup 6 years ago
plugin-client-registration-enhancements-e09131742391225b.yaml Add release notes for client registration changes 6 years ago
prevent-error-in-parse-resp-when-nullable-list-9898cd0f22180986.yaml Prevent error in _parse_resp when nullable list 6 years ago
raise-exception-when-error-deleting-on-volume-18d0d0c5886212dd.yaml Raise exception when error_deleting 6 years ago
random-bytes-size-limit-ee94a8c6534fe916.yaml Make random_bytes() enforce sane size limits 2 years ago
removal-deprecated-config-options-3db535b979fe3509.yaml Remove deprecated 'orchestration' config group options 5 years ago
removal-deprecated-volume-config-options-21c4412f3c600923.yaml Remove deprecated option volume_feature_enabled.api_v1 5 years ago
remove-allow_tenant_isolation-option-03f0d998eb498d44.yaml Remove deprecated allow_tenant_isolation option 5 years ago
remove-compute-api-extensions-config-b8564f60f4fa5495.yaml Remove compute api_extensions config option 11 months ago
remove-deprecated-apis-from-v2-volumes-client-3ca4a5db5fea518f.yaml Remove deprecated APIs from volume v2 volumes_client 6 years ago
remove-deprecated-find-test-caller-f4525cd043bfd1b6.yaml Remove deprecated find_test_caller function 5 years ago
remove-deprecated-old-token-clients-e4c2e654132f1130.yaml Remove old deprecated Token clients 2 years ago
remove-deprecated-skip-decorators-f8b42d812d20b537.yaml Remove deprecated skip decorators 6 years ago
remove-deprecated-skip_unless_attr-decorator-02bde59a00328f5c.yaml Remove deprecated skip_unless_attr decorator 5 years ago
remove-deprecated-volume-apis-from-v2-volumes-client-cf35e5b4cca89860.yaml Remove deprecated volume apis from v2 volumes client 5 years ago
remove-deprecated-volume-config-options-4b7ea93b88e5b982.yaml Remove deprecated config options for volume API selection 2 years ago
remove-get-ipv6-addr-by-EUI64-c79972d799c7a430.yaml Remove method get_ipv6_addr_by_EUI64 6 years ago
remove-heat-tests-9efb42cac3e0b306.yaml Remove the heat tests 6 years ago
remove-old-data-utils-e0966f882f7fe23a.yaml Finally remove the old data-utils 2 years ago
remove-some-deprecated-auth-and-identity-options-xa1xd9b8fb948g4f.yaml Remove some deprecated auth and identity options 4 years ago
remove-some-deprecated-identity-options-0ffxd1b8db928e43.yaml Remove some deprecated identity options 4 years ago
remove-support-of-py34-7d59fdb431fefe24.yaml Remove support for py34 6 years ago
remove-volume-v1-service-clients-9235e3a965f93c09.yaml Remove volume v1 service clients 2 years ago
removed-tox-ostestr-8997a93d199c44f3.yaml Add release note about the ostestr tox job 5 years ago
segments-client-866f02948f40d4ff.yaml Add segments client 4 years ago
set-cinder-api-v3-option-true-1b3e61e3129b7c00.yaml Change Cinder api_v3 config True on default 6 years ago
set-default-value-of-concurrency-to-2-d916d5c31e3725d5.yaml Set default value of --concurrency to 2 1 year ago
start-of-pike-support-f2a1b7ea8e8b0311.yaml Add release not to mark the start of Pike support 6 years ago
start-of-queens-support-fea9051ba1d85fc7.yaml Add releasenotes to mark the start of Queens support, newton EOL 5 years ago
subunit_describe_calls-ad7df689b9d63e3f.yaml Added tempest subcommand for subunit_describe_calls 3 years ago
support-for-rbac-new-scope-6ec8164ce1e7288c.yaml Add release note and fix some TODO from system scope support 2 years ago
support-microversion-in-scenario-test-b4fbfdd3a977fc58.yaml Add microversion support in scenario tests 4 years ago
support-scope-in-get-roles-dynamic-creds-90bfab163c1c289a.yaml Support scope in dynamic cred for specific roles 2 years ago
swift-improve-cleanup-63cfc21ffb3aff6f.yaml Improve cleanup after Swift testing 2 years ago
switch-to-stestr-8c9f834b3f5a55d8.yaml Switch Tempest CLI commands from testrepository to stestr 5 years ago
system-scope-44244cc955a7825f.yaml Add default RBAC personas to pre-provisioned creds 2 years ago
temp_url_tests_digest_config-3d8c9bb271961ddd.yaml Add config option for algo to use in temp_url tests 9 months ago
tempest-2023-1-release-b18a240afadae8c9.yaml Add releasenote to tag the Tempest for 2023.1 release 1 month ago
tempest-default-run_validations-9640c41b6a4a9121.yaml Default enable run_validation 5 years ago
tempest-identity-catalog-client-f5c8589a9d7c1eb5.yaml create test to verify catalog standardization 6 years ago
tempest-lib-compute-update-service-6019d2dcfe4a1c5d.yaml Add update_service to compute services_client library 5 years ago
tempest-rocky-release-0fc3312053923380.yaml Fix indentation in releasenotes 4 years ago
tempest-run-fix-updates-564b41706decbba1.yaml Use inline literal markup for options in releasenotes 5 years ago
tempest-stein-release-18bad34136a2e6ef.yaml Fix indentation in releasenotes 4 years ago
tempest-train-release-a2ed0743a5eadeb6.yaml Add releasenote to tag the Tempest for Train release 4 years ago
tempest-ussuri-release-72b5770a3b97678f.yaml Add releasenote to tag the Tempest for Ussuri release 3 years ago
tempest-victoria-release-27000c02edc5a112.yaml Fix victoria releasenote to align yaml format 3 years ago
tempest-wallaby-release-0f2cea5ccf63485e.yaml Add releasenote to tag the Tempest for Wallaby release 2 years ago
tempest-workspace-delete-directory-feature-74d6d157a5a05561.yaml Use inline literal markup for options in releasenotes 5 years ago
tempest-xena-release-3ffb30eb59e49f2c.yaml Add releasenote to tag the Tempest for Xena release 2 years ago
tempest-yoga-release-66e8484b9a402e9f.yaml Add releasenote to tag the Tempest for Yoga release 1 year ago
tempest-zed-release-335293c4a7f5a4b1.yaml Add releasenote to tag the Tempest for Zed release 7 months ago
test-clients-stable-for-plugin-90b1e7dc83f28ccd.yaml Make and as stable for plugins 6 years ago
use-cinder-v3-client-for-verify_tempest_config-2bf3d817b0070064.yaml Reuse v2 extension client for cinder v3 6 years ago
verify-tempest-command-8e88452c7a08dd77.yaml Remove the deprecated verify-tempest-config CLI 3 years ago
vnc-hardcoded-server-name-removed-6f8d1e90a175dc08.yaml Fix typos in vnc-hardcoded-server-name-removed releasenotes 5 years ago
volume-backed-live-mig-5a38b496ba1ec093.yaml Add CONF.compute_feature_enabled.volume_backed_live_migration 5 years ago
volume-service-testing-default-to-v3-endpoints-20b86895a590925d.yaml Volume Service Testing: default to v3 endpoints 5 years ago
volume-v3-service-clients-a863a6336af56cca.yaml Move volume v2 service clients to v3 dir 5 years ago
xenapi_apis-conf-fcca549283e53ed6.yaml Add 'xenapi_apis' compute feature flag 3 years ago